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RUSH: Folks, I’m not gonna have a chance to get to the Libya and Benghazi stuff, but all you need to know is Obama lied. We’ve got audio of Jay Carney lying. We’ve got the White House refusing to call it a terrorist attack two or three days afterwards in a gaggle. I’m just not gonna have time to squeeze it in, but we all know Obama totally lied and Candy Crowley was wrong.

He never called it a terror attack. He blamed it on the video for two weeks, and everybody knows this, and he lied through his teeth at that debate. Candy Crowley helped him lie through his teeth, and CNN’s put an internal memo out to all their employees to congratulate Candy on a great job and to buck her up — and I’m telling you: 25 years ago when I started… Well, when the national show started.

In fact, when I started in this business in 1967, I’m just telling you. Back then, if she did what she pulled off in that debate, she’s fired. But the media is now circling the wagons around all of its people since the New Media has emerged, and they’ll protect their own. You know, like Dan Rather! Dan Rather goes out and totally makes up a story about Bush and the National Guard.

He totally made it up — fake documents! — and they gave him an awards dinner. Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings arranged it. So they circle the wagons now around their failures because they cannot allow the perception that they’re dishonest or incompetent or that they have chosen sides. But not that long ago, she’s history, because they cared about their reputations. They don’t care about that anymore. They only care about beating us.

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