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RUSH: We have polling data. Obama is only up one in Wisconsin, and if you get into the internals, it’s devastating for Obama. Obama is only up one in Ohio, but if you get into the internals issue by issue, it looks devastating for Obama. Obama’s in New Hampshire. Four electoral votes!

Obama’s in Iowa. There was no way the Obama campaign intended to be in New Hampshire on this date. New Hampshire was supposed to be a done deal. We also have news that the campaign (it’s not been established, but it looks like it) has pulled out of North Carolina and Virginia, echoing the sentiments here of that polling unit at Suffolk University that Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida are gone. They are hopeless for Obama.

Colorado is now in play. Yes, it is! Colorado is in play. Pennsylvania is in play. Although, again, I have two real good friends from Pennsylvania. One said, “There’s no way! All my life I’ve heard that the Republicans are gonna win Pennsylvania. It ain’t gonna happen.” I know another guy who lives in Pennsylvania. He says, “We’re getting close. Look at these polls. We’re getting close. It could happen.” So I don’t know what to think about Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is three states.

And I still think it’s a giant myth that Ohio is owned by Obama.


RUSH: By the way, the new Gallup poll is out, and it’s Romney plus seven. This is not yet the full rolling in of the debate this week. This does not yet include — that’s a seven-day rolling average. Romney is 52-45 over Obama in the rolling Gallup daily tracking. So I think Obama, you need to keep talking about these binders, and you need to keep talking about Big Bird. You need to keep talking about these insulting, infantile, irrelevant things.

I’ll give you some other polling data news. These are some shocking numbers. Obama, McCain, 2008, Palm Beach County, Broward County here in south Florida, hanging chad country, if you will. The final vote, Obama-McCain 2008, Obama got 61%; McCain got 38%. In Broward County in 2008, McCain got 32%; Obama 67. So Palm Beach, 61-38, Broward County, 67-32. In both counties it’s now Obama plus four. Polling data as of today is Obama plus four. He won these two counties 61-38 and 67-32 in 2008. Now he’s only plus four. And this trend is happening in many counties and states, and that’s why the polling data that we’ve had up to now that shows a Democrat plus nine or plus ten turnout have been ridiculous, and have not been based in reality.

Joe Trippi, Democrat strategerist, consultant, saw the latest Gallup poll with Romney 52-45, and said, “You Democrats, it’s officially time to worry.” Karl Rove said, “Never in the history of the Gallup poll has somebody with a 51-45 lead,” which is what it was yesterday, Karl Rove said, “Never in the history of the Gallup poll with a 51-45 lead at this point in the campaign has that candidate lost that lead.” It’s never happened. And today it’s 52-45. With Obama in New Hampshire trying to secure four electoral votes and then off to Iowa.


RUSH: Keep a sharp eye on Axelrod threatening Gallup. Gallup’s now got Romney up seven, 52-45 out there, in their seven-day rolling average Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. And you’ve got David Plouffe of the campaign out there saying, “Don’t pay any attention to these polls!” It’s kinda interesting, in a way.

Three weeks ago, a bunch of Republicans said, “Don’t pay attention to those polls. Those polls don’t mean anything. They have Democrat samples out the wazoo,” and the Democrats all believed the polls. Now there’s been a 180, and it’s the Democrats saying, “Don’t believe those polls! There’s no way Romney’s leading.” And we’re saying, “Now’s the time to start believing the polls because now is when the pollsters start really caring about how their results are gonna be measured against reality. This is when they really do matter.”


RUSH: Joe Trippi, a Democrat consultant, is feeling better. About 45 minute ago I told you he sent out a warning to the Democrats that he’s very, very worried about the Gallup poll. It shows Obama trailing Romney by seven points, 52-45. But now Trippi has sent another note out, a tweet. He’s looked at the internals. He said there’s nothing to worry about, because all of Romney’s gains are in the South.

He’s up 22 in the South. He says that Romney could win Alabama 99 to one, which means that’s 100% irrelevant. So the fact that all of Romney’s gains are in the South means it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. Trippi is telling the Democrats they don’t have to sweat this Gallup poll at all. That’s right.

That’s why Obama’s going to Iowa and New Hampshire and all these battleground states ’cause it’s irrelevant! Romney’s lead’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. In fact, Mr. Trippi, why don’t you just advise Obama to forget it all? I mean, all of Romney’s gains don’t matter. It’s irrelevant. It’s the South! Alabama, 99 to one? Big whoop! Who needs Alabama? Nothing bunch of hayseeds and hicks there anyway, right?

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