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RUSH: Here is Dave in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I’m glad you waited, sir. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, you were talking about your website with another caller. I actually am a member of your website, and I actually use it as a tool to show people that actually like Obama or are not even registered to vote why they should, you know, go with Romney. This started back on Easter day when I got together with my in-laws, and they’re pretty liberal. They started talking about health care. So I popped up your website, and I showed them the way it really is. And then, of course, I had to back it up with some other things, just in case they didn’t believe that it was the truth, you know, coming from you.

RUSH: Well, of course.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: People like that, you show ’em my website and they say, “Well, everybody knows that Limbaugh makes it up!”

CALLER: (laughs) Right.

RUSH: Or, “Everybody knows that Limbaugh lies!” So how did you deal with that?

CALLER: Well, I just might have to go maybe to a couple of other different news articles.

RUSH: Why? They’re all contained there! Every source for facts that I offer is linked to at my website, which you know.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Every source.

CALLER: Right. Well, that’s what I mean. I had to go to other places just to prove that it was the way it was. They actually got it then, and they started talking to people at work, and I talk to people. But, you know, fast forward to now. We get together like every ten or 12 days. We get together on Monday night, and then the following week on a Thursday. You know, ten days later on a Thursday night, and then back to a Monday night.

But what I do is I listen to your show every day, and when you say certain things, I’ll mark the time down. And then, you know, just go make a whole list. And when we get together, we eat first, and after we eat — around seven o’clock at night — I go down the list of everything you might have talked about, and then they pick which one they want to talk about. And then I’ll fast forward on your website to that time and I’ll let it play out and then we’ll talk about it. But since then, we now have 72 people that regularly come here, up from nothing.

RUSH: Seventy-two people?

CALLER: Seventy-two. And they’re mostly Democrats.

RUSH: Coming where? Where do you do this?

CALLER: At my house.

RUSH: Your house! You got 72 people coming to your house?

CALLER: My house, right. We do it outside in the garage. I have like a two-car garage.

RUSH: Not the Knights of Columbus hall? You’re doing it in your house?

CALLER: In my house. We get together like every ten days we come to my house.

RUSH: Seventy-two people do this?

CALLER: Well, there’s 72 regulars now.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Actually we had a little more the last time. We got together on Thursday again, just last Thursday.

RUSH: And most of these people are Democrats. Gosh, I would love to see one of these meetings.

CALLER: (chuckles) I’d love to take pictures of it and send it to you. You can actually see the faces of people that you’ve changed. I mean, it’s nice. It’s really growing. And I can’t believe that Pennsylvania is not gonna vote Romney. I mean, these people are out there every day, too, trying to get people involved.

RUSH: You know Pennsylvania. You live in Allentown, so you know Pennsylvania is three states in one. You have Philadelphia. The suburbs in Philadelphia used to cancel out Philadelphia in the old days. Philadelphia was all social liberals, political liberals, and then you had the suburbs that kind of canceled it out. So suburbs don’t cancel it out as much anymore.

Then you’ve got the central, rural part of Pennsylvania. Then you go to the west side, Pittsburgh and so forth. It’s really three different states. Depending on what part of the state the somebody you talk to in that state is from, they will tell you that they don’t see how in the world Obama could win it. But you talk to somebody from Philadelphia or the suburbs? “I don’t see any way that Romney could win it.”


RUSH: Hey, Snerdley! I want you to get Dave’s number. I know he’s still on hold. I want you to get his mailing address because we’ve gotta send him a bill. He’s spreading my website out over 72 people. We have to send him a bill for 71 website subscriptions or else make him do another bake sale. We’re giving it away out there. It’s worth it for the cause, but still, we gotta protect our property.


RUSH: Snerdley, did you by any chance get the address for the guy Dave in Allentown? You have…? Yeah, you know what? I want to send the guy something, even though he’s giving away the website. It seems like all I do is give myself away. He’s giving away the website to 71 people, but I still want to send this guy some tea. We need to send him some Two If By Tea for his next website gathering with all those Democrats and independents. So call him to get his shipping address and we’ll send him some Two If By Tea.

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