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RUSH: I was particularly satisfied last night, folks, because do you realize what happened? Substance was the big winner. Not style. Not emotion. Substance. Ideas. I have been longing for ideas, ideology, whatever you want to say. Ideas in this campaign. Last night we got it. People on the left are running around saying, “Why wasn’t Obama prepared? Why didn’t he show up prepared?” You see, that, too, is very illustrative. It assumes that Obama was ever prepared for this. He wasn’t. Just as Romney and conservatives are a collection of caricatures which are totally inaccurate, so is Obama. Messiah, brilliant, postpartisan, postracial, smartest guy that’s ever run for office, we never had anybody like this. The guy’s a community organizer, an agitator. He had no experience.

He wasn’t prepared for this job ever. He’s not prepared for this job now. The left does not get it. They never will get it until they understand conservatism. And they’re never going to do that because they’re never going to treat it seriously, take it seriously, or give us or it any respect whatsoever. So, as such, they’re always gonna be out of it, perplexed and curious. They’re never going to understand why, when it happens, they lose elections. They’ll chalk up a whole bunch of reasons which are wrong and irrelevant. But Obama hasn’t been prepared ever for this job. He’s not qualified. It’s above his pay grade. He is in over his head.

Let’s start with some audio sound bites. I mentioned his closing argument. There are some who are saying at least he got it together then. I didn’t think so. I thought it was more rambling and more wandering, searching in vain for some coherence. (imitating Obama) “In fact, if you vote for me a second time, I’ll fight, I’ll fight for you as hard as –” what was that? Student council presidency on the line last night? Listen to this, ’cause I missed it last night. I have to read captioning, I was trying to listen at the same time, but I missed what’s in this.

OBAMA: All those things are designed to make sure that the American people, their genius, their grit, their determination is — is channeled and — and they have an opportunity to succeed. And everybody’s getting a fair shot and everybody’s getting a fair share. Everybody’s doing a fair share and everybody’s playing by the same rules.

RUSH: I missed the “getting a fair share” part last night. It went by me, I was distracted. But this whole thing, “designed to make sure the American people, their genius, their grit, their determination,” he doesn’t believe any of that. He couldn’t sell it because he doesn’t believe any of it. It came off as rocky and uncomfortable and staccato. He doesn’t believe it. He’s trying to remember it, “Okay, what’ll sound good here? I know I gotta sound like I believe in entrepreneurism. I gotta sound like I believe in Capitalism. I gotta sound here like I believe in free markets.” So that comes out as their genius, their grit, their determination channeled and they have an opportunity to succeed, and it’s a fair shot and it’s a fair share. He couldn’t help himself. Lanny Davis was on Fox this morning, America’s Newsroom, being interviewed by Martha MacCallum. He was beside himself. He said, “Why don’t you people on the Democrat side just admit Obama lost?”

DAVIS: I’m not very happy with the president’s performance. I think he did poorly. For the Obama campaign to put the spokesman on, and I’m sure she’s doing her best, and not to admit that he had a bad night. The way to do this is to say, “Mr. President, look at Governor Romney, smile, be gracious, don’t look down and take notes while the man is talking to you.”

RUSH: Who’s he talking about here? He is talking about the president of the United States, who was what? The most brilliant, the most qualified, the messianic. He’s giving him sixth grade debate instruction. He’s treating him like this is the junior high debate review. No, you look at your opponent. You don’t look down at the podium. You stand on both feet with your weight equally distributed. You don’t slouch on just one foot. Who are we talking about here? Look at how they have been reduced to critiquing. I mean, you compare this to the way this man was given to us and presented to us four years ago, and this is one of the greatest descents, one of the greatest falls from great heights that I have ever seen, and they don’t know why. They still don’t get what happened. They’re flailing. They’re trying to come up with explanations to make sense to them in their contexts.

They have no clue, folks. Here’s the rest of Lanny Davis…

DAVIS: — as admitting that he had a bad night. I know she doesn’t believe what she was saying as she was saying it. She was reading talking points, and that doesn’t help our cause of electing Barack Obama.

WOMAN: Right. I… I… I…

DAVIS: He has a habit where, instead of look at the person that’s addressing him, he looks down and takes notes. Get rid of the notes! You’re not studying for an exam!

RUSH: Wait.

DAVIS: The Obama campaign, rather than putting —

RUSH: Wait a second.

DAVIS: — the spin out —

RUSH: Wait a —

DAVIS: — should say, “Look, our guy had a bad night.”

RUSH: What?

DAVIS: “But he’s right on policies.”

RUSH: Wait a minute.

DAVIS: Then everyone should say, “Okay.”

RUSH: Wait.

DAVIS: “That’s honest.”

RUSH: Wait, wait! Wait a minute! Wait a minute. Stephanie Cutter…? What he’s talking about is this spokesman. “She doesn’t really believe what she’s saying.” Really? That’s right. They never really believe what they’re saying, when you get right down to it. “She was just reading talking points.” What was she saying that he was criticizing? She blaming the moderator. She blaming the replacement refs!

Stephanie Cutter was blaming Lehrer for lousy questions and losing control of the debate. And Lanny Davis is saying, “She doesn’t really mean that.” Yes, she does! Yes, she does mean it, when you get right down to it. “But he’s got a habit, instead of looking at the person…” Let me tell you the truth of the matter here, folks. You want to really know the truth? Do you know why we got us what we got last night?

Because Barack Obama thinks it’s beneath him to have to show up to this thing. It’s one thing to show up and debate a fellow liberal like Hillary Clinton. But to have to show up to this? You know he doesn’t like Mitt Romney at all. Mitt Romney represents everything Obama despises about this country: Success, wealth, everything! The whole Romney family, the whole existence, the whole picture, the whole career.

That’s what Obama resents and what he thinks is wrong with this country, and he just thinks it’s beneath him to have to show up and do this last night. He’s president, for God’s sake! He’s gonna run the world someday. He has to show up and do this? To hell with it! Now, the one excuse, and maybe it’s been said. I haven’t heard it. It may be out there. If it’s not out there, it will be, and it’ll filter out to the Democrat Undergrounds and the Daily Koses and all the blogs at MSNBC.

“Don’t… don’t… donÂ’t worry. This is strategic. Nobody remembers the first debate. No, no, no, no. The next two, Obama is gonna cream him! They got him right where they want him. We sandbagged him. We set him up. Now Romney and the Republicans think that Obama’s toast. Now they think that Obama is clueless. Now they think Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing!

“And we’re gonna come out and we’re gonna bury Romney in the next two, and those two are closer to the election. Nobody’s gonna remember this.” If that hasn’t been said yet, it will be. (interruption) Has it been said? Have you heard that? (interruption) Yeah, it’s going to be. (interruption) “Does Obama know he got his butt kicked last night?” Well, I’m sure people tell him. This is the thing: I don’t know psychology. I’m not a psychologist, psychiatrist.

Somebody will have to tell me: Are narcissists capable of acknowledging they got their butt kicked? (interruption) Well, yeah, Michelle did, but that may not count. He might even resent that. I don’t know. I just need to have somebody tell me about narcissism. Can a narcissist conceive of his own mistakes and acknowledge ’em to the degree that they’ve happened, or is he constantly in denial? I don’t know.

All I know is that they have no clue what really happened and why.

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