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RUSH: Mitt Romney is all over the regime and Libya. Here he is this afternoon in Richmond, Virginia.

ROMNEY: The vice president directly contradicted the sworn testimony of State Department officials. He’s doubling down on denial. And we need to understand exactly what happened as opposed to just having people brush this aside. When the vice president of the United States directly contradicts the testimony, sworn testimony of State Department officials, American citizens have a right to know just what’s going on.

RUSH: Like I said three days ago, this scandal dwarfs Watergate, and like I said three days ago, nobody died in Watergate. Like I said three days ago, if Watergate happened today and it was a Democrat president, it would be applauded as great tactics. That was in my riff on how Bill Clinton’s really responsible for so much of the deterioration that’s taken place in our culture today, and our politics. And I’ll be glad to repeat that next week.

I want you to hear Stephanie Cutter. Stephanie Cutter was on Bret Baier. She doubled down on how it’s Romney and Ryan’s fault that Benghazi is even being discussed. She had a long, drawn-out with Bret Baier last night. Bret Baier said, “Benghazi might be an issue, four Americans murdered by militants, and you think it’s Romney’s fault?”

CUTTER: Well, mostly people associated with the Romney campaign.

BAIER: No, this person is from Mother Jones, and that’s not exactly a right-wing organization.

CUTTER: I was asked why it became such a political circus. And who was the first person to respond to the Libya attacks? It was Mitt Romney. And Mitt Romney was criticized for that response because it was political, by national news organizations, and was asked to apologize by national news organizations.

RUSH: And Bret Baier: “That is a question that you would have to ask others, that was not our conclusion. In other words, the state department did not conclude that Benghazi was tied to the video.”

CUTTER: That’s because it was an intelligence conclusion.

BAIER: The State Department and the intelligence —

CUTTER: Bret, let’s back up for a second. What are you suggesting here? Are you suggesting that we’re playing politics with this?

BAIER: I’m not suggesting —

CUTTER: Because —

BAIER: — anything. You’ve said that the entire reason this has become the political topic —

CUTTER: Right.

BAIER: — four people are dead.

CUTTER: Absolutely. And this administration — let me just get my sentence out. This administration has treated this entire tragedy with the utmost seriousness, to get to the bottom of the attacks, hold the perpetrators accountable, and make sure that it never happens again. That’s why we are being responsible and diligent about our investigation. Now, at the same time that we’re doing that, we have two people campaigning around the country accusing us of covering something up. Just yesterday Mitt Romney accused us of covering this up.

RUSH: The clueless and blind, lying hack, Stephanie Cutter. She was scared. She sounds nervous. I don’t know how smart she is. I really don’t. I mean, she’s a hack, so she’s gonna defend Obama and Biden no matter what. I don’t know how smart she is. But if she really believes this stuff, she’s too far gone for help. Now, really thinking that Ryan and Romney are the reason there’s a controversy in Benghazi because of what Romney said the next day. We’ve got children, folks, children, literal, young, naive children in positions of leadership. We deserve better.

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