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RUSH: Pittsburgh. This is Craig. Hello, Craig. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. I think that the Democrats are losing the War on Women, and if you saw more of Luntz last night, he asked two women in the top row why they’re still supporting President Obama, and they both said basically the same answer, that they fear losing their rights as women. And right after that they gave the microphone to a lady in the row right ahead of her who turned around and point-blank said to them, “Mr. Romney has never said one word about sending us back to the Stone Ages.” And the rest of the group kind of like, you could hear ’em like humming and hemming and hawing. They were agreeing with her, like they’re putting words in his mouth again.

RUSH: Yeah. I saw that. In fact, Cookie, go get that exchange. Get it from the audio last night. There were two Obamaites. They were robots, and they were in the back row of the Luntz group. They were articulating the myth. You’re exactly right. “Romney is gonna take away our contraception! Romney is gonna do rotten things to women.” All of the mind-numbed, War on Women drivel that the Democrats have been saying.

These two babes repeated it, and another woman in the Luntz focus group turned and looked at ’em and said, “You all are just crazy! Mitt Romney’s not gonna take us back to the Stone Age.” It was a woman that put ’em in their place, and the place did kind of chuckle and erupt. By the way, Craig, while I’ve got you: Did you happen to see in the debate where Romney said that he had a binder filled with women? Did you hear him say that?

CALLER: No, I did not.

RUSH: Well, somebody asked a question about women.

CALLER: Yes, I did.

RUSH: “Are we gonna be slaves?” or whatever the hell it was, and so Romney started explaining how when he got to Massachusetts as governor there weren’t any women around.


RUSH: So he started asking, “‘Why can’t we find some women applicants?’ And somebody brought me a binder full of women.” And people are saying that that was the most insulting comment, and somebody’s gonna have to help me understand. What’s insulting about “a binder filled with women”? He then went on to describe his female chief of staff who he allowed to have a flexible schedule.

She wanted to be home at dinnertime to feed the kids coming home from school and all that. But somebody help me: What is offensive about the phrase “a binder filled with women”? Somebody help me out here. Everybody’s laughing at me, so this may be one I don’t get. (interruption) Okay. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. Okay. Look, somebody else mentioned that to me last night. See, there was a time on this program, way, way back…

By the way, if I were like Obama, I would tell you… Well, if I were like Obama I would make somebody else fall on the sword for this, but I never did. Here’s a little inside baseball stuff. One of the often-heard criticisms of talk radio back in the late eighties and nineties when I was starting this show was that it didn’t appeal to women, that women didn’t like issues. They wanted to talk about carrot cakes.

I kid you not. They wanted to talk about carrot cake recipes and the holiday decorations and that kind of stuff. The discussion of it. I said, “That’s insulting. I don’t believe that women automatically want nothing to do with discussions of substance.” But I had all these wizards of smart in radio saying, “No, they don’t. Women don’t like this. They like relationship stuff and all that.” So they wanted to get more women callers, and they figured that would create the illusion that more women were listening.

We never had a women problem anyway. The audience breakdown’s always been 55-45 male-female which for an issues-oriented program was perfect. It was flawless. Half of ’em loved me and half of ’em hated me. It was perfect polarization, exactly what you’re looking for. Not one of them thought I was boring, namby-pamby. That’s the last thing you want. It’s why I had to learn to take being hated as a sign of success.

You try that and stay psychologically sane. At any rate, so, somebody came up with an idea that I took credit for. If you were going to be on this program — you were allowed to call and be on the air — we had to have a photo of you on file. Only of women. We didn’t make this rule applicable to men. Women had to have a photo of themselves on file with us before they could go on the air.

If they called and couldn’t establish that a photo we had was of them, they didn’t get on. So we did it. And we were deluged with photos. We had women in the nude on the rocks at Mendocino Beach. We had women in the kitchen. The pictures ran the gamut. Snerdley was in heaven. It was nirvana. It was Mario Snerdley back then, and Mario Snerdley was in heaven. I remember my brother and sister-in-law, Lisa, were here in town from Missouri for the week.

We went to the Cafe Carlyle after dinner one night. It’s a nice bar with lounge music. And soft, demure Lisa practically started screaming at me about requiring women to have photos on file. She didn’t see the humor in it. I thought it was a great bit. She didn’t see the humor. She got so loud that the musicians stopped playing at the Carlyle lounge, and they asked us to move to the corner or to leave.

I got grief from a whole lot of quarters for this, but we stuck with it for a while. No, we still don’t have the pictures. (laughing) Mario Snerdley absconded with the photos. We don’t have the pictures anymore. But what did we do this for, two, three weeks? Anyway, this is a long way around to telling you that I got an e-mail last night from somebody who said, “You know, ‘a binder filled with women’ reminded me of when you required women to have a photo on file.”

