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RUSH. So let’s see. Martha Raddatz, who is going to moderate the vice presidential debate on Thursday night between Paul Ryan and Joe Bite Me, hosted Barack Obama at her wedding. She used to be married to the FCC commissioner, Julius Genachowski. Raddatz, Genachowski, and Obama all went to Harvard. (Who didn’t in this regime?)
Now ABC’s doing everything they can to say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter! Nothing to see here. What does that mean?”

Well, how about she tell us who she voted for in 2008? And how about she tell us who she’s gonna vote for in November? So it’s at least nice to know this. ABC knew it, and they were trying to do everything they could to keep it from being discovered. Did you know that Susan Rice, who’s our UN ambassador, is married to a producer at ABC News? Susan Rice. What’s this guy’s name?

His name is Ian something or other, Ian Cameron. He’s a producer for ABC News This Week. That’s one of the shows that she went on and lied repeatedly about the video being responsible for the riots in Benghazi.

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