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RUSH: Now, ladies, I want to ask you a question. I know that the ladies, the women in this audience, are informed, and you’re educated. You are knowledgeable. Some of you work. Some of you are mothers. Some of you are wives. Some of you are all of those. You know that this nation is on the brink of disaster. You know that we’re no longer predicting what will happen with X-number of years of liberalism. We are living it.

We are beyond the tipping point.

We’re in the middle of it.

Today’s welfare numbers prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt. You know this. You know, along with everybody else, that we’re on the brink of disaster. You are fully aware of the seriousness of our economic situation and our overall circumstance as a nation. Not only are there people in the country who can’t find jobs, but also the economic impacts on our place in the world, how it affects our safety. You know all this.

You women in this audience are fully aware of all of this, and I’d love to know… Because the women in this audience are as involved as the men. They are as up to speed, they are as knowledgeable, they are as passionate. You know you are. Maybe, in some cases more so. And I’d like to know what it feels like to be insulted every day by the president of the United States and his minions in the media.

The insult today is a small comment made by Mitt Romney to illustrate how eager he was to find qualified women when he was governor of Massachusetts. It has been blown up into a comment that they’re trying to make you believe makes Romney a sexist. This binder comment that he made and now how the president and the vice president and the media are running with this?

NBC News, the Nightly News, and the Today show today had a story: “Romney’s ‘Binders’ Comment Shows He ‘Doesn’t Have Any Leg to Stand On’ With Women.” I’d like to know from women: What is it like to be this insulted every day? The president of our country and the major media in this country every day insult you by telling you things that you apparently don’t know about what Republicans want to do to you.

And how they look at you. And the things they want to make you do. And you’re no different than just a loose-leaf binder. What’s it like to be routinely insulted like this? What’s it like to be targeted in a way that makes you feel like they think you don’t even have a brain. And then to hear that these people, the ones who are insulting your intelligence, are the ones be who “really” are looking out for you?

What is it like to have to put up with this infantile wording from the president and the media every day during this campaign?


RUSH: This binder business is up next, and we have nothing but women on the phones, Snerdley tells me. So if you’re on the phone, I want you to be patient ’cause I’m gonna get to you as quickly as I can. Just to set this binder business up: What happened is, after he was elected governor of Massachusetts, Romney wanted to increase the number of women applicants for his administration. Because, as he said in the debate, when he looked around the office and he didn’t see very many.

And he realized that that wasn’t good.

There’s some talent out there that wasn’t being tapped. So he went to a nonpartisan women’s group, a group called MassGAP, and they supplied him with binders filled with resumes from women. So when you hear the word “binder” out of the mouth of that idiot Biden or the clueless Obama, they’re trying to insult your intelligence by thinking they can make you hate this man. When all he wanted to do was find qualified women and hire them. I hope your intelligence is insulted.

This is how I feel every day dealing with liberals.

Every day the media insult my intelligence.

I can’t imagine what this War on Women has been like for you women in this audience ’cause I know you’re up to speed, you’re informed, you’re educated, you care every bit as much as any man does about the future of this country, and maybe in certain circumstances you care more. Maybe you’re the only breadwinner, single mother or whatever, but you care about the price of gas. You’re not out there worried about binders and this rotgut, contraceptives, as though that’s what defines you as a woman.

Look at how the left and look at how the Democrat Party thinks of you as a woman. They’re the ones that demean you. Your life revolves around a contraception pill. Your life revolves around having somebody else pay for it. Your life, that’s all you care about, and now you’re gonna be insulted because some guy asks for a bunch of resumes in binders, and a nonpartisan women’s group supplied him with the binders? Romney didn’t say, “Get me some binders with women in there.” He asked for resumes of qualified women. They brought them to him in binders.

And according to its own written statement, the MassGAP, that’s the coalition of women’s groups led by something called the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, made the binders in an effort to pressure Romney and his Democrat challenger to appoint women if they were elected. Well, Romney was, and he got the binders. And for the record, this women’s group, MassGAP, ended up applauding Romney in 2006 for increasing female appointments to state government. Liz Levin, the chairwoman of the group, said “I think Romney put more terrific women into high level jobs because of our project.” So what’s the problem here? George W. Bush had more high-ranking important women in his administration than Bill Clinton, the great lover of women, did, or that Obama does.