Now, naturally I didn’t put the two together, me and having a binder filled with women. Romney asked for some applicants. They brought him a binder with women’s resumes and stuff. How else? What, photos? (laughing) Anyway, I think that’s grasping at straws, to try to make Romney guilty in the War on Women. That’s so flimsy.

It was so flimsy. But, anyway, it’s a long way around to say that Craig’s story is right. These two women in the Luntz focus group were simply mouthing the mind-numbed robot cliches that Romney was gonna take women back to the Stone Age, and a woman in the crowd put them in their place. And the rest of the Luntz focus group appreciated that.


RUSH: I had a story printed out about the Obama White House. Ah! Ah! Here it is. I have it right here. By the way, Romney asked for that binder. He asked for “a binder worth of qualified and experienced women,” which was the key point. He didn’t say “resumes,” but they’re trying to make a gaffe out of this like they tried to make a gaffe out of his European trip.

There’s no gaffe here.

See, they live in this bubble. They create this illusion that Republicans hate women, and so something happens, and they have a knee-jerk reaction. “A binder filled with qualified women,” somehow proves Romney hates women. It’s difficult to keep up with. And yet again the truth is that it’s Obama who has a workplace that’s hostile to women. You will remember this. Weekly Standard: “Last night, President Obama presented himself as a crusader for women’s issues. …

“What’s interesting about this is President Obama’s own history with women in the workplace. When one of President Obama’s debate coaches, Anita Dunn, worked at the White House, this is what she reportedly had to say about her experience there: ‘This place would be in court for a hostile workplace. … Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.’ In the same piece, former economic adviser Christina Romer is reported as saying, ‘I felt like a piece of meat.’

“‘”I felt like a piece of meat,” Christina Romer, former head of the Council of Economic Advisers, said of one meeting in which Suskind writes she was “boxed out” by Summers,’ reported the Post. TIME magazine called Obama’s White House a ‘Boys’ Club.’ … And Obama’s own staff is mostly made up of males, who, as the Washington Free Beacon reported, get paid more than their female counterparts.”

So here they are, Romney hates women, Romney War on Women. The Obama White House is “hostile” to women. The Washington Post has had the story, TIME Magazine’s had the story: It’s a “boys club,” and men are paid more than women. That’s one of the reasons Anita Dunn left. How about Obama when Hillary is falling on the sword for him over this Benghazi business, saying (impression), “Well, she works for me. She’s a secretary of state, and I am the president.

“The secretary of state works for the United States of America, and I am United States America! I’m the president.” So, once again, the reality is that it’s the lib workplace that’s hostile to women, where in their world of perfect utopian theory, it’s only us Cro-Magnon, troglodyte conservatives that want women back in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant. It just… I cannot wait ’til this bunch has been dispatched.

Kathy in Michigan. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very, very well. Thank you so much.

CALLER: And I did not take offense at the binder comment. I knew what he was talking about. I was actually working when we had binders, you know, 30 years ago.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I didn’t take offense to it. What I told Snerdley and I’ll tell you, I’ve been a longtime listener. This is what’s happening. If these two had to start today, okay, from the gunshot and go, Obama would win and Romney could just go home, because there would be no point in it. It took these last four years for him to screw up a cup of coffee, to mess this up so bad. He’s going to be shredded on Monday night on the foreign policy debate and, you know, he got a break last night, I don’t care what anyone says, but it took these four years — timing is everything in my world, and I’m sure in your world, but it took these four years for everybody to realize what’s going on.

RUSH: Yeah. That’s my point. He’s campaigning. In this debate last night, he’s gotta measure up to two standards. Last night and 2008 and what everybody thought of him. No way, Kathy, can he measure up to what people made him out to be four years ago. There’s nothing he can do to pull that off. Not after this record, not after this dismal performance. There’s nothing he can do. He can’t recapture the magic of 2008.

CALLER: Right. It took these four years for him to prove that he can mess this up. If these two were starting out today, I would say no way that Romney could even win. But it took these four years —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Just a second. I want to make sure I understand your thinking on this.


RUSH: Do you think, side by side, with neither of these guys having a record that it’s an Obama slam dunk?

CALLER: Well, it is only because the healing of the earth, the parting of the seas, I’m gonna give you everything, all of the things that he promised four years ago, as if he’s running for the first time.

RUSH: Oh, okay. You’re saying so if he replicated 2008 this time around. I thought you meant if he appeared last night as he was versus Romney as he is, that Obama would run away with it. I don’t think that’s true.

CALLER: No, I don’t either.

RUSH: You’re saying he would have to go back and repeat 2008 to win.

CALLER: That’s right. He’s proven to everyone that he’s scammed everybody for four years. People are upset that they got scammed.

