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RUSH: And it is time for Open Line Friday’s telephone call segment to begin. Yes, my friends, a call actually taken here in the first hour, and it is from the person in Michigan who has a job. It’s Ed in Sterling Heights. It’s great to have you on the program, Ed. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah. Thank you very much, Rush. One thing that wasn’t brought up in the debate about Steve Jobs is that Steve Jobs actually had a conversation with Obama. This is in Steve Jobs’ biography. And he said that he was not… You know, he didn’t like Obama’s administration towards business. Said it wasn’t business friendly.

RUSH: Yeah, I knew that story. What happened was this. Ed here is referring… We had a discussion, I did yesterday. In the previous debate, Candy Crowley asked Obama and Romney about the iPhone and the iPad, and are we ever going to get those jobs back. I pointed out yesterday how those jobs were not “lost.” The iPad, the iPhone were never made here. I went into a discussion of all the related jobs created by Apple in this country as a result of the invention and design of all these iDevices.

Now, what Ed here is talking about is a couple of years ago, Obama was on a fundraising swing out on the Left Coast, and he had a dinner with some high-tech titans. Zuckerberg from Facebook, all these clowns. Obama had the Google guys there, and you had some of the venture capitalists from the Bay Area, and Steve Jobs was there. I don’t know if this occurred at that dinner or it might have occurred at a previous conversation.

But Jobs told Obama he was cruising for a one-term presidency because he said, “Look, these jobs you keep talking about are never coming back. They were never here.” He really ridiculed Obama. When I read what Steve Jobs thought about economics, I couldn’t understand the guy being a lib. Well, I do. He had to be given where he was, but he was a profound capitalist. I mean, he was not this raging lib from morning to night.

But he told Obama, “You’re destined for one-term presidency,” and he said the second thing that frustrated him to no end about Obama was Obama’s tendency to say things “couldn’t get done.” That’s something Steve Jobs couldn’t relate to. Jobs made things happen in the face of apparent impossibility. He just made them happen. He willed them to happen.

Thereby proving that what people thought was impossible was indeed possible. And he was very put off by Obama’s reticence. It frustrated him. Government can’t do this, can’t get that done and this kind of thing. He was not complimentary towards Obama in that regard at all. But he did predict a one-term presidency. Ed, thanks for the call. I appreciate it.

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