RUSH: I just saw something. I don’t have time to get into great detail, but apparently somebody at the campaign or at the campaign level sends out talking points every day to liberal blogs, the liberal blogs then start blogging it, and then the Drive-Bys pick it up. It appears that the regime, the campaign, is down to this. Today’s tip sheet, talking points that have gone out, focused totally on this binder with the suggestion that women be told they’ll be taken back to the Stone Age if Romney and Ryan are elected.

If what I saw is correct and applicable, it’s already happening, actually. We see the bloggers start talking about this obscene, ridiculous binder business and what it means, Romney and Ryan, women, barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, Stone Age, then the media picks it up and they start doing man-on-the-street interviews about it, they start talking about it. That’s how the process starts. The whole thing is a giant insult to every woman, except maybe for Gloria Allred. It’s a giant insult.


RUSH: To the audio sound bites we go. This is Barack Obama yesterday, Mount Vernon, Iowa, at Cornell College.

OBAMA: We don’t have to collect a bunch of binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women ready to learn and teach in these fields right now.

RUSH: What is it like as a woman to have your intelligence insulted this way? How dumb does Obama think you are? How emotionally attached, as opposed to being intellectually engaged, do they think you are? Everybody in the world knows what Mitt Romney meant. For crying out loud, you can’t say “Chicago” without being accused of being a racist now. These people are destroying the language in the process of destroying the economy. A nonpartisan women’s group, MassGAP, shows up, gives Romney a binder of qualified women’s resumes. And now this become a laughingstock point? This is truly insulting to women. And here’s Biden yesterday in Greeley, Colorado.

BIDEN: You heard the debate last night when Governor Romney was asked a direct question about equal pay, he started talking about binders. Oh. The idea that he had to go and ask where a qualified woman was, he just shoulda come to my house. He didn’t need a binder.

RUSH: Here we are with 19 days left in the election, and this is what they’ve got? Nineteen days, and this is at the top of their arsenal? This is what they think? We’re in the midst of economic decline. We’re in the midst of rising gas prices. One in six Americans in poverty, 47 million Americans on food stamps and they’re making jokes about a comment that Romney made that was complimentary, supportive of women. They’re trying to make all of you females think that the Stone Age awaits you. Do you realize how stupid they think you are? Do you realize the lack of respect this represents? The lack of respect for women. What else would you expect from the party of Bill Clinton? Here’s Romney yesterday, Chesapeake, Virginia.

ROMNEY: They’ve suffered in terms of getting jobs. They’ve suffered in terms of falling into poverty. This is a presidency that has not helped America’s women. And as I go across the country and ask women, “What can I do to help?” what they speak about day in and day out is, “Help me find a good job,” or, “a good job for my spouse and help my kid. Make sure my children have a bright future, better schools and better job opportunities.” That’s what the women of America are concerned about and the answers are coming from us.

RUSH: Exactly, women are people. They’re not even being treated as people by the Obama campaign. Do you understand, you’re being objectified. You’re thought of as being dumb and stupid and your emotions can be played upon here. Biden, Obama, every one of their surrogates is doing nothing but insulting you. I’d be tired of it. If it’s not binders, all you care about is free contraception, all you care about is getting an abortion and having the government pay for it. The way they look at women, the way they see you, all they think you do is have sex, want birth control pills and then want an abortion afterwards. They’re gonna make sure that whatever you want in that regard you get.

And then somebody comes along and asks for resumes of qualified women for meaningful jobs, they’ll make fun of that and they’ll try to make you women think that they know what’s really important to you. Birth control pills and abortion. That’s all you care about. They’re not even people to ’em. Now, here is an ad, the latest ad the Romney camp has released to combat this binder thing. These are women, accomplished women talking about Romney, women in his cabinet who are testifying in this ad.

