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RUSH: Old Joey last night in the debate told another whopper. Yesterday, the vice president of the United States was talking to Paul Ryan. He said, “By the way, they talk about this Great Recession like it fell out of the sky. Like, ‘Oh, my goodness!’ Like, ‘Where did it come from?'” and he looked over at Ryan and said, “It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card at same time, put a prescription drug plan on a credit card, and a trillion-dollar tax cut for the very wealthy! I was there!”

Old Joey was there!

“I was there, and I voted against ’em. I said, ‘No, we can’t afford it!”

The problem is that old Joey voted for both wars. Old Joey voted for the Afghanistan resolution September 14th, 2001 authorizing the use of force. You people have forgotten that but I haven’t. The Democrats first fought Bush on the authorization of the use of force after the original 9/11, and then they found out that the country didn’t hate Bush like they did after Florida 2000.

They found out that the vast majority of American people wanted to go kick butt somewhere. So the Democrats did a 180 and demanded a new vote. And Bush, nice guy that he is, said, “Okay, I don’t mind,” to the congressional leaders. “If they want another vote, let’s have another vote,” and they got to change their vote so it looked like they, too, were in favor of the use of force.

That’s where old Joey came out in favor of the war.

To listen to a guy like Biden accuse other people of running up debt? To sit there and say, “By the way, they talk about this Great Recession like it fell out of the sky. Where did it come from?” That’s another one where I’m on the ceiling. I’m on the ceiling! I’m shouting at Ryan, “Just point at him! You don’t have to say anything, Paul. Just point at him. He and old Barack did it! They own it!” I don’t know what the Ryan strategy was.

Well, I’m pretty confident that I do, actually.

I think it was: Be respectful of a lunatic and hope. Create an atmosphere where the lunatic thinks he’s winning everything. It’s just gonna make him freer and less inhibited to be who he really is — and old Joey played right along with that, and came off very poorly in the eyes of practically everybody who watched except for the vampire bloodsuckers that make up the Democrat base.

The vampire bloodsuckers of the Democrat base, they’re out there watching the Twilight saga movies today in celebration. They’re hoping that RPattz and KStew get back together forever. “Blood, blood, blood! Suck it, suck it, suck it! All the Ryans, all the Romneys! Way to go, Joey!” (interruption) I know pop culture. How could you miss the fact that RPattz and KStew split up? It was devastating!

I don’t know how the country made it through those three weeks, or maybe four. They finally put it back together. Everything’s cool now. They can be promoting the next Twilight saga movie. The Democrat Underground and Daily Kos people will be there. They got their advance tickets. They can go suck blood from the debate last night and go get some more during the Twilight saga movies.

Those are the only people that liked it. Those were the only people that thought Biden was cool. Everybody else, including the Democrat elite establishment is embarrassed. You know how I knew that was gonna be the case? When Joe Trippi spoke right after the debate on Fox. Bret Baier had Trippi and Steve Hayes there. Kathryn looked to me and said, “This is gonna be quite telling,” and it was.

Because Trippi said (paraphrased), “Uh, I was very embarrassed. I thought Joe was condescending. I thought he was rude.” The truth of things is that it’s Paul Ryan who’s the nice guy. It’s Paul Ryan who wouldn’t harm a flea. It’s Paul Ryan who is the genuine nicest guy on the face of the earth, and all this pre-debate hubbub and buzz about old Joey?

You heard Obama, “We’re just gonna let Joe be Joe.”

He was, and there’s your Democrat Party!

Joe Biden, nice guy. Yeah, talk to Ed Meese about that. Talk to Donald Rumsfeld about that. Talk to Dick Cheney about that. Talk to Robert Bork about that. Go ask Clarence Thomas about what a nice guy old Joey is. It’s just one of the additional popular myths that’s popped up and attached itself to these Democrat leaders. But it’s Paul Ryan — who’s the genuine nice, substantive, really cares guy — who was taking it all seriously last night.

Have you heard anybody say that Ryan lied? Have you heard anybody say Ryan got anything wrong? No. You haven’t. What’s everybody talking about today? They’re talking about Biden and his boorish behavior and the lies that he told. And if they weren’t lies, if Hillary didn’t tell him that there had been additional security requests, who the hell is she telling? Barack didn’t know. But why don’t they know anyway?

Look, I’ve beat that horse. I don’t need to go any further.

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