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RUSH: I keep getting e-mails from people very worried about the debate tonight. They’re really trepidatious, really worried, ’cause they think Obama is gonna rebound. Well, okay. What can Obama do? One thing he’s being urged to do, I just saw on CNN. They got a couple guys. It’s like if you’re watching the pregame show for an NFL game. They get the experts, commentators on.

“Well, the one thing the 49ers have to do is score.”

Oh, really?

“Yep! They gotta score, and they gotta score often.”


“Yeah, and they gotta keep the other team from scoring. They gotta keep their defense off the field.”


“These two guys are running, and Obama has got to find a way to get women’s issues in the debate tonight.”


I’m telling you, they live in a bubble in their alternate universe. They still obviously believe they can sell this War on Women stuff. They obviously believe it. These people at CNN are advising Obama, and probably the campaign thinks the same thing. They probably think there’s a big score awaiting them if they can just revive the War on Women. Well, they can’t revive it.

Then there’s the pressure to do what Biden did. Obama can’t pull that off. If he tried to do what Biden did, that’s fraught with danger. He can’t recapture 2008. Have you ever thrown a spontaneous great party on a Saturday night? It’s not planned, or maybe it was. Maybe you send out invitations. People have a great, great time, so great you try to do it the next Saturday night. It never works, does it?

If he tries to re-create the magic of 2008 with all the lofty, flowery nothings? Sorry, folks. There’s a record of four years now. He can’t do that. He’s sort of reduced here to making Romney look like a creep. I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out. I don’t see the future, but I don’t know what he can do. He’s lost the big ingredient. He was an unknown, and anybody could make him what they wanted him to be. He can’t do that anymore.


RUSH: There’s nothing Obama can point to that’s happened in the last four years and say, “We want more of this!”

What can he say?

“We need more time! It was worse than I thought it was. My policies are starting to work. We need more time!”

We’ll see. It’s just the first of two more debates to go, and it’ll be fascinating regardless. I just want to remind you: Whatever happens here tonight, prepare yourself. The media has already got the story written. “Obama, Comeback Kid! Big Victory! Big Victory.” It’s already written. They can’t wait to write it, can’t wait to get their analysts on TV after the debate saying so. So just prepare yourself for that.


RUSH: Remember one other thing: Obama and the Democrats think that the Romney who showed up in the last debate is not “the real Romney.” The real Romney is the guy they put in their ads. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama makes some reference to the fake Romney in the previous debate. “Man, you really changed! I didn’t know who you were last time. I was so shocked. I’d never seen that Mitt Romney before.”

Something like that.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

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