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RUSH: Tom in Atlantic City, New Jersey, you’re first on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: (chuckling) That’s funny. (silence)

RUSH: Tom, are you there?

CALLER: Yes, I am here.

RUSH: It’s your turn, sir. You are on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. You’re one of my heroes, and just to address one thing: I make a lot of observations, and I just hope the American people aren’t as stupid as they’re made out to be, ’cause everything that comes out of these people are lies. But on the issue of Obama couldn’ta done anything about this economy, am I right in thinking that when we were attacked on 9/11, they decimated our financial system and really put us back to zero at the starting gate? And Bush, he brought us back. In his four years, he brought the economy back and got us going forward.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: So Obama saying again that he couldn’t do anything about this means he’s an empty suit and his absent on the job.

RUSH: No. It’s that his policies will never work because he’s a socialist. His policies won’t work. That’s why he can work as hard as anybody ever has, and as long as he implements his policies, it isn’t gonna work. But I saw something the other day that I think Reagan inherited an actual, in certain statistical ways, worse economy than Obama did. And Reagan fixed it. Reagan inherited a much worse economy than Obama inherited from Bush.

This is all… It’s all just poppycock. But that’s why I’m trying to make a big point of it here. You said: I hope the American people aren’t stupid. We have been told that they are! That’s what all of this adds up to: The American people are stupid. There is no other way the American people could think what they think if what the Republican pollsters are telling us is right.

If this Clinton bump exists, if the American people think that while their lives are falling apart, and while their country’s economy disintegrates in front of their face, and while the national debt mounts and mounts, and while Obamacare is about to be implemented full bore and cause even more tax increases and a further deterioration of personal wealth… While all this is happening, the American people say we’re on the right track now.

And there nobody could do this any better. And Bill Clinton is the reason, ’cause Clinton told ’em that there’s nobody that coulda done any better. And Michelle told us that there’s nobody that cares any more than Obama cares about us. And the Romney campaign is nothing to write home about. What other explanation is there for this other than the American people are stupid? That’s exactly what they’re telling us.

What we’re looking at here, folks, is we are looking at a Democrat campaign that is built on… I tried to document this today in my own inimitable way. The Democrat campaign is built on lies and manipulation piled on top of lies and manipulation. And these so-called conservatives on television and stuff out there seem to be throwing in the towel. They don’t seem to be fighting any of these lies or this manipulation, but simply analyzing it for what they think it is. I don’t know, folks.

None of it makes any common logical sense.

I don’t think there are enough people on our side who know how to deal with leftists.

It’s just that simple.


RUSH: I want to remind everybody, “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” campaigned for president as the man who could fix our economy. That was the whole point of his campaign. Has anybody forgotten this? In 2007-2008, Barack Obama ran on the basis that he could fix the economy. Now 3-1/2 years in? I don’t need to detail you the decay, the destruction, the deterioration, the plummeting aspects of our economy. You all know that. Now what are we told?

“Nobody could have, and he needs another three or four years to do it. And no matter what how hard he worked and how much he cares, there’s nobody else who coulda done it, either. And we’re told that that explanation has convinced a majority of Americans to support Obama ’cause there nobody else that could do it and there’s nobody else that cares as much and there’s nobody else who will work as hard.”

I guess while playing golf and basketball and bowling and campaigning.

It’s amazing.

You know, Castro? He’s been working on his economy for 50-plus years now. Fidel Castro was never able to fix Cuba’s economy, and you know what he blames it on? He calls it “the blockade,” but it’s the embargo. Fidel Castro hasn’t been able to fix his economy, and his economic policies mirror Obama’s. Well, Castro’s are older so I should say, “Obama’s mirror Castro’s.” I’m sure the Cubans think, “This guy just needs a little bit more time. He really cares about us, this Castro guy does.

“He fought a revolution for us. Why, he risked death for us here in Cuba. Yeah, he really cares. There’s nobody who coulda done better. Batista coulda done any better. Marti couldn’t have done any better. Hell no! Castro’s the only guy coulda done it. But hell, in 50-plus years Castro hasn’t been able to fix it.” Do you know that Barack Obama is gonna inherit a worse economy than he inherited the first time around?

And then what is he gonna do? Here we get the entire media and the Democrat Party saying, “Well, you know, he inherited this mess. I mean, it was worse than anybody knew, and nobody told the truth about it, and he’s worked hard, and he really cares. The Clinton bump! The Clinton bump! That’s where Clinton told everybody that nobody else coulda done any better either, and there’s nobody that cares any more than Barack Obama.

“Nobody works any harder! Michelle told us that. No! No! Barack, that’s all he reads every night: Letters from the starving. He reads letters from the thirsty every night. He said, ‘Michelle, look at what’s happening to people. We can’t let this go on. We’ve gotta fix it. After three years in office, Michelle, look at this! This person is still hungry. Michelle, we gotta do something.'”

That’s what she said in her speech in the convention, and people ooh’d and ahh’d. “Ahhhh!” But it turns out now that Barack Obama is going to inherent an even worse economy the second time around. What is the excuse for that gonna be? Let’s say he wins and we’re in 2014. What’s the excuse gonna be? “Well, they didn’t tell me in 2009 how bad it was. It’s gonna take a few more years.”

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