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RUSH: Here’s Emmy, Minneapolis. Great to have you on the program. Thanks for waiting. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. I’m very happy to talk to you. I’ve got nothing profound to say. It’s just that I am leaving for graduate school in Israel on Saturday, and it was very important to me to say hello to you and thank you before I leave.

RUSH: Really? Graduate school in Israel?


RUSH: What in?

CALLER: Counterterrorism.

RUSH: Counterterrorism?


RUSH: And you are calling to thank me?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. For being the brain and the voice and the warrior for so many of us out here —

RUSH: Awww.

CALLER: — against the liberal media, the Drive-Bys, the gullibles, the people who seem to overpopulate the country who —

RUSH: It does seem that they overpopulate, doesn’t it?


RUSH: It seems like we’re in our own alien movie.

CALLER: It certainly does, so —

RUSH: Sometimes I do think I’m in a foreign — I watched Prometheus the other night. I got it on pay-per-view. Have you seen that movie?

CALLER: I haven’t.

RUSH: Well, it’s Ridley Scott’s. It’s the prequel to all the Alien movies. I watched it, and I thought, I feel this way every day on earth with my job just interacting and having to stay up to speed with what the media is doing. You’re very sweet and kind to tell me that. I really appreciate it. How long are you gonna be there studying?

CALLER: Well, a year, maybe two. Two if I can manage to find the funding to stay for a second year to write the thesis.

RUSH: What part of Israel are you going to?

CALLER: It’s called Herzliya, and it’s about, I would say, maybe seven or eight miles northeast of Tel Aviv.

RUSH: Okay, cool. Have you been there before?

CALLER: I never have. I’m just taking the plunge.

RUSH: Well, it is an amazing place. For such limited square mileage, it is one of the most amazing places. You go to Masada, Bethlehem, the Western Wall, Temple Mount, Yad Vashem. You should take some time and do that. That’ll sober you up quickly and it’ll, by the way, reinforce your decision to go into counterterrorism. That’s awesome. What interested you in counterterrorism? 9/11?

CALLER: Yes, actually, 9/11 affected me much more than I realized. As the years go by, it’s… I don’t know what to say, unraveling more and more and I’m realizing just how much it affected me.

RUSH: Well, you want an iPad or computer to take with you?

CALLER: Really?

RUSH: Hang on. Snerdley will get what you need and tell me about it.


RUSH: Ann in Littleton, Colorado. I’m glad you waited. It’s great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: It is such a great honor to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: I’m one of those that knows exactly where I was when I first heard you. I was in a car riding with some friends to lunch when I worked for Mobil Oil in Dallas in the early nineties. And then for the last ten years, I have worked for our church preschool, and part of the reason I quit recently was so I can listen to you five days a week and become a student of the Limbaugh Institute.

RUSH: You … quit … your job … to listen to the program to further your education?

CALLER: I did.

RUSH: I — I — I don’t know what to say. Was this a paying job or volunteer job?

CALLER: No it was an actual paying job. I mean, it was only part time, and I did it for ten years for a friend, but it was time to quit.

RUSH: You were just looking for the reason, and you said, “You know what? The reason is I could be more productive at home learning than here at the preschool hanging around with the little kids?”

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: I can totally relate. (laughing) Gee, that’s great.

CALLER: We love you. We’re just so grateful, and I learn a lot. You encourage me every day, and I learn a lot. So now I’m making calls — until the election, I’m making calls — for conservative Christian organization here in Colorado —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — and trying to get people registered to vote.

RUSH: That’s.

CALLER: Not with FreedomWorks, but with another organization.

RUSH: That’s okay. So you really haven’t quit working. You just shifted your focus.

CALLER: Right. Until the election, this is what I’m doing.

RUSH: Well, God bless you. You’re so kind to call and tell me that. Plus, you worked for Big Oil. I loved Mobil Oil. They had the best-looking credit card. Aside from American Express, Mobil Oil was the first credit card I ever had.

CALLER: Mobil was great to me.

RUSH: I’m sure. They’re Big Oil. They’re great people.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: They provide a lot of opportunity for a lot of people.

CALLER: Yeah. It was a great opportunity for me in Dallas and here in Denver, and then I worked for Occidental Petroleum in Siberia.

RUSH: Wow! Wow! Siberia.

CALLER: But they actually hired me to get my husband.

RUSH: They hired you…? What did your husband do?

CALLER: He was a family physician and, in the early nineties when we went over there, they needed a doctor kinda to help out the Western staff.

RUSH: So Occidental Petroleum hired you? Would you have gone without your husband?

CALLER: I don’t think they would have hired me without my husband, not as a female engineer.

RUSH: Okay, but, I mean, the point is, what if you’d taken the job and he didn’t?

CALLER: No, I wouldn’t have gone without him. We had just been married a few years at that point in time.

RUSH: Oh, so now you would go but back then, no. Okay. Yeah.

CALLER: In fact, he’s as much older than me as Kathryn is younger than you, and so, you know, 25 years later… Anyway, it has worked out well.

RUSH: Well, good. It’s wonderful. It’s very nice of you to call, and I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: That’s very flattering. You quit your work in order to learn more and to do that here. Just incredible. Thanks, Ann, very much.

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