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Here’s Bob in Columbus, Georgia. I’m glad you called, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: (bad cell) Hey, Rush, what an honor just to speak with you. Born again, Bible-believing, Airborne Ranger, Christian dittos from Georgia!

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I just gotta tell you two of my first two disappointments in my life. The first was when you were flying into Bagram, Afghanistan. I was on the ground waiting for your C-130 to land. This is near the end of 2004, and you guys had to divert to Kabul because of weather, and I cannot tell you how sad I was that I didn’t see you.

RUSH: It was weather. It was. We had two C-130’s flights that were diverted. One we were coming out of… We had a mechanical problem and had to go back to Kandahar. And I think, yeah, Bagram was weather. You’re exactly right. We couldn’t get there.

CALLER: Well, anyway, that plane — that C-130 — had a Texas Air National Guard crew, as you probably remember. They came into Bagram, I got on the plane, and they showed me the note you gave them thanking them for your service. And I just tell you: They were excited, and I was disappointed. But, Rush, I really appreciate you fighting the good fight to support and defend our Constitution. I know it’s lonely and I appreciate what you’re doing.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much. I appreciate it. And the same to you.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. And my second disappointment is I did not meet my wonderful wife Sally earlier, but that’s the way life goes sometimes.

RUSH: Well, you did meet her though, right?

CALLER: Yes. And it’s been good ever since.

RUSH: Well, that’s good. I mean, take it. Take it. A lot of people can’t say what you just said.


RUSH: Take it.

CALLER: Amen. Well, my dad was State Department, so we’ve been around numerous embassies all over the world. In Mexico City, they had a contingent of Marines ’cause you know how dangerous Mexico is. In Paris, France, a contingent of Marines is guarding the embassy. You know, in Brussels, too. Anywhere you go to an American embassy, there’s a contingent or a detachment of Marines guarding the embassy. Now, why weren’t there any Marines guarding our ambassador in Libya? Well, my theory — I believe — is they wanted to be able to say that no troops were killed in the liberation of Libya. The last thing we wanted was a US military death in Libya. So we can’t risk that, and that’s my theory on that, Rush. And it really saddens me to think we would let that happen. Over.

RUSH: So just so I understand, you don’t think it’s incompetence. You think that there were no Marines in Libya at the consulate because the regime didn’t want any casualties in the liberation of Libya. They didn’t want any news that Americans had died in that effort, right? That’s your theory?

CALLER: That is exactly my theory. If you study the fact, you know that the mainstream media would do everything they could to cover it up, with nary a word about the 2000th death in Afghanistan.

RUSH: Oh, that’s true. Oh, if this were a Republican president running Afghanistan, a body count would be taking place every day or every week and a review of the incompetent strategy, the lack of any chance at winning. Everything that’s happening that they’re ignoring would be front-page news. Well, that’s an interesting theory. They did not want to put any Americans at risk so as not to hurt their optics.

CALLER: And that is not to diminish the fact, you know, of the sacrifice of those SEALs and any other operations that are ongoing over there. But that’s my belief with regard to that, and that was true incompetence, the fact that the security wasn’t adequate.

RUSH: Yeah, but, Bob: Look what they ended up with. They ended up with a dead ambassador and three other Americans. They’ve got four deaths now. They were trying to avoid it. They didn’t want any news of a body count. They didn’t want any photos of the dead. All that’s out the window now, and so what did they do? They blame a video for it that nobody saw. It was ridiculous. Patently ridiculous.

CALLER: Three hundred hits! At the time they were blaming that video for the uprising there was like 300 hits on YouTube on it, Rush. Who were they? You know? Come on. No way. It’s not even possible.

RUSH: It’s a fascinating theory, because there were numerous requests for more security. The ambassador himself, in his diary that CNN found four days later, indicated that he feared for his safety. They had requested more security. There had been at least 13 that we know of, there had been at least 13 attacks on the Benghazi consulate in the six months prior to the attack and yet there was no ramp-up in security. Huh. Fascinating. The only problem I have with it — well, the FBI is still not on the ground and they won’t be on the ground — not before the election — because the regime does not want an official explanation of what happened. They can’t stop the speculation.

It’s only in the last couple of days that CNN is starting to focus on this. USA Today has an editorial: “Shifting Libya Attack Story Raises Red Flags.” This editorial talks about all of the unanswered questions. And then you had Eli Lake writing at Tina Brown’s website, The Daily Beast, that’s Newsweek. The usual left-wing media writing very critically of the regime and of Obama and of the administration. So whatever they hoped to avoid didn’t work. Everything they hoped to avoid has happened. But they did get eight to nine days of a cover-up in the media. Their story was promulgated, and their propaganda was put out exactly as they wanted.

You know, the ambassador’s family, Chris Stevens’ family is now posting on social media sites trying to understand why there’s no investigation. The ambassador’s family is getting frustrated. Why isn’t there an investigation? ‘Cause what that means to them is, does anybody care what happened to our son? Nobody cares what happened to our son. I think what they’re starting to realize is, it’s all about the campaign. They’re trying to keep whatever did happen squelched and unknown, or certainly unreported, so as not to have any kind of negative impact on Obama’s campaign.

You would think an event like this would open millions of eyes. But then again we’re back to the same old boring question, which is how many people actually are hearing about it with the degree of knowledge that we all have? Very frustrating. Look, Bob, I appreciate your call. I have profound respect and awe for everybody that wears the uniform. Bob, I’ve been to Pointe-Du-Hoc at Omaha Beach, that region. I went over there, I was there at the 50th anniversary, and I made point to go to Pointe-Du-Hoc where Reagan delivered his great anniversary speech on D-Day.

Pointe-Du-Hoc is where the Rangers — that’s what Bob is — climbed those cliffs straight up with the Germans firing down on ’em, and they kept climbing, and they took that hill. And when you go look at it, you stand where the Germans were with their machine guns picking these guys off, and you realize the Rangers kept coming. They just kept coming. And they finally took that hill. Looks like it’s impossible to do. You don’t have to go there to appreciate it, but I’ve been there, and I’ve seen it, and it’s unbelievable to then read about how that operation happened, Pointe-Du-Hoc. For those of you in Rio Linda, if you want to look it up, “Pointe-Du-Hoc” is how it’s spelled.

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