RUSH: That is exactly right. That is my point. You listen to these Luntz people — don’t go away, Kathy — you listen to these Luntz people, these former Obama supporters that are now backing Romney, there is a betrayal there. They feel betrayed by what’s happened, and that’s not being reported on. I don’t even think the Drive-Bys conceive of that, because they don’t look at Obama that way. They don’t feel betrayed by Obama. They don’t feel let down. They think every Obama voter is in love with Obama like they are. Kathy, I want to give you a video. I’ve got a bunch of videos, the Dinesh D’Souza movie, 2016, they gave me a bunch of DVDs, and I want to give them away to people in the audience. I just got ’em in today. So if you would like one — and I’ll throw in an engraved signature EIB iPad, if you want.

CALLER: You’d do that? Oh, my goodness.

RUSH: Yes!

CALLER: Thank you!

RUSH: You take your pick. You’ll probably pick the iPad, but I’ve also got a 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina display loaded computer, laptop, 15-inch. So take your pick, the iPad or the computer and the video.

CALLER: All of them or one of them?

RUSH: One of them.

CALLER: I will take your engraved iPad.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: How’s that?

RUSH: Got it. Now, do you want it black or white?

CALLER: You know what? I will take it in black.

RUSH: You’ll take black. Do you want AT&T or Verizon? Because this has 4GLTE on it.


RUSH: Okay, AT&T black iPad, we got it? We have plenty of them, and the 2016 video.

CALLER: I love you. Thank you so much.

RUSH: Thank you for calling. I appreciate it. She’s right on the money. I love it when people see things the way I do, and most of you do. But she’s so right. Obama has this standard of 2008 that, believe me, he’s being compared to in every public appearance, that debate last night. He’s not just being judged on how he does against Romney last night, but how he is compared to what he was in 2008. You cannot take that out of the equation. It’s one of the reasons he lost the first debate so badly, because he was being compared to what he was in 2008.


RUSH: Here’s the segment from the Luntz focus group with Hannity on Fox after the debate last night. These are the two Obama women in this focus group talking about how Obama’s gonna save ’em from the Stone Age, and a woman put these two women in their place.

Undecided Female Voter 1: He supports women’s rights. I’m very concerned about them being —

RUSH: Wait a minute. I forgot to mention, these are the perfect cookie cutter liberal women. “He supports women’s rights and I’m concerned about them being stripped away.” This is your classic feminazi liberal women. I know we shouldn’t make fun. Here, listen, this is too good.

Undecided Female Voter 1: He supports women’s rights. I’m very concerned about them being stripped away. We fought so hard to get them and I don’t want to go backwards. Barack Obama supports women’s rights.

Undecided Female Voter 2: Women are a huge part of this country. We are the bread winners in a lot of homes. We can’t have a slick guy coming in to office who doesn’t even believe women should work outside of the home.

LUNTZ: Is Romney slick?

ALL: No.

LUNTZ: Yes or no. Is Romney slick?

ALL: No.

LUNTZ: Is Romney anti-woman?

ALL: No.

LUNTZ: You’re going to have the final comment right there.

Undecided Female Voter 3: I can’t think of any time or any place that I’ve ever seen Mitt Romney say, “We’re going back to stone ages.” And I don’t know where this came from.

LUNTZ: Did Romney win your vote today?

Undecided Female Voter 4: He did, yes.

RUSH: We don’t need some slick guy coming into office who doesn’t believe women should work outside of the home. Where does it come from? You’re asking where it comes from? I guarantee you this woman is reading the bloodsuckers blogs over at Daily Kos, Democrat Underground, or maybe just TIME Magazine’s comment section, who knows, the New York Times. That’s the Democrats mess, the War on Women, Romney, Republicans want to take women back to Stone Age, don’t want to let ’em out of the kitchen. Romney had just finished talking about how he had a female chief of staff and allowed her to have a flexible schedule so she can go home and be with her kids when they get home from school. There’s no reality. As I say, they create this bubble of an alternate universe, and they believe the lies.


You’re not supposed to ask that. Snerdley said, “Well, how would he do it, Rush? Even if Romney didn’t want women leaving home, how would he do it? How would he actually do that?” They don’t ask themselves that. They see an Obama ad characterizing Romney as something, and… I tell you, gonna be blunt here, it’s women like… people, not just women, people like this who we’ve always been afraid of are the majority of the country. When we talk about losing the country, it’s people like this who are not critical thinkers. They’re not thinkers, period.

They don’t ask themselves, “Okay, well, how will Romney keep us in the house? How will he keep us from getting jobs?” They don’t ask themselves that. They are told. They live their lives in perpetual fear and they are victims, and they want people protecting ’em and taking care of ’em, and that’s what Obama means to ’em. And as a victim, that means everybody’s out to get ’em. But they believe the cliches.

There’s no winning those people over. I mean, these two women are the 47%. (gasping) Didn’t say that, did I? Did I say that? We’ve got seconds. Should I bleep that or should I let that go? Tell me the truth, should I bleep that out? Let it go? Let it go. Okay. ‘Cause we got seconds left here, we can still bleep it if you think I should bleep it out. Did I say that? Yeah, yeah. Okay. We’ll stick with it. We’re not afraid of it here.

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