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RUSH: Doug in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. This is truly an honor.

RUSH: I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER: I just want to throw this out. I expect Obama to try to pull something, and I want to know: Is he gonna try to pull something like foreign policy-wise before the debate on Monday, like a possible attack on Iran?

RUSH: People have been thinking he would do something like that sometime this month. That would appear very suspicious, timing-wise. With this guy, anything’s possible, but the way I’m looking at it honestly here, Doug, I don’t think he’s gonna have to. In his mind, just get together with Bob Schieffer before the debate like he did Candy Crowley.

Say, “Look, when this comes up, you just go there, and we’ll handle it that way.” Well, folks… (interruption) No, I’m not alleging anything. I watched that debate again, and Romney goes on and says, “Mr. President, we have to get this on the record: You called it a terrorist attack the day after?” and Obama said (impression), “Proceed, Governor Romney. Just proceed.” So Romney said, “Okay, we have it on record. The president of the United States said blah, blah, blah.”

And then Obama points and says to Candy Crowley, “Get the transcript,” and she just happens to have it!

And then she just happens to read from it. And then she just happens to say, “Mr. Romney, you’re wrong. He did call it a terrorist attack.” Now, I am not alleging anything, but I just want to ask you: If during any debate that you have done seen, if any of the combatants had said to the moderator, “Get the transcript,” and the transcript specifically asked for was produced and read from by the moderator, what do you think reaction would be?

Now, people call here all the time. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but they will challenge and I’ve always said, “Go get the tape. Look at the transcript.” It’s a generic thing people say. And this looked generic, but he did point, and he looked at Crowley and he said, “Get the transcript. Get the transcript.” And she had it. Pascal: “It’s much easier to believe that something that has happened can happen again.”

So,a little powwow with Bob Schieffer?

You never know.

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