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RUSH: Here’s Wolf Blitzer. The dam has broken. They can’t spin it anymore. Wolf Blitzer heartbreak. CNN viewers overwhelmingly think that Romney won. Oh, no!

BLITZER: Registered voters who actually watched the debate tonight, we asked them who won the debate. Look at this! Sixty-seven percent say it was [Governor] Mitt Romney. Twenty-five percent say it was President Obama. A very, very decisive verdict from this poll that we just took. A scientific poll! Registered voters who actually watched the debate: 67% say, uhhh, it was an excellent night for Mitt Romney. He won the debate. Twenty-five percent for the president of the United States, Barack Obama. Very consistent, Anderson, uh, with all of the various reactions we’re getting from the left and the right so far. A very good night for Mitt Romney, not so good for the president of the United States.

RUSH: And it got even worse for Wolf and “the president of the United States.”

BLITZER: We also asked, “Who seemed to be the stronger leader?” Look at this! Fifty-eight percent said Governor Romney; 37% said President Obama. And debate watchers were also asked, “Who was more likable?” Likable, 46% said Romney; 45% said President Obama.

RUSH: Oh, no! First the dam broke, and then they stuck the dagger in. Poor Wolf! Everything blew up on him last night, and the piece de resistance? Romney — the mean-spirited, cold-hearted, unfeeling guy who only cares about the rich, outsources jobs and doesn’t care that people are starving — was more likable than Obama. Oh, no! How did it happen? And then you throw on top of that that Obama didn’t even care. He didn’t even act like he cared. He didn’t even show up.

And these people in the media are saying to themselves today, “What the hell are we doing this for?” By the way, I should tell you: Even in this poll that you just heard Wolf cite, that CNN poll, they oversampled Democrats by 4%. Yes, it was, ladies and gentlemen. That poll had a Democrat sample of +4. You know what? Last night after that debate, if you’d have asked ’em, “Which candidate would you rather see on Dancing With the Stars?” Romney woulda won that one, too.

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