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RUSH: AP has a story. I’m going top of the Stack. I’m not gonna jump in here and find it, but Obama can now call himself a job creator. The latest bunch of revisions in the job numbers claim that Obama created 380,000 jobs more than were originally thought last year.

They’ve revised it, and there were 380,000 jobs that were not discovered until this week that were created last year. And so when you add those 380,000 jobs to the overall 4.5 million that Obama created, we had net job creation. That’s what the AP’s got out there. Now, I don’t know this is necessarily Clinton bump as it is a media bump. If there’s a bump, it’s probably a media bump.

What’s really being “bumped” is the amount of oversampling of Democrats in these polls. So, yeah, Obama can now call himself a job creator. Now this is what they’re saying. This is what AP’s preparing a story on. They tweeted it. The story’s coming, just in time for the Sunday shows. “There are now more US jobs than when he took office. Not by much, but theyÂ’ve moved out of negative territory, according to a Labor Department revision. …

“[T]he revision — showing employers added 386,000 more jobs than had previously been estimated in the 12 months ended in March — was clearly good news for the White House as Obama heads into a crucial week.” So that AP story’s out now. So not only did the people of this country report to Republican pollsters they think the country’s headed in the right direction, little did they know how right they were!

Because now it has just been revealed that there were almost 400,000 jobs created that nobody knew about until today.


Interesting how this works.

Okay, I’m just going from the Stack, just pulling off the top here. Let’s see. This is the Washington Times: “Obama Focuses on Campaigning, Fundraising — Official presidential duties are few and far between. If not for sports champions and terrorists, President ObamaÂ’s public schedule for September would be nearly empty of official events, as he devoted most of his time to campaigning for re-election.”

Well, of course! He has to! He cares so much, and he’s working so hard. He said, folks, he didn’t do a good enough job telling a story. That’s what he told Univision. He didn’t do a good enough job telling the American people a story, and that’s what he’s been doing, and it’s paying off. Clinton bump. Republican pollsters say that right track/wrong track is moving in Obama’s favor.

He’s out there not governing; he’s campaigning. That’s what Americans appreciate about him! They like his story. It’s over. Tom Brokaw says it’s gonna take a UFO for Romney to win.


RUSH: Here it is, folks, the Washington Post: “US Revises Hiring Numbers.” There were 453,000 more jobs added in the third year of the recovery than previous knew, and Obama has now gotten back every job lost since he took office. Washington Post. That was next at the top of the Stack. Clinton bump! (interruption) I know, I know. That’s what led to the stain on the dress, but that’s what they’re calling it. I don’t know what else I can say.

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