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RUSH: They’re doing a little deal on Fox, they got their polling guy out there saying, “You know what, it was…” Oh, I’m trying to contain myself here, folks, trying to contain myself. I’m right a lot, it’s no big deal most of the time. This one’s big. One hour ago I said the way a lot of people are gonna watch that debate last night is a young son embarrassed of his bloated, overbearing father who’s wrong about everything and his son is trying to tell his father the world has changed. And Fox is doing a story right now saying that there’s polling information, a lot of 20 and 30-year-olds saw this thing entirely different than people our age, their parents’ age, and so forth.

In addition to Biden being disrespectful and so forth, you have to throw in there that Ryan was respectful. It was a two-way street. Some of you may not be happy about that, but nevertheless, Ryan was respectful. Now, I don’t know what they’re saying now because my program started, but I heard enough at the top of the hour. I threw that out there, I threw it out an hour ago as a possible interpretation of this.

It looks like, in terms of TV ratings, Biden had ’em running for the exits early. The numbers in the presidential debate, about 70 million people watched the presidential debate. Right now, before we get the cable numbers, we’ve just got the network numbers, the network numbers have it at about 30, with CBS being number one at ten and a half million. ABC, NBC, then Fox at 5.3, Fox network, not cable. You add those up, you get about 20. The vice presidential debate in 2008, 69 million, with Palin and Bite Me. So if the numbers are down, it’s another thing. Biden send ’em running away. They went to watch playoff baseball. They went to watch the Steelers. Who wants to sit there and watch that kind of thing? Your economic situation is in the toilet; who wants to watch some doddering, old mean guy laugh at you, or laugh during a discussion of that?

You know, Biden forgets there are real people in this country who have been profoundly damaged by the economics of this country right now. Whether they blame Obama for it doesn’t matter. A discussion of it comes up last night, people who watched this stuff take the election of a president seriously. You got a bad economy, you got an incumbent sitting there, young challenger, and the incumbent, the guy starts laughing in the middle of a discussion about this? These people are worried about their taxes, their Social Security, what the hell they’re gonna have to pay to get us out of this debt, and we got old man Biden there laughing about it? And then he starts laughing in a discussion about security and dead ambassadors. You know, laughing about practically everything for the first half hour. I’ll bet you a bunch of young people did see an overbearing father that they think doesn’t get it. I’ll betcha. I wouldn’t be surprised.


RUSH: LA. Dan, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Dan, are you anywhere near the 12-mile route that they’re moving the shuttle today and tomorrow?

CALLER: No, I’m not.

RUSH: Boy, I tell you. I looked at the LA Times video and it’s an amazing feat. Two days to move this shuttle 12 miles.

CALLER: Yeah, I think they cut down 300 trees to do it.

RUSH: Three hundred trees. They’ve taken down street lights. They have reinforced the roads with steel plates. It’s amazing.

CALLER: Right, right.

RUSH: I didn’t mean to distract you with that. I just thought maybe you’d seen it. What’s up?

CALLER: Well, my question is how many people were lost on Joe Biden. My girlfriend, who’s an independent who voted for Clinton, she’s watching that. She doesn’t follow politics a whole lot. She’s in her fifties. As soon as he started saying the whole thing about “my friend, my friend,” I tell you: She was about to hit the ceiling with that.

RUSH: When he was calling Ryan his friend?

CALLER: Yeah. When Bite Me kept saying that over and over and over, she got so irritated that she couldn’t watch the rest of the debate.

RUSH: Why? She thought it was condescending or that Ryan really isn’t his friend and he’s lying about it?

CALLER: Yeah, the condescension.

RUSH: Condescension.

CALLER: The kind of used car salesman it had to it.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, I have flash polling data that indicates your girlfriend’s not alone. CNN internal numbers and others thought that women were especially put off by Joey last night.

CALLER: I couldn’t agree with you more. She actually had a friend of hers call and she said the same thing with that “my friend” crap.

RUSH: And remember, now: It was guys like Ryan conducting the War on Women, right?


RUSH: That’s what they want us to believe. “Paul Ryan, he’s involved in the War on Women,” and then you’ve got Biden behaving the way he behaved.

