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RUSH: Romney and Ryan are drawing huge crowds. Oh, by the way, we have a sound bite. Alex Castellanos (our good buddy, the Republican strategist on CNN) is upset at these big crowds. He wishes Romney would make the crowds smaller. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding you. Not kidding you. Well, he says it doesn’t look presidential. Let’s see. Let me find it. Yeah, here it is. Just listen to it. This is Alex Castellanos. This is CNN. This is last night on Anderson Cooper.

CASTELLANOS: Every time I turn on my TV, it’s the same political rally with Paul Ryan and the same crowd around him, state after state after state, and it looks like a political beauty pageant. And it looks like politics, not like governing. You don’t want to run for president looking like a candidate. You want to run for president looking a president. Go to where the problem is, Mitt Romney, go to an inner city and find out what’s happened to the American family that’s falling apart. Go where the problem is, go to an unemployment line, talk to some people, but quit having political events.

RUSH: Well, there you have it. That’s one of our lead Republican strategists, Alex Castellanos. By the way, if Romney is to go where all the problems are, he’s gotta go to every Democrat congressional office. You want to go find out where there’s unemployment, go find a Democrat. If you want to find out where the inner city is crumbling, go find a Democrat or go talk to Al Sharpton. American family falling apart, unemployment line, go to the White House. But Romney’s crowds are too big. He’s looking like a candidate, not a president. Remember all that time Reagan spent in the unemployment line? Remember all that time Reagan spent wherever he thought the American family was falling apart?

HR, you’re gonna get a call from Alex again claiming that we misquoted him and all that. We just played the sound bite. You can just tell him that. He’s a Republican strategist. Look, I didn’t say it, don’t get mad at me. No. He did not say to Obama, “Don’t go to Berlin.” He did not tell Obama not to go to Cairo, no, no. Obama’s big crowds are fine when there are some. He’s not drawing big crowds anymore. This is the dirty little secret. My point is that the media is having to work harder in 2012 to get Obama elected than they did in 2008. Now, I know you think that in 2008 they were in the tank for him, and they were, but they didn’t have to get out the base. You know, they dumped on Palin, but they didn’t really build up Obama. They didn’t have to. That was built in. People were making of Obama whatever they wanted. They’re having to work harder at it this time.

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