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RUSH: “Record Preference for One-Party Rule.” This is a Gallup poll. No. No, folks! (chuckling) You haven’t heard anything yet. Get this. This is quite disturbing. You know, what have we been told the past…? Well, all of my life, but let’s focus on the last eight years. I take it back.

No, let’s add Obama’s 3-1/2 years. What have we been told the last 12 years? Bipartisanship! We’ve been told that the American people want cooperation. We’ve been told the American people want people in the different parties to work together. We’ve been told that we need people who will cross the aisle and work with the other side to get things done for the people of this country. Have we not? We have been drowning in this.

We’ve been hit every which way possible with the notion that “bipartisanship” and “cooperation,” that’s what people want. Until today. From Gallup: A record number of people now claim they prefer to be “ruled” by one party. Question: “Do you think it’s better for the country to have a president who comes from the same political party that controls Congress, does it make no difference either way, or do you think it’s better to have a president from one party and a Congress controlled by the other?”

Thirty-eight percent “same party;” 33% “no difference;” 23% “different parties.”

So we’re not at 50% here. But we’re suddenly told here, ladies and gentlemen — and this is a record high, this 38% number. We’re suddenly told that a record high 38% of Americans want the same party to control the presidency and Congress, while a record low (23%) say divided government would be better. And that’s the biggest gap that Gallup has ever found. In fact, Gallup claims that many Americans are experiencing “divided-government fatigue.”

Yet, as I said, we are constantly told by the news media that voters want more compromise, more bipartisanship, more reaching across the aisle. But only from the Republicans, of course. See, the Democrats can be as partisan as they want. The Democrats can be as mean-spirited and extreme as they want. The independents don’t care about that. Republicans though? If they criticize our president, why, the independents don’t want any part of that!

Independents want people like McCain.

The American people want candidates like McCain who are gonna work with people across the aisle, compromise, and get along. In fact, according to the Gallup when you get further into the numbers, Democrats favor one-party rule far more than Republicans, 49% to 36%. And yet we’re always told it’s the Republicans who want to govern with an iron fist. We’re told that it’s Republicans who hate compromising.

Of course, historically Democrats have always had a thing for Third World, strongman-style government like Stalin, Castro, Hugo Chavez. It’s the Democrats that admire those guys. It’s the media that go all groupie when they sit down and interview dictators. So isn’t it amazing? AP says today that Obama can now call himself “a job creator,” the right track/wrong track is now firmly in support of Obama, the Clinton bump, and the American people think Obama’s the best guy to do the economy.

Nobody coulda done better ’cause he really cares about you. See, Romney doesn’t. Romney doesn’t care. Romney’s a Republican. Romney wants to take away every safety net. He wants to take away all the assistance of people. Romney wants people to starve and go thirsty and so forth. His campaign’s a wet noodle. His campaign’s uninspiring. Nobody’s excited about it. Romney’s X. He’s not a conservative. Everything, it’s just horrible.

And now, in addition to all that — magically — the American people want all-Democrat rule all the time, from Gallup. Isn’t it amazing? Gallup was number 17 or 18 in terms of accuracy and predicting the ’08 presidential race. Yes, Gallup was number 18. Rasmussen was number one. So, “Americans’ Preference Shifts Toward One-Party Government.” Yep. And, of course, what party would that be? We all know: Democrats! So it’s amazing what can happen here in a rotten economy.

It’s unprecedented.

Americans are losing household income, losing jobs, going further in debt, more in debt with student loans, kids can’t find work — and, man, we’ve never had anybody better running the show! And we’ve never had anybody better qualified, according to Bill Clinton. And there’s nobody who coulda done any better, and there’s nobody that cares any more. Besides, the Romney campaign’s horrible and the Romney is not inspiring anybody.

So now the American people want one-party rule. And only a UFO can save Romney who, by the way, is in Pennsylvania today. Why would Romney be in Pennsylvania? In fact, why is Romney still campaigning? But why is he in Pennsylvania? I mean, that’s supposed to be hopeless for Romney, right? He got no chance whatsoever in Pennsylvania. What’s he doing wasting time and money in Pennsylvania? I don’t know, folks.


RUSH: This Gallup poll that shows that a majority of Amer… Well, no. It’s a plurality. It’s not 50% yet, but the largest percentage of people ever say they want one-party rule. Right? Now, from 2009 through 2010, we had one-party rule. We had the Democrats owning the House of Representatives; the Democrats owned the United States Senate; and, of course, “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” was in the White House.

We had one-party control.

And then what happened in 2010? There was an historic landslide defeat for that one party in control. The Democrats lost 63 seats in the House of Representatives. So we had two years of one-party rule, and this is what Gallup says the American people now prefer. And 49% of Democrats prefer that. And yet, just two years ago the American people overwhelmingly, in a landslide, rejected one-party rule. Hmm! I wonder how that kind of thing happens. Now, don’t forget that Clinton bump.

Yeah, at the Democrat convention. Clinton said that nobody coulda done any better than Obama fixing the economy, not even himself, nobody. And there’s nobody that cares about people and wanting to fix this any more than Barack Obama. And Michelle Obama told us how much he cares and how hard he works, and that’s all he thinks about. Oh, and the Romney campaign is just a wet noodle.

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