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RUSH: Folks, we have more on the hearings yesterday involving Libya. Cybercast News Service has a story. We learned yesterday that we didn’t have professional security for the ambassadorial team in Benghazi. We had bodyguards, Libyan bodyguards, maybe a bodyguard. Cybercast News Service, I just printed the story. I haven’t had a chance to really digest it. It just came in three minutes before we went live here, and I gave it a quick glance. But apparently in the notice, they had the job opening listed for a bodyguard, and they solicited for same-sex couples. They said that was one of the things that would be okay. Bodyguards with limited English, but they gave preference to citizens, same-sex domestic partners of US government employees. Just telling you.

There was an interview last night with Anderson Cooper on CNN. It was Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, the computer specialist killed at the consulate in Benghazi. This is unbelievable. I’ll play this for you after the break. But she is livid. The Obama administration and the campaign have been lying to her face that it was the video. She can’t, to this day, get a straight answer out of anybody in the regime. From Leon Panetta to Susan Rice to Obama himself.

She can’t even find anybody who cares!

She can’t find anybody who cares enough to tell her what actually happened to her son.

She still doesn’t know.

Wait ’til you hear this. It’s tear-jerker stuff, and it’s unacceptable at the same time.


Oh, what I was gonna say about John Bolton. I was watching Greta last night, and we had a thoroughly comprehensive presentation yesterday on this entire Benghazi situation and how the administration just lied about the video being responsible and sent everybody out the lie. By the way, we’ve got Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz out there saying, “It’s not a lie. We were just wrong,” and that it’s un-American to criticize the regime.

“It’s not a lie. We were just wrong.” Yeah, that really worked for George W. Bush on weapons of mass destruction, didn’t it? These people are shameless. Anyway, it was a thorough presentation on yesterday’s program. But John Bolton said something to Greta last night that I, frankly, should have thought. It should have been part of my presentation. I’ve gotta give him credit for it. And when I say this to you, it’s gonna be obvious.

It’s nothing earth-shattering. It’s something I shoulda thought of myself. I have said it before. So Obama’s out there blaming the video, blaming the video, blaming the video and so forth. In addition to blaming the video so as to cover up the fact that the terror group Al-Qaeda is still alive and kicking — and, by the way, coming back to life big time. See, Obama wanted everybody to believe, when we killed Osama, that that was the end of Al-Qaeda as well.

So blaming it on the video was making sure that people didn’t blame it on terrorism. And the point that John Bolton made was that Obama is really a dangerous person to have as president of the United States because of his ideology, and his worldview. And Obama’s ideology and worldview is, of course, that you always blame America first when things go wrong. It’s always America’s fault.

Now, we know this about leftists. That’s what San Francisco Democrats at their convention in 1984 were known for. Jeane Kirkpatrick even dubbed them, even named the San Francisco Democrats, the “Blame

America First Crowd.” Well, maybe Obama didn’t have to worry about trying to cover up for the fact that Al-Qaeda was still alive and kicking. Maybe his ideology is such that he really believed this video is responsible for it because obviously it has to be America’s fault.

Blame America first!

That’s why the video had to be responsible. It’s why an American had to be responsible. America is responsible for all the world’s crap. America’s responsible for all the bad things. We do it to ourselves. We have mistreated people. We have big timed it. We’ve bigfooted it around the world our whole life as a country, and this is just people getting even with us. And, by the way, in Obama’s worldview, we understand that.

We’ve gotta be made to feel like they have felt being stepped on by us all these decades. We got a taste of our own medicine. “America’s chickens have come home to roost,” in the words of Reverend Wright. So I wanted to throw that in as another explanation for why Obama and his entire regime would so easily blame a video that nobody ever saw and the guy who made the video. And then, in a subtext way, blame the Constitution, blame the First Amendment, blame free speech, blame America.

We actually have a man leading the country who thinks the country’s wrong, who thinks this country’s guilty. It’s just another illustration of that. Of course, so is all the apologizing around the world. The Cybercast News Service story: “In the months leading up to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, the US Embassy in Libya was seeking to hire two bodyguards with ‘limited’ English language skills at salaries of about $13,000 per year. … The job descriptions explicitly stated that this included the ‘same-sex domestic partners’ of US government employees.”

That was a job prerequisite.


RUSH: It’s amazing. Sometimes I amaze even myself. It has just been pointed out to me that it was on September 24th that I, El Rushbo, on this program actually did chalk up Obama blaming the video to his left-wing proclivity to blame America first. The note I got says, “Bolton probably got it from you. You said it all the way back on September 24th.” I knew there was a reason I liked it when I heard Bolton say it!

Folks, let me tell you something. With fifteen hours a week, it is impossible to remember everything that I’ve said. It’s just impossible. That’s why we have a staff. The primary role of the staff is to go back and remind me of things I have said in the past because I’m always looking forward. People show me transcripts of previous programs, and I am frankly sometimes amazed at how smart I really am.

I mean, I know I am anyway, but sometimes I go back and I read this stuff and I dazzle even me. And this is one of those instances. But it was still great to hear Bolton say it because it’s exactly right. And they’re still out today. Axelrod and the boys are still today… After all that happened yesterday at the congressional hearing, elements of the regime are still blaming this video.

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