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RUSH: Now, last night and this morning, we have a montage. Diane Sawyer. (“Recycliiiiiing! Recycliiiiiiing!”) She was livid! They are all, in the media, outraged Obama would jeopardize his campaign that they’ve worked so hard on. They’ve carried the water everywhere. They have built Romney up to be this horrible, rotten guy who hates half the country; who sat idly by while a guy’s wife with cancer died. They’ve said Romney is a felon. They’ve done everything the regime asked! They have carried the water, and now they are outraged Obama lied to ’em in the middle of a campaign and he’s exposing them.

DIANE SAWYER: This is an incredible breaking news tonight! So any explanation for the change on the story?

ANDERSON COOPER: There was no protest. That contradicts what we’ve heard from other corners of the administration even days after the attack. How can that be?

JOHN MILLER: This seemed to be an investigation into the facts, and what it’s come to is a debate on politics.

ROLAND MARTIN: In the middle of a presidential election, it makes the White House look confused and the State Department look confused. That’s a problem.

NORAH O’DONNELL: We are in the midst of a presidential campaign right now. And this administration told the American people that this was a protest that went bad and that it was opportunistic and that these “militiamen” came in and took advantage. We learned last night there was no protest! This was a planned attack.

RUSH: As if you didn’t know that. You people… Ms. O’Donnell, did you really believe from the get-go that a video was responsible? How closed-minded or ignorant do you people have to be? See, I think they do. I think liberals are liberals, and they do believe that something like this video could be responsible. Just like the Dutch cartoons. They believe it. They fall for it.

Now, you might say, “Why are they seemingly turning on Obama?”

‘Cause they look at themselves as partners.

They’re all on the same team.

They are equals. He’s a liberal. He just happens to be the president. But they’re all liberals. They just happen to be journalists. They’re liberals with bylines and he’s a liberal president, but they’re all on the same team. And he has exposed them. He sent them out to lie for him when he knew it was a lie, and they’re taking that personally. Think of it as your best friend hanging you out to dry, somebody you’ve done everything for, somebody that you have loved and adored and looked up to and thought was the end all to everything — the embodiment of perfection — and your existence carries so much importance.

Your election, wiping away 200 years of evil, discrimination, slavery, and all of that. And you’re in on it with him. You made it possible. You got him elected as much as he did. And he openly lies to you. Openly lies to you on your own network, in your own home, and then corrupts you and incorporates you in the lie. Maybe he doesn’t love us. Maybe he’s using us just like he’s using everybody else. Then the Big Bird thing hits, and they get mad at that, ’cause they think that’s small ball. Big Bird? Give me a break. You get your butt kicked in a debate, and your reaction to it and your response is Big Bird and you’re the only guy that’s saving Big Bird and Elmo? It’s embarrassing.

So the honeymoon is over. Now, there’s not gonna be a divorce, they’re not gonna abandon the guy, but the honeymoon’s over. Don’t doubt me on that. Here on CBS This Morning today, we have senior correspondent John Miller, and they’re talking about the State Department saying that there was no protest and there was no video, it had nothing to do with it. Co-host Anthony Mason said, “What do you expect the State Department to say in response to this report that they were being told there was a problem at the embassy before the attack?”

MILLER: The State Department’s gonna do two things. One is they’re gonna give the first detailed account of what really happened on the ground. I believe their main point is going to be security can go up or down based on the threat situation, but we’ve never seen an event like this, since the storming of the US embassy in Iran in 1979.

RUSH: Oh, we’ve never seen an event like this since Tehran 1979. We’ve never seen anything like this since Jimmy Carter. So now we’re closing the loop. We got the Jimmy Carter second term in the economy and we got the Jimmy Carter second term in foreign policy. And these have been used. Obama didn’t include them in the lie. Obama lied to them, too, when they thought they were equals, coequals on the same team with the same objective. And now they find out they’re not that special, at least not as special as they thought, that they’re taken for granted. It’s just assumed that they’ll carry the water in whatever way necessary. And so now there’s a little — don’t doubt me on this — a little introspection going on at certain levels of the Drive-By Media.

Think of President Clinton’s cabinet after Monica. Drudge runs the story, Clinton and Lewinsky, getting Lewinskys in the Oval Office. Clinton goes out, calls the cabinet in. (Clinton impression) “I want to tell you something, I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna tell the country in just a second. I never once had sex with that woman. She is making all this up. I can’t believe anybody would think that I’m even capable of doing something like this. I am president of the United States.” And right after that, Madam Albright, Madeleine Albright led the cabinet out, the driveway at the White House, stood up for Bill Clinton, “He wouldn’t do anything like this. This is a rogue. This is a right-wing conspiracy,” whatever they chalked it up to.

Then they found out Clinton lied to ’em. They didn’t abandon him, but there was a little gloss off the relationship, a little of the rose off the bloom, or vice-versa. If this administration will lie about something as important as the death of an American ambassador and three other Americans, why should we doubt that they might lie about the unemployment rate?


RUSH: Kirsten Powers on Fox last night, Special Report with Bret Baier.

POWERS: It’s completely outrageous that nobody from Fox News was on this call. Susan Rice sat at this desk and sat at multiple desks around this city and weaved an unbelievable tale that had already been disproven by other reporters. There were already reports saying that it was quiet outside the embassy before. And I just urge everybody to go back and look at the transcripts, at how specific she was, at the specific details she offered about how it was a copycat of what was going on in Cairo and how it built and built and then these people came in and took it over. They’re accusing Mitt Romney of lying in the debate. The lying that’s going on here should be causing a, you know, front page scandal in this city.

RUSH: That’s Kirsten Powers on Fox. Fox was not invited to participate in the conference call where the State Department admitted to everybody else in the news business that there was no intel that said a video was responsible, and that there was no spontaneous protest out there. And she’s right, we played you the video already today. Susan Rice, our UN ambassador, went out with specific detail about how this protest started from nothing. It was a copycat of what had gone on earlier today in Cairo, and it just built and built and built, and finally, finally, the word of the video spread, it got so many people so mad that it just exploded. All lies. Every bit of it lies. Specific, word by word, lies. And she’s also right that this should be a front page scandal all over Washington, DC, and the TV networks.


RUSH: So Fox News breaks the story along with Eli Lake at The Daily Beast, who’s been doing some great work on covering the cover-up at the State Department/White House of the Libya attack. Then Fox is excluded from the State Department conference call where they basically fess up. Do you think the other media protested that Fox was left out? You look at the New York Times print edition today and you will not find one word about this story.

You will not find one word in the New York Times print edition.

You won’t find it on the front page. No mention of the Libya revelations on the front page of the New York Times. Although they do report, breathlessly, that Bain Capital does a little business with China (twenty years after Romney has left them). But nothing on the front page about this. This is not front page news to the New York Times that the regime lied and the State Department is now ‘fessing up that the video had nothing to do with it.

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