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RUSH: It’s David in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m glad you waited, sir. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: (garbled cell call) It’s a pleasure, sir.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You know, with this video, I was very scared that the words coming out of (garbled) with this filmmaker is now imprisoned. If the administration really believes the video caused this, are we now encouraging the terrorists to perform more violence? If they want to quell free speech, they’re getting exactly what they want.

RUSH: It would seem to me that we are. If we’re blaming the… Well, we’re giving them an excuse. We’re simply giving them an out. We’re legitimizing their action. We’re saying they have a reason to be angry. Is that your point?

CALLER: That’s my point, and my concern is that liberals are gonna take this… If this ever happens on our shores, we now have a reason to put more American citizens in jail for prompting this kind of action. Now liberals have the excuse to suppress even more free speech.

RUSH: Look, it is a sobering thought. But this guy, this guy is in prison without bail. The filmmaker is in prison without bail, supposedly on a parole violation on bank fraud or some such thing. But that’s an excellent point. When we blame the filmmaker, we do two things. We tell the terrorists, “You know what? We understand why you’re doing it. We have this rabid, stupid, right-wing American making movies you don’t like. You’re justified.” Yeah, I know Obama’s saying that no violence justifies what they did, but he’s not doing anything to stop it. He’s not condemning them. To anybody paying half attention, scant attention, this administration’s focusing on the filmmaker.

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