JANE C. EDMONDS: I was just personally struck by his humanity.

BETH LINDSTROM: He said, “We need to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves, single mothers or women who are trying to get back to work.” He was very, very sensitive about that.

ELLEN ROY HERZFELDER: He totally gets working women, especially women who, like myself, had two young kids. I needed flexibility.

BETH LINDSTROM: It’s so wonderful to have someone who you respect and work for that understands how important family is.

MITT ROMNEY: I’m Mitt Romney, and I approved this message.

RUSH: Okay. So women from his cabinet, women from his businesses all testifying. The fact that that even has to be said is a little bit insulting, but since we’re doing cabinets, let’s go back and let’s listen to Bill Clinton’s cabinet. Let’s see here, this is January 23rd, 1998, outside the White House. After meeting with Clinton about his State of the Union message, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Donna Shalala and Commerce Secretary Bill Daley are speaking with reporters about the meeting. This is when the Lewinsky story broke. Here’s Clinton’s cabinet led by Madeleine Albright, and they’re all going out there and talking about Clinton.

ALBRIGHT: I believe that the allegations are completely untrue.

DALEY: I’ll second that. Definitely.

SHALALA: Third it.

RUSH: Right. “You mean Clinton and Lewinsky? No way. I don’t believe that for a minute.” And we all know. Now, let’s go to the media. This is how it all works. The bloggers get talking points from the campaign. “Okay, talk up this binder business and women going back to the Stone Age.” The bloggers do, they start blogging it. Then the idiots, the sponges in the media read the blogs and that’s where they get their news. They find out what’s happening out there on the Democrat side. Here is CBS This Morning, a montage of CBS clucking hens over this binders full of women.

NORAH ODONNELL: Governor Mitt Romney’s reference to binders full of women has Democrats on the attack. Romney never requested binders full of women. They actually provided those binders on their own.

JAN CRAWFORD: Romney meant to say binders of womenÂ’s resumes, so that was a pretty important word that he left out.

GAYLE KING: It was interesting that he meant to say binders of resumes of women, which would also give a different context to it.


GAYLE KING: Do you have your binder, Mr. Rose?

CHARLIE ROSE: No. My point is smart men simply listen to smart women.

GAYLE KING: Take notes, Mr. Rose, take notes.

NORAH ODONNELL: I would just like to point out that we also have our binders every morning full of research papers.

GAYLE KING: I think it’s going to be the joke that keeps on giving.

RUSH: Yeah, then they had the castrated Charlie Rose in there. “Yeah, my point is smart men simply listen to smart women.” Yep. Anyway, this proves they all knew what Romney meant. They all knew he meant resumes. But he didn’t say resumes, and so that’s an opening here to go out and mischaracterize it and ultimately in the process insult the intelligence of women, who, every one of them knows what Romney was talking about. There was nothing else in that debate they could use.

They had to cover up all of Obama’s screws up, and they were legion! Obama really did not have a good debate on substance, folks, and I’m telling you: The people who matter, not the inside the Beltway analysts and so forth — the people watching that debate out there in flyover country — I’m telling you, they realize Obama did not bring it off. He had no answers, and the next day was spent with everybody correcting the lies that he and his assistant told. (interruption)

Yeah, Candy Crowley was Obama’s assistant.

She wasn’t a moderator.

She was an assistant.

Here’s Jessica Yellin. They’re over the top with this. This is last night Anderson Cooper 360.

Cooper said, Hey, Jessica. “It seems the Obama campaign believes that they can get mileage out of Governor Romney’s remarks.”

YELLIN: (haltingly) It sort of raises this question: Can he relate to working women? He made it sound almost like w-w-working women are some mail-order product you can, uh, order out of colored binders. And there’s so many directions you can go. What did the tabs in that binder say for each of the women? And the problem for Governor Romney is twofold. One, umm, if he’s trying to show — and he is — that he can relate to and understand the frustrations working women go through, this does not suggest that he understands the sense of outsiderness many women feel when they work for largely male environments.

