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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll make another prediction to you. Actually, not a prediction, a warning. Much as last Wednesday I told you that the swing state polls that were coming up you should ignore, ignore the polls tomorrow after the debate tonight. The odds are that the polls are gonna be sampled in such a way that no matter how Romney does, they’re gonna still gonna have polls that say “In the swing states, Obama carried the day.” You’re gonna see it. Probably some Republican pollsters who are warning people that the Democrats already have the deck stacked in terms of their samples and so forth. And I’m sure that that’s true.

So this is just another warning. Don’t let them succeed in getting you depressed. Romney could kick butt tonight, and the polls are probably already in the can that Obama won it. And part and parcel of this, too, is the expectations game the Democrats have played. The way it works is, “Oh, man, Obama doesn’t have a chance, really. That’s one weakness we all acknowledge that Obama’s got. Romney, we’ve seen him debate, he’s really good at this. We expect Romney to win the debate.” So they set that up, and then the debate happens, and however it happens, the swing state polls tomorrow and the next day will show that Obama was thought to have won the debate, and, wow, did he really exceed expectations.

It’s all a game, folks. It’s all a game, and you and I are the pawns. They want us committing ourselves to the insane asylum. They want us getting depressed and in a funk trying to suppress our vote. That is their whole campaign. Voter suppression, try keep you so down in the dumps and depressed that you think it’s hopeless and your vote doesn’t count anyway. You’re just one vote so why even show up.


RUSH: Kevin, northern Connecticut, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? It’s a pleasure.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I was gonna call you for a couple weeks because something odd happened to me last month during Hurricane Isaac, or after the hurricane. The company I work for, which I won’t name, was doing work at Lake Pontchartrain Elementary School in a cleanup effort. So, as you can probably remember, the president made a stop at this particular school. Which is okay. The thing that struck me as odd was, about an hour before he arrived, the forwarding team was there and there was a bunch of individuals collecting money for his campaign, saying how that, you know, he would really appreciate it. I kind of brushed it off, whatever. It was a stupid stunt on their part as far as I’m concerned. There are people that are devastated and still are in bad shape today, but then when you brought up how he was bashing Republicans or white people for Katrina not being cleaned up any faster, it’s appalling to me.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s an excellent point. And how about all the flooding?


RUSH: And how about all the droughts, and how about all the natural disasters that have occurred during Obama’s regime and he hadn’t given a diddly-squat about it, and nobody’s held him accountable. And it doesn’t matter what the race of the people. He hasn’t made tracks to minority communities when they’ve been devastated by some kind of natural disaster.


RUSH: But you go back, this tape from 2007, Bush only cared about white people. That’s why he didn’t go to New Orleans. Didn’t care. You’re exactly right. It’s another example in the never-ending list of examples of utter hypocrisy.

CALLER: I hope they start to get pushed out into the open tonight when Governor Romney debates him, because as far as I’m concerned, the country is at the tipping point where we’re gonna lose it, and, you know, that, quote, unquote, 47%, they don’t care, because they’ve already got what they want and they will always have it as long as he’s in power.

RUSH: Well, a lot of them look at it that way. As far as the debate’s concerned, again, I just want to warn you, if you think Romney wins this thing big tonight, you’re not gonna see that reflected anywhere. Oh, you might see an occasional Drive-By Media person praise Romney tonight or tomorrow, if he does well. That will be part of the game. Then the polls are gonna come out. Ha-ha. The polls are gonna come out and you’re gonna wonder what country you live in. You’re gonna wonder what country watched it. Turn the TV off after the debate. Spin rooms are the biggest waste of time. Why do you need to listen to a bunch of people tell you what you just saw? Why do you ebb need to listen to a bunch of people make excuses for the mistakes you just witnessed? Why do you need to have somebody explain to you how somebody just blew it, hit a home run, or verse vice-a?

I don’t know about you, I kinda like the fact that Obama is using the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, as his debate rehearser. It’s Kerry who’s pretending to be Romney. And Kerry lost. I mean let’s go to the bench that knows how to win, right? You go to the haughty John Kerry. We will see. A lot of people have a lot invested. You know, every call we’ve had about the debate, every caller has had a specific thing he wants Romney to talk about. There are more things people want to hear than Romney can possibly mention tonight. And that sets something else up. Calls here tomorrow from people, “I really wanted Romney to talk about,” blah, blah, and, “I didn’t hear him talk about it, it’s over, blown opportunity. It was sitting there on a silver platter, he didn’t talk about what I wanted to hear.” Just trying to warn you, just trying to prepare you. Snerdley will be on the lookout, but I’m telling you, the phones are gonna be swamped tomorrow. The Spin Room will continue all day tomorrow.

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