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RUSH: Benjamin Netanyahu is delivering his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. I just tuned into a bit of it here during the break, and it’s awesome. It’s very, very well done. It’s an exceptional speech, all about Iran’s nuclear weapons and how they differ from the Soviets, for example, in having nuclear weapons and why.


RUSH: Benjamin Netanyahu, who may be the closest thing we have to a Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher today, Benjamin Netanyahu is at the United Nations. He’s giving a great speech, and he’s now using a visual aid. He’s got a picture of a bomb, a circular bomb with a fuse coming out of the top, and he’s explaining where Iran is. No interpreter needed for this. He is explaining to the dictators at the UN how it all works. It’s fabulous. (laughing) It is great. I’ve never seen this. I’ve never seen a visual aid at a United Nations General Assembly major address like this.

I tell you what this reminds me of. When I moved to Sacramento in 1984, I flew out there a bunch of times for interviews and just to see if I wanted to live there and liked it there. I noticed when leaving, I was getting on the airplane in Sacramento at the airport, and there were all these signs, things that you can’t take with you beyond this point. And there was a picture of a bomb, just like Netanyahu’s bomb, it looked just like that. And I stopped dead in my tracks, I looked, I said, “Who in the world, if they had a bomb, would be deterred by the sign that says you can’t take that with you?”

Oh, gosh, I can’t take the bomb? I have a bomb in my luggage, but, oh, there’s a sign that says no bomb. I have to go back to the hotel and drop the bomb off. I cannot take bomb.

I actually started laughing, standing there. And I said, “What liberal put this sign up here?” as though it’s actually gonna be a deterrent. He’s not using his sign as a deterrent. He’s using it as a visual aid.

Here’s a tweet from a journalist, Chris Hayes: “Bibi veering into self-parody with a drawing of a bomb with a lit fuse.” So the media’s making fun of Netanyahu for his visual aid of the bomb, that he’s veering into self-parody. And actually, he’s just trying to explain to the essence of a bunch of second graders in this room what he’s talking about.

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