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RUSH: In the last couple days I’ve been talking about books that I think you should get, Steve Moore’s got a great new book on taxes. Megyn Kelly’s husband, Doug Brunt, has his new novel: Ghosts of Manhattan. Ann Coulter: Mugged. My good friend Andy McCarthy has this book called Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy. Andy was on the prosecutorial team (with Patrick Fitzgerald, by the way) that prosecuted the blind sheik for the first World Trade Center bombing and other assorted crimes, Omar Abdel Rahman.

Andy’s book is called Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy. He’s reticent about promoting it because it’s so relevant to what’s going on, and he feels it’s unseemly to be hyping a book which could be accused of taking advantage of what’s going on. So let me tell you about this book. We’ve been talking about this the past two weeks and especially this week intensely as it relates to Benghazi and our policy there and why it’s a debacle and a disaster.

The premise of this book, Spring Fever, is the Arab Spring is not an outbreak of democracy. It is instead the ascendancy of Islamic supremacism, meaning freedom’s cold, dark winter. This is not an outbreak of wonderfully flowering democracy in the Middle East. This is the rise to power of… The Muslim Brotherhood, Benghazi, Libya, whatever else is going on. What’s happening is the rise to power of America’s enemies, who are Islamic supremacists.

They are Sharia law believers who want to enact it everywhere they can. See, what’s happening in the Middle East is causing real pain for a number of our fellow Americans and their families. Real pain. We’ve got four Americans dead. You’ve heard the tape of one mother we played yesterday. She can’t get a straight story from the regime about how her son died and why.

Andy makes the case in the book that we’re in the midst here of a web of deceit, governmental recklessness and dishonesty that is resulting in average Americans and their families paying the personal price for the embarrassing incompetence of Obama policy. He’s reticent to go out and do appearances and try to say, “See, I told you so! I told you!” But the book is an accurate portrayal of exactly what’s happening in the Middle East.

And it explains why our policy, why Obama’s policy, is in no way effective and doesn’t have a chance of being because Obama’s policy totally misunderstands what is happening. In fact, Obama is largely responsible for what is happening! That’s what makes this so outrageous. So I wanted to mention Andy’s book along with all the others. It’s called Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy.

And this is important because Obama and the Democrats are trying to tell us that there’s a new breed of Islam now. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood and they’re our buddies, Jim Clapper, James Clapper, the security guy in the White House (summarized), “Hey, the Muslim Brotherhood, they’re no different than the guys at the corner barbershop! They’re our buddies. They’re a bunch of secularists.”

No way is that true.

So I wanted to mention it to you.

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