CALLER: Right, right.

RUSH: I think he was. It was a turnoff to independents, a turnoff to women. He called Ryan his “friend” 14 times, and we know that Ryan’s not his friend. We know he hates Ryan.

CALLER: I couldn’t agree with you more. She also thought, you know, that Joe’s kind of got this Uncle Joe thing. You know, he’s a nice guy and everything. I think that bubble was burst last night.

RUSH: I do, too. I do, too. I couldn’t be happier to hear you say that, even though this is just an anecdotal story. It’s not scientific. It’s just one guy’s girlfriend. But, folks, there’s more of that out there. Biden blew up all of the bubbles last night. I’m telling you, that’s why I opened the program, for those of you who didn’t hear it, with that observation. I tell you what I want you to do, Dan. You still there, Dan, by the way?


RUSH: You have a good relationship with your girlfriend?

CALLER: Oh, yeah.

RUSH: Can you be honest with her? I want you to try something with her. I know how you said she’s not day-to-day immersed in politics.


RUSH: And she’s an independent.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Now, we’re told the independents don’t like this kind of behavior of confrontation and arguing and disrespecting. They just want people to work together and all. Would you say your girlfriend’s like that?

CALLER: I couldn’t agree with you more.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: That irritated her beyond belief.

RUSH: Then I need you to do something for me.


RUSH: I’m deadly serious. The next time you talk to her about this, whenever the opportunity is… Don’t tell her I said this to you.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: I want you to offer it as your own opinion, maybe ask her if she’s ever considered it. No, don’t do that. My point is: What Biden was last night is the Democrat Party.


RUSH: That’s who they are.


RUSH: It would really help if women like your girlfriend understood that that was not an exception to the rule last night. You take the gloves of and you put ’em in what they think is a safe environment where they can’t lose, that’s who they are.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I would love for your girlfriend and other women to realize that’s the Democrat Party today. It’s not just Joe Biden.

CALLER: I agree. I think it exposed a lot, because her friend is in her forties, and she said the same thing. You know, this whole thing about Joe being a nice guy and the Democratic Party for women and everything. I think that ruined a lot of it.

RUSH: Were you guys still watching when Biden was talking about getting out of Afghanistan in 2014 and turning things over to the Taliban, who are our friends?

CALLER: Yeah. (chuckles)

RUSH: We’re working with the security forces in Afghanistan. They gotta stand up for themselves. We need to get out of there.

CALLER: I was still watching it but she got so pissed off, she couldn’t watch it anymore.

RUSH: Good. Happy to hear it. That confirms my instincts. So I appreciate the call. Thanks much. Now, you tell her. You tell her. When it’s safe, you know? When it’s safe. You don’t want you to be provocative with it. Just say, “Honey, that’s the Democrat Party. That’s just who they are,” and see what she says.

RUSH: Lyle in Edwardsville, Illinois, I’m glad you waited. Open Line Friday, you’re up, hi.

CALLER: Rush, thanks for taking my call. I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you that your show on Wednesday was fantastic, especially the first hour. And to think I almost missed it! On Wednesday my local radio station, KMOX in St. Louis, preempted your show to broadcast other news activities happening in the nation’s capital: The St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals postseason game. If it wasn’t for me being a Rush 24/7 member, I would have missed that great message on Wednesday.

RUSH: Well, I really appreciate that, and I want everybody to know this is the first time I have ever talked to Lyle in Edwardsville, Illinois. Snerdley doesn’t know him, either. Lyle, you were not paid, right? This is coming from the bottom of your heart and the top of your brain?

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: Exactly. I really appreciate it, really appreciate it. What did we do on Wednesday that was so hot?

RUSH: Here is Sheila. Sheila in Pittsburgh. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: You’ve been my professor for so long, my 18 year old son is now a student of the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Learning.

RUSH: (laughing) Well, thanks very much. It’s great to have you with us here.

CALLER: Thank you. I watched the debate last night, and Joe Biden, if I can use your name for him?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Bite Me showed America what a despicable obnoxious, dishonest rude little creep he really is.