RUSH: Oh, come on.

YELLIN: And, two, it raises the question: This is a man who at the time he had become governor had been a top executive in the business world for multiple decades, and didn’t he already know qualified women that he could call upon?

RUSH: That’s absurd! Every word of that is laughably absurd. Do you believe the big deal they’re trying to make out of this? “It raises the question: This is a man who at the time he had become governor had been a top executive in the business world for multiple decades, and didn’t he already know qualified women that he could call upon?” (impression of Yellin’s condescension) “And, you know these all-male workforces, they’re very scary for women!

“They’re very scary, and Romney obviously doesn’t know that, and he doesn’t realize how scary he was referring to women as nothing but a bunch of binders.” The only scary male workplace is the Obama White House, and there have been stories in the Washington Post and TIME Magazine about it from women in the Obama White House who left. One was Anita Dunn. The other was Christina Romer.


RUSH: I got a note from Zev Chafets, the author of book on me, biography, Army of One. And he says in his note to me, “I just looked at the website AKPD,” that’s the Chicago consulting firm David Axelrod founded, still listed on the site as the founder, “and there are three partners listed. They’re all men.” Axelrod’s running around saying Romney doesn’t have any women in positions of power, never has had. And Zev found that at Axelrod’s own company, there are three partners listed, and they’re all men. He-he-he-he-he-he-he. You guys, you’re not living here in a media monopoly any longer.


RUSH: Here’s Rachel, Kansas City, Missouri, great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: I’m okay. Good. Thank you.

CALLER: The comment or the post that was put on the Obama-Biden Twitter campaign site, it must have been a few weeks ago, they put: “Vote like your lady parts depend upon it.”

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah. I remember that.

CALLER: That made me so angry.

RUSH: Can I just tell you something, Rachel? Let me just tell you, you know how they look at you? You are a vagina.

CALLER: A giant uterus.

RUSH: You are a vagina and a uterus and as far as they’re concerned, you use it every day, and then the next day you need to make sure you have an abortion if you don’t have a birth control pill, and the Republicans want to deny you both. That’s all you are to them. Vote your body parts? Vote your vagina? How can you not be insulted at that?

CALLER: It’s very insulting. I plan on using my brain.

RUSH: You don’t see them running ads like that for men.

CALLER: No. Of course not.

RUSH: Vote your body parts. It’s asinine.

CALLER: It was insulting, and why the left doesn’t see that is beyond me. Totally beyond me.

RUSH: Well, there’s a number of explanations. Number one, they are a condescending bunch. They don’t think very much of people in terms of intelligence. They do have an arrogance and a condescension toward people and I think they look at average people with contempt, actually, particularly average people that don’t vote Democrat and don’t need them. But they don’t have a lofty, high impression of you or people like you. They believe that you hate Republicans like they do and that they’re simply relating to you when they run ads like “vote your body parts.” They really con themselves into believing that you think Republicans want you to live in the Stone Age, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s not for me.

RUSH: Well, the point is, it’s not for you, but why must women all behave the same way as far as these guys are concerned? This is another reason that it’s insulting. It’s not just insulting that they’re ignoring your brain, as you say. But you’re also like every other women. Women in this country are monolithic. You all think the same way. And that way is exactly as they do. You hate Republicans, they hate Republicans. You hate conservatives, they hate conservatives. It really is insulting on I don’t know how many levels. But the idea that you’re all alike and that one appeal can reach all women. I’ve always thought that the left’s approach to women was insulting, including the soccer mom approach.

The soccer mom approach is insulting. The soccer mom approach is, we know your husband is worthless. We know your husband doesn’t care about you. We know your husband doesn’t care about your kids. We know your husband’s making you do it all while he’s out having fun. Well, we do care about you and your kids. Vote for us. And the scary thing to me is the women to whom that does appeal. They have done a great job of victimizing a bunch of women, or making a bunch of women think they’re victims of predatory men and so forth, which is a good part of the movement of feminazis. Well, the feminazis don’t have a lot of movement, except from behind.

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