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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, Obama started a war in Libya. This idea that Jay Carney just said, we had the sound bite in the last hour, the press briefing, (imitating Carney) “Well, I’m not saying the administration — Biden wasn’t saying that the administration writ large didn’t know that there had been a request for security. It’s just that the president and the vice president and the White House didn’t know,” as though that’s gonna make it all okay? Who is the administration? If the White House, the vice president, the president, don’t know, that’s some sort of legit excuse?

One more time. We did not need new intelligence in order to know that Libya is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Americans. And, furthermore, that within Libya, Benghazi is the most dangerous spot in that country for Americans. Folks, it is utterly irresponsible to have an embassy there right now. We don’t have an embassy in Iran. It’s too dangerous. By the way, that’s another thing. Damn it, why didn’t I remember this? (imitating Biden) “They don’t have a missile, Paulie. You can sit there, hell, Barack talked to Bibi, I was in the room. It was a conference call, spoke for an hour the other day, hell, Barack talks to Bibi all the time. I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s a bunch of stuff.”

Raddatz says, “What do you mean ‘a bunch of stuff?'”

“Well, all these guys don’t know what they’re talking about. Hell, the Iranians aren’t getting anywhere near this nuclear weapon. We got tight sanctions.”

We don’t have tight sanctions. Folks, I wish I hadn’t gotten started. We don’t have any sanctions of any teeth going on. There’s something going on that nobody knows about in Iran. We’re wrecking their currency. We are. We are wrecking the Iranian currency. It got started long before Obama was immaculated. Obama’s so-called sanctions have nothing to do with what’s going on with the internal deterioration, things happening in Iran. But the bottom line is old Joey kept saying, (paraphrasing) “They don’t have a weapon. They got some fissile material, yeah, but they’re not gonna have it till next spring, you idiot. They don’t have a missile, I’m telling you, they don’t have a weapon.”

Now, Ryan had an opening, didn’t use it, but, “Hey, Joey, you don’t need a missile. All you need’s a suitcase. All you need is a guy who tried to get into Times Square last year that you guys thought was somebody mad over Obamacare. It turned out to be an Al-Qaeda terrorist. You don’t need a missile, Joey.”

So we’re supposed to believe after listening to Biden last night that Iran’s not a threat ’cause they might have uranium and fissile material, but they don’t have a bomb. They don’t need a bomb. All they need is a bunch of guys willing to commit suicide with some backpacks is all the hell they need, and they’ve got plenty of ’em.

You would not have wanted to be in the room with me last night. Kathryn had to rip me off the ceiling, and I have a 20-foot ceiling in the room we were watching the debate in. Anyway, we don’t even have an embassy in Iran. It’s too dangerous. Benghazi, we don’t have a reason for a consulate there or an embassy. It’s too dangerous. It’s too soon after Obama’s war there. And if you’re gonna have one, though, if you’re gonna open up a consulate, if you’re gonna open up an embassy, it has to be protected by well resourced American armed forces, period, not contracted out same-sex bodyguards, local. What kind of maneuver was that? I told you yesterday, they had a job application, a bodyguard for the ambassador, and one of the things that was okay on the job application was to be in a same-sex marriage. Now, why in hell does that matter?


It doesn’t need to be Hillary Clinton. It could be Barack. It’s a liberal initiative. It’s what liberals do. It’s what they think is important. So here we are in Libya, here we are in Benghazi, we’re putting together a consulate we have no business putting together. We’re gonna put an ambassador in there who’s gonna be at great risk in a place where we are hated ’cause we just took Khadafy out of there. We have no business building an embassy. We’re gonna do it anyway, and, for protection, we run an ad in a local newspaper asking for local bodyguards and, by the way, it’s okay if you’re in a same sex marriage. Why put that in there? Because they’re liberals and they think that will show how open-minded we are versus how cowboy closed-minded people like Bush and Cheney were. It is insane. That’s supposed to buy us goodwill.

Do they not remember Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia? When he found out that there was a gay person in Tehran, he wanted to know where and who it was. He said, “We don’t have those people in Iran,” and the audience started laughing, the college kids at Columbia. Mahmoud said, “Well, you tell me, where is he? Where are they?” And they woulda sent the secret police out there to find them.

What the hell are we doing? An ad for two bodyguards for our ambassador, and, by the way, it’s fine if you’re in a same-sex relationship or marriage. What, the UN’s gonna love us for that? That’s gonna buy us some peace? That’s what I mean, these people are academic theoreticians. Real world is a total mystery to ’em, but they think they got it all understood. They sit there in the faculty lounge their whole lives, sip port, smoking whatever, theorizing all this wonderful stuff if only they were in charge. Well, now they are, and, look, everything is falling apart. American foreign policy is disintegrating in front of our face as the American economy’s been doing for four years.

We launch an unprovoked war, take Khadafy out. In the process, Obama ensures these anti-American forces are gonna become more powerful in Benghazi, so in order to pretend that his Libya policy is a triumph of democracy, rather than an empowerment of the Islamists, it was his policy to treat Libya as though it were Britain. We’re gonna have an embassy. We’re not gonna have any armed guards. We don’t need to. Why, I just brought democracy to Egypt, the Arab Spring. I just brought democracy to Libya. I just got rid of their evil leader Khadafy, that everybody hated, which they didn’t. Everybody didn’t hate Khadafy over there. We’re dealing with a genuine neophyte. We’ve elected the student body president of East Cameron Junior High School to be president. No offense to East Cameron. I don’t even know if there is one. I just made that up.


RUSH: Let’s say Joey and Barack did not know that there was a request for security, a request for additional security in Benghazi after all this, or even before it, before the attack on the ambassador, requests for more security, they didn’t know. Does that mean Hillary isn’t talking to ’em? Does that mean Mrs. Clinton is not talking to Obama? She runs the State Department. That’s where the requests run through. Is she not talking to anybody? And who says the Iranians don’t have a missile? I got a picture of one right here. I have friends in the military, they have pictures of things. There’s a picture. Aren’t the Iranians test firing missiles over there? I don’t know where they’re ending up. Who says they don’t have a missile? Joey? Who’s telling him? The same intel that got it all wrong on it was not a video, it was a terror attack? Bunch of boobs. We deserve so much better than this as a country. We just deserve better than this.

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