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RUSH: Yesterday, CNN’s Newsroom, Wolf Blitzer totally in the tank. Wolf used to be a serious newsman. Wolf did. I have to say, Wolf used to be a serious newsman. He just… He’s an Obama fanboy now.

He’s with coanchorette Ashleigh Banfield. It’s in the Situation Room, and they’re talking about Obama being on Letterman and the “secretly recorded video” of Romney. And Banfield says, “Joe Biden skirted this issue. He said, ‘I’m gonna let Romney’s tape speak for itself.’ But, Wolf, did you feel like this was President Obama getting tough or not getting tough enough? Is he leaving this for the super PAC?”

BLITZER: You know, I — I think what’s clear is that he really came across very smooth, very confident, very presidential in that interview with Letterman last night. He was really at the top of his game. In the scheme of things, you know, who’s gonna get you more votes? Uh, a meeting that could be tense with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, or go on Letterman and come across as well as he did last night. I think the answer is pretty clear.

RUSH: So it’s all about votes! Which we’ve always known, but here’s Wolf admitting it. It’s not about statesmanship; it’s not about security in the region. Who would you rather meet with to get votes, Netanyahu — who can smoke you — or Letterman, the clueless dunce who’s gonna let you have the run of the show so you don’t even have to say anything and Wolf Blitzer thinks that you shine?

Obama didn’t say anything. He just sat there and looked professorial. “Well, Dave…” He even fist bumped Letterman once. He didn’t say anything. Did you see the interview? He didn’t say anything. He just ripped into the video and so forth. Oh, he did say that he got tough with the Muslims over there in Egypt. He told them that they have to protect our people. He read ’em the riot act. Yeah, right. But there you have it. Wolf Blitzer (summarized): “What would you rather do to get votes, Ashleigh, go sit around with Netanyahu or go with Letterman? No question Obama did the right thing.”



RUSH: You know how old I am? Well, yeah, I’m 61, but I’m so old, I remember when Letterman used to be funny and it was presidents who were serious. That’s how old I am. But now look at what’s happened. It’s Letterman, the comedian, who used to be funny, who’s now getting all serious and the president goes on as the comedian joke guest.

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