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RUSH: And we have the new Gallup poll, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, the rolling average poll, seven days, and Romney is pulling ahead now 51-45. It was 50-46 yesterday, now 51-45 in the Gallup Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Now, the way I have it, six points, 45 and six would be 51. That’s right. Notice how quickly I did that, 51-45, Gallup daily tracking, Romney up over Obama. Something is happening out there, folks.


RUSH: Thirty minutes ago, I told you that the Gallup poll was out and that it has Romney up now six points. The Daily Tracking Poll: 51-45 Romney over Obama. Now everybody else has got it out there. Business Insider has it out there. Three or four people sent it to me. But we had it 30 minutes ago. It’s a large sample: 2,700 people. Margin of error is two points. It’s likely voters. This is a gigantic lead.

Yet the media story today, “Barack is Back!” (laughing) Yeeees! Yes! So wonderful, beautiful thing. Yes! “Comeback Kid. Obama Won the Debate. Barack is Back!” I’ve got a montage of these guys saying it. I’m not gonna insult you by playing it.


RUSH: So I’ve got Fox on in here, and Karl Rove is on with Megyn Kelly. But the graphic, get this, now. “New questions on whether Obama presented compelling vision for next four years.” What vision, compelling or otherwise? Who’s asking? Why are they asking? Obama hasn’t put forth any agenda for the next four years. He can’t. In his closing statement last night (Obama impression) “I believe in self-reliance and I believe in rugged individualism and I believe in people working hard and getting paid good money for good work and good jobs.” It was a lie from beginning to end. Honest, you go back and you look at Obama’s closing statement — he didn’t say it nearly as well as I do — but it sounds like stuff that I say.

So Andrew Sullivan, who was despondent and suicidal after the first debate, is now elated. He says, “I’m bloody elated.” You people on the left are fooling yourselves, and I’m happy to see it. In fact, I’m very content to let you have your little pity parade. You go right ahead. You guys, you want to live in your bubble of delusion, you feel free. But what you think you saw last night didn’t happen. And that is the bottom line.


RUSH: As I said yesterday, all Obama had to do is show up. They say he won. Here’s a montage of excited media people, their pity parade all jazzed that Barry pulled it off.

JIM VANDEHEI: Banner headline right now is “Barack is Back.”

MIKE ALLEN: “Barack is Back.” Headline says it all.

JOHN HARRIS: Obama won one; Romney won one.

MICHAEL BESCHLOSS: Barrack Obama did very well tonight.

DAVID BROOKS: Obama won this debate.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Obama won the debate.

DONNA BRAZILE: President Obama came tonight to play ball. He took the game to Mitt Romney.

MATTHEW DOWD: Very clear victor. President Obama gets the victory.

MARK SHIELDS: The president was a lot more forceful, lot more aggressive, no question about it.

ANDREW SULLIVAN: IÂ’m elated that he’s back and heÂ’s got the momentum. I’m thrilled.

RUSH: I don’t want to go back and repeat the first hour, but honestly, the uniformity that I heard, and even from people on Fox, I did not see the same debate. And, by the way, I look at this stuff objectively. I don’t want to lie to myself. If Romney really got smoked I don’t want to sit here and tell myself it didn’t happen. I don’t do that. I don’t live in false realities. I did not see a stellar Barack Obama. I’m not even talking about the lies. I’m just talking about he was not even fluent. He was staccato and he was choppy, he was searching constantly for a thought. He was working. I mean, the guy was grinding. We athletes, we have a term, grinding. That’s when you’re really having to work for it, it’s not coming naturally. When you’re out playing golf, and don’t have it, you’re grinding, trying to get it back. That’s what he was doing last night. The poor old guy was grinding, folks. These people, they saw what they wanted to see. Let’s keep going here, because Wolf Blitzer, they had a flash poll after the debate.

BLITZER: Here are the results. Forty-six percent say President Obama won the debate. Thirty-nine percent say Governor Romney won the debate. This poll shows it was basically a draw as far as those who actually watched the debate were concerned.

RUSH: Well, what about those who weren’t, Wolf? What’s the point? It was a draw as far as those who actually watched the debate. Do you have a poll of people who didn’t watch the debate and who they think won? No, I’m not nitpicking. Why specify that? So 46-39, that’s a seven-point separation, a tie ’cause they’re putting the margin of error in there. Now, a little bit later on CNN, Wolf came back with the details, and it ain’t good for the Bamster.

BLITZER: When we dig deeper into the numbers, we’re seeing Romney did score points with viewers tonight. Look at this. Fifty-eight percent, 58% of debate watchers say Romney would better handle the economy. Forty percent say President Obama would. That’s issue number one. Forty-nine percent say Romney would better handle health care, compared to 46% for President Obama. We also asked who would better handle the issue of taxes. Fifty-one percent say Romney; 44% say President Obama. Fifty-nine percent say Romney would do a better job on the deficit. Thirty-six percent say President Obama would do a better job on the deficit.

RUSH: That doesn’t even sound close, does it? I mean, that’s pretty devastating. So my question is, how do you get in the overall poll, 46 say Obama won the debate, 39 say Romney, and then you get those numbers? Well, it’s not even close. It’s 58-40 on the economy; it is 49-46 on health care; it’s 51-44 taxes; and 59-36 on the deficit, all in favor of Romney, CNN poll. Wolf depressed. Then they bring in John King, who used to have his own show at CNN. Did they get rid of John King for Client No. 9? Was John King moved out for Eliot Spitzer or did Spitzer get moved out and King put in? King is back to reporting now, and he says that if the numbers that Wolf just recited are true, then it’s over.

KING: If American voters out there, not just people who watched the debate who participated in our poll, if other Americans think that Governor Romney won on the question of who would best handle the economy, who would best handle health care, and who would best handle taxes, if they don’t change their mind between now and Election Day, Governor Romney will win the election.

RUSH: Yeah, if they don’t change their mind, yeah, that would be true. Uh-huh. That’s right. They don’t change their mind. So we at CNN have our work cut out for us to make sure that they change their mind, ’cause otherwise it’s over. So they’re all excited. See what we did here? They’re all excited. “Obama wins. ‘Barack is Back,’ headline says it all. I’m elated.” Then the polling data, flash polling comes in: not even close. Here’s Anthony Mason last night, CBS special coverage of the presidential debate.

MASON: We asked those 500 uncommitted voters immediately after the debate, who do they think won? Thirty-seven percent said President Obama, 30% said Governor Romney, about a third called the debate a tie in their eyes. Here’s where it gets interesting, though, is on the issue of the economy. Who won the economy tonight? Well, first of all, we asked which candidate would do a better job of handling the economy. After the debate, 65% said Governor Romney, 34% said President Obama.

RUSH: That’s devastating. CBS has their work cut out for them. I do wonder. I mean, their poll was 37-30 with 33 saying it’s a tie. CNN’s was 46-39, but then you get into the internals, it’s not even close. So I guess when you say, “Who won the debate?” these people are judging it in its own separate universe, but then you get to the specifics of who’s the better guy to deal with problems we got, it’s Romney. So that’s that.

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