RUSH: Did you think this of him before you saw the debate last night?

CALLER: Yes. (giggles)

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I cannot tell a lie. (giggles)

RUSH: So you just had it confirmed.

CALLER: Yes. But he really made me sick. It was very unprofessional, and Paul Ryan, he was the epitome of class, I mean, he was cool, collected, he showed incredible strength while being respectful to a boor of a man —

RUSH: Did anything —

CALLER: — (giggles) with no understanding of honor.

RUSH: Did anything about Ryan bother you, in the face of all this? Did you wish Ryan had behaved differently?

CALLER: Um… Me personally? I woulda punched the guy out, but no. He was what we need for this country, someone to restore honor and respect for the presidency.

RUSH: Well, your story is being told all over this country, and I’m telling you: The fact that your story is I think the majority story is evidenced by the AP dropping this now. AP’s latest story is (paraphrased), “Okay, nothing to see here! Uh, attention now is refocused on the next debate with Romney and Obama.” If Biden had cleaned up last night, they wouldn’t drop this. They would still be hyping it and focusing on it.

I mentioned at the beginning of the program a possibility that people in their twenties and thirties might have seen this thing in a totally different way than you and I. They might have seen a guy that looked like an out-of-control, boorish, dominating father who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And a son being respectful, trying to tell his dad that he’s wrong. But it’s his dad and he’s not gonna be disrespectful, blah, blah, blah, blah.

I think there’s a possibility that people might interpret it that way.

And, lo and behold, an hour ago on CNN… I saw it at the top-of-the-hour break right as the show was starting so I didn’t have time to listen to it. But apparently there is that reaction to it somewhere, enough places that they’re studying it being via polling data. But it turns out it was a disaster for Joe Bite Me. Even in the aftermath of the debate, I’ve got this long list of comments.

The GOP put together this long list of comments from Democrat media people — uh, mainstream media people — and it was universal. They were worried that Bite Me had overstepped, that he had behaved obnoxiously, disrespectfully. And as a result even if he had won on substance, nobody knew or remembered that because all they saw was how boorish he had behaved. Sheila, thanks for the call.

This is Jenny in summit, New Jersey. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi!

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s so great to talk to you. I’m actually in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but I’m from Summit, New Jersey, and I like to see that. I wanted to tell you what I think Democrats are just like. They’re just like Canadian geese. They are loud, rude, odd, full of crap, want everything for free, and nearly impossible to get rid of. Now, they talk of grape Kool-Aid to kill off the Canada geese, but I’m thinking they drank the Kool-Aid.

RUSH: Boy, I have never heard Canadian geese so put down in my life.

CALLER: I can’t stand them, Democrats or Canada geese. Ha ha ha!

RUSH: (laughs) What separates a Canadian goose from a duck?

CALLER: I have no idea, but I can’t stand them. They’re disgusting and they’re pigs. Worthless pigs! Both of them. (laughing)

RUSH: Why can’t you do anything about a Canadian goose?

CALLER: Well, my husband told me they can do some sort of light thing that vibrates. I don’t know.

RUSH: What, are they protected?

CALLER: No! No! They’re just menaces to society, just like liberals. Just like liberals. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I’ll tell you, I took a class called governing a state with former governor Tom Kean at Drew University, and we to debate and write over the 1993 Florio vs. Whitman outcome. I was one of two Republicans in the whole political science department — can you imagine that? — and one of the girls wrote her paper on Whitman would take it, and she did. I keep telling everyone down in this liberal, crazy Fayetteville that we’re gonna take it. We’re taking it, Rush! We are. And those Canada geese, we’re gonna get rid of ’em.

RUSH: Well, from your mouth to the polling place. A lot of people are starting to get the sensation of a (whispers) “blowout.” I didn’t say that. Some people are thinking it. I want to be very, very guarded here. But I appreciate your call, Jenny. Thanks very much. I’m just sitting here wondering about Obamacare and if Obama covers BS. Like for example, could Joey get treated for his BS? The Democrat leadership is filled with it. It’s a disease, and I wonder if Obamacare covers that.

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