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RUSH: Let’s look at a little polling data. Romney is now up seven in Virginia. A new poll from McLaughlin Associates, it’s highlighted at Breitbart: Romney up seven in Virginia, 11 points with independents. Real Clear Politics, now, has moved Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin to toss-up status from leans Obama. Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, to toss-up status. I know people living in Pennsylvania, they can’t believe this. Well, I know one guy who lives in Pennsylvania who does believe it. I know one guy who lives in Pennsylvania who thinks Romney’s gonna win. I know another guy who’s from Pennsylvania that thinks it’s not possible. It doesn’t matter. Obama doesn’t have it locked up. He doesn’t have Michigan locked up. He doesn’t have New Hampshire or Wisconsin locked up. They’ve move to toss-up from leaning Obama.

Everything’s moving away from Obama. He’s got seven states, including California and New York, that he has locked down according to the Real Clear Politics poll. And it’s the same in Florida, Romney is up seven in Florida. So the Suffolk University polling unit: pulled out of North Carolina, pulled out of Florida, and Real Clear Politics has not yet given those states to Romney. They’re waiting for other data. And not that they should. I’m just telling you it’s gonna happen, it just hasn’t happened yet.

But Suffolk University pulled out: we’re not gonna waste any money polling in Virginia, Florida, or North Carolina. Those states are leaning Romney, are now, they say, gone for Obama. Here we are three weeks out, we’re looking at Romney 51 points, the magic 50% number has been hit by the challenger. This is when the pollsters start telling you their stuff really is accurate and it really matters. There’s other polling data to cite as well.


RUSH: More polling data, a survey from ARG. Romney now 49 to 46 in Florida and a 50-46 lead in New Hampshire. Suffolk University polling says Florida’s over. New Hampshire, Romney, 50%. Yep. New Hampshire, Romney 50 to 46.


I know they have. I know they’ve been saying Romney is losing. The bottom line is Obama is sitting there right now with a lock on seven to nine states. That’s it. The toss-ups are Florida, that’s Romney, North Carolina, that’s Romney, Virginia, that’s Romney, Wisconsin, that’s trending Romney.

Pennsylvania, there are people who actually live in Pennsylvania that think Romney’s gonna win this thing. Some don’t; some do. Missouri probably gonna be Romney. Still a toss-up. I don’t want to say too much right now ’cause it’s still a long way to go, but… (whispering) it’s gonna be a blowout. I didn’t say that. You didn’t hear me say it. No, I said, (whispering) “It could be a blowout.”

I didn’t say it.

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