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RUSH: I just want to warn everybody, this may not be a good day. My cigar’s falling apart here, and that always ticks me off. It means I gotta go get a new one here in ten minutes. It just happened. The wrapper’s coming off. Even though we keep the humidor wet in there these things are dry as hell. Something’s sucking the moist air out. The second thing is they settled the NFL ref strike, and that ticks me off. I was actually starting to enjoy football again with the replacement refs, and now it’s gonna get back to this sterile, totally predictable… ah. But we have to deal with it, folks. We have to deal with adversity.

I’m not sure, but I think we were the first, or among the first, of all major media figures to begin to in-depth examine the makeup of samples in polls, the party breakdown. And now everybody’s doing it. In my audio sound bite roster here there must be 10 to 12 sound bites of me being discussed on television yesterday afternoon and last night and what I think about the polls. It’s great, folks. In fact, everybody’s looking at this stuff now. Everybody’s focused on them in the way we want them focused on. Not what they actually say, but how they are put together.

It has been confirmed, we were on this one yesterday, too, but it’s been confirmed now that Obama lied about the cause of the attacks on our embassy in Benghazi. Now, this is not news. We’ve known this. We here, and thus you, have known it for a while, but it’s been confirmed over and over, while Obama continues to cite this video. It’s been confirmed, Obama lied about the cause of the attacks on our embassies. We’ve been chronicling this in our Morning Updates all week long. Maybe now Obama can explain why CNN found the ambassador’s diary and our government didn’t. CNN went over there after it was declared a crime scene, after Obama said nobody can answer any questions about this because the FBI’s gonna go over and look at it. That makes it a crime scene so nobody can answer questions because of the usual ongoing investigation pap.

Well, CNN just trolls in there and finds the guy’s diary and they start reporting what’s in the ambassador’s diary. He indicated there was a security risk. He thought something was up. And so the regime called CNN, (imitation) “How dare you publish the guy’s diary. Shut up. You shouldn’t tell anybody.” CNN, “The hell with you, where were you finding the diary? We got the diary.” I think they’re gonna put it back together. They’ll be back in bed by tonight, the regime and CNN. But I mean the bottom line here is that Obama knew the attacks on our embassies on the anniversary of 9/11 were planned and it had nothing to do with the video, and he knew that within 24 hours, if not sooner, of the attack at Benghazi and upon the death of the ambassador.

So let’s boil that down. What was the theme of yesterday’s program? Obama knowingly lied to the American people. Oh. And the architect, Karl Rove in his column today is all about how Obama lies. Lying about the deficit. But Rove has a piece, it’s somewhat of a mirror of what we did yesterday. It’s all shaking out.

Rush, you need to get out there. You need to take your show on the road.

No, I don’t.

You need to go do a speech.

No. No, I don’t. I can do it all from right here. Past couple days have proven that. I’m not saying I’m not gonna go out and do speeches; I’m just saying, I can handle it from right here. The last two days are indicating that. I don’t have to write books. I don’t have to go on TV. I can handle it from right here. You know how that ticks ’em off too? People write books, go on TV and all that, and then hope they get noticed. I come here and exhale and it gets reported. Anyway, enough about me. Obama sends his surrogates out to lie about the cause and the nature of the attacks. Now, let’s boil this down. Obama created a conspiracy theory and coordinated a campaign of deceit to distract from the truth that affects our national security.

This is not an insignificant thing that the president of the United States did. Oh, speaking of that. It’s Thursday, by the way. It’s Jobs Revisions Day. Folks, it’s so funny to watch the Drive-Bys report the economic news today. It’s not all that good, but there are “hopeful signs.” (laughing) What is it? It’s September the 27th. It ain’t that good but there are hopeful signs? The real number out there is GDP growth of 1.3%. Folks, that’s a gnat’s eyelash above a recession: 1.3% GDP, economic growth.

There’s nothing to sing about here.


Nothing whatsoever.

So Obama and his conspiracy theory, coordinating a campaign of deceit to distract from the truth that affects our national security. And, by the way, this was a truth that revealed reckless incompetence in planning for the security and safety the people that work for him. The State Department — you know this — five days before put a notice up on one of their websites that there was no credible information of any threat. Yeah, 9/11’s coming up, but they don’t have any credible information.

That has now been scrubbed. The Gateway Pundit is reporting that that warning… Well, it was not a warning. That little memo from the State Department to employees that work there has been scrubbed from their site. You can’t go find the posting on the State Department website that told everybody over there that there was no problem. They’ve taken it down. The most transparent regime in history, they promised? So this campaign of deceit was deployed, was put out there because Obama has a reelection campaign.

The truth would make him a one-term president, so we can’t have the truth. We can’t have the truth about anything. We can’t have the truth about the failure of his economic policies. We can’t have the truth about the failure of his foreign policy. We can’t have the truth about his overall failure as a president at anything. So we have to focus on what a reprobate Romney is. We have to focus on Romney. Oh, guess what the Drive-Bys are saying is the reason that Romney’s lost the election.

Did you know that? The election is over. Romney’s lost, by the way, if you haven’t been paying attention. Well, the election isn’t for 49 days or so, but it’s already over. In fact, National Review is reporting there’s a poll out today that Obama’s 76%, Romney 23%, with 1% undecided. (laughing) It’s a satire piece. They went and talked to the Obama camp and they said, “Well, wait a minute. No, we don’t think Romney’s that bad. He might be at 30.” But it’s over. It’s literally over.

Oh, and do you know why? You know what caused Romney to plunge? It’s that “47% video.” Now, I’ve got some audio coming up. We’re gonna go back to the archives for some Detroit, Michigan, audio from early in the regime’s tenure. Plus, we have some audio from yesterday. I’ll ask you, after you hear it, if you think any significant number of Obama supporters has any idea what’s going on in this country or cares. Obama’s going for the Moron Vote. For you people in the Drive-Bys to tell us that Romney is plummeting because of the “47% video”?

And that has prompted, by the way, Obama to go out there and say (impression), “I don’t see any victims out there. Romney, 47%?” Mr. President, if you don’t see any victims, then there’s no reason for liberalism! If you don’t see any victims, there’s no reason for socialism. If you don’t see any victims, there’s no reason for big government. If you don’t see any victims out there, there’s no reason for you. You remember the Detroit audio. If you don’t, I’m not gonna remind you. You’ll hear it.

We have a new chapter, a new phase, a new addition to it coming right up.

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