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RUSH: This morning on CNN. As you know, we played the three sound bites of Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who died in the Benghazi attack next to the ambassador. He’s one of the four American deaths. She has not been told how he died or even why. They’ve continued to blame the video, and she’s beside herself. All she wants is the truth.

Was her son a hero?

What steps were taken to safeguard the ambassador and her son?

She’s getting no answers. That’s on CNN last night. So this morning on Starting Point, Soledad O’Brien is interviewing Axelrod, who may as well be the sitting president for all Obama’s doing, running around debate rehearsing and fundraising. Talking about the news that we now know there was no protest before the attack of the consulate and that the State Department said no protest, no video. Our intel said none of that had anything to do with that attack.

She said to Axelrod, “People have said you didn’t share the facts, unless it’s really taken a full month to figure out that there was no actual protest outside of the Benghazi mission. A month later we’re just learning that what was supposed to have been a protest that morphed into this terror attack actually never really happened,” Mr. Axelrod. Your story never happened. Here’s what he said…

AXELROD: There is no doubt that that, uh, a videotape created, uh, turmoil around the world. Uhhh, and I don’t think anybody disputes that fact. We now know —

RUSH: Stop the tape. I’m now disputing it right here!

Nobody had ever heard of that video. Nobody had ever seen it. That video dates back to June. Nineteen people had seen it. This is an insult to everybody’s intelligence. It’s also an indication, folks, of how empty the Obama administration and campaign is. Cue this back up to the top, Mike. This is just… Even after all this, continue to blame the video. And then construct a straw man. “Ah, there’s nobody that disputes that.” Ha! There’s nobody that supports that.

AXELROD: There is no doubt that that, uh, a videotape created, uh, turmoil around the world. Uhhh, and I don’t think anybody disputes that fact. We now know more about this particular attack, and as we’ve learned those facts, we’ve shared them. We send people into dangerous places. That’s part of the job. And we need to make sure that — to the extent possible — uh, we’re protecting those diplomats. And nobody feels more strongly about that, Soledad, than the president.

RUSH: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. We gotta protect them. That’s why he gets on the plane to Vegas, goes to bed early, meets up to Jay-Z, does Letterman. Nobody cares more about these people than the president. You know, and, sadly, there are a lot of Americans who believe that simply ’cause he’s a Democrat and the branding is that Democrats care and the Republicans don’t.

I don’t see any evidence they care, beyond the political value of this or the political damage that they have to engage in. So a reporter yesterday afternoon at the White House, as Jay Carney did his press briefing, asked, “Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Wood told the committee, Jay, that diplomatic security there was drawn down not long before the attack on the US consulate and that US diplomats didn’t have enough protection. Can you give me what level of concern the administration has on that point?”

CARNEY: It is inherently risky to represent the United States in some countries around the world that are very dangerous, and we sometimes — uh, except in situations like this — uh, forget that we have thousands of Americans abroad bravely representing us and our values, uh, in places like Libya —

RUSH: What?

CARNEY: — and other, uh, regions of the world that can be very dangerous —

RUSH: What?

CARNEY: — uh, uh, in countries and regions where being a representative of the American government can be risky.

RUSH: Holy…! Do you hear this? (paraphrased) “Well, come on! Everybody should know that’s a very risky place to go. Don’t jump on our case. That’s a risky thing to do. These people shoulda known.” Axelrod said it, and here comes Carney saying it. “Well, you know, it’s inherently risky to represent the US in some places.” Yeah, with this guy as president, it really is. And then what is this BS about “representing us and our values”?

What is hell is that? Us and our values? Pure political-speak. “Well, don’t blame us. Don’t blame us. I mean, Libya, that’s a risky place to go, and these people shoulda known that. I mean, don’t blame us.” The cynicism with these people. This is as shameless as anything I’ve ever heard. It makes me mad, really. Here’s Mike in Virginia Beach. Glad you called, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Hey, Rush, it’s great to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’ve been a listener since ’89, a regular listener. My wife listens regularly at work as well. And we were watching the news last night, and Bret Baier put together a great montage on the administration doubling and tripling down on this video nonsense causing the Benghazi “bump in the road.” I just got to thinking: What if on September 12th, Obama unleashed a couple of cruise missiles, blew up a couple aspirin factories a’la Clinton and, you know, wrapped himself in a flag and said, “Okay, we’ve taken out the bad guys.” You know, “If anybody else tries this we’re gonna do it,” and this would all have been done and he would have been, you know, a shoe-in for reelection.

RUSH: You may be closer than you realize. Would anybody be surprised if Obama agreed to a joint operation with Israel into Iran in the next couple weeks? If the poll numbers are that bad and if they get worse, would that surprise you? Would that surprise you if he did that? It wouldn’t surprise me. Not at all. We put together our own montage yesterday.

We had every instance of Obama blaming the video and Hillary blaming the video and Susan Rice blaming the video and then Obama at the UN blaming the video. It is a powerful way of doing it, and that’s why we did it yesterday shortly after noon. We had that montage up first and foremost. (interruption) Well, he’s talking about Clinton.

You know, after Monica or something happened, Clinton went in and bombed an aspirin factory, a Tylenol plant in Sudan or somewhere in Africa. Then he took out a janitor. That was Iraq, it was Baghdad, in an unoccupied building on a Saturday. He hit an unoccupied building, and the janitor was in there. Anything to distract. Yeah, it’s entirely possible.


RUSH: Let me tell you, when Axelrod and Carney — and I want you to listen to me on this. When Axelrod and Carney tell us we need to realize, “Hey, it’s risky over there! It’s risky,” what they’re telling us is that we need to realize how Americans are hated around the world. That’s their message. “We need to realize how much people don’t like us.” Remember, we are always to blame for these things.

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