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RUSH: Stephanie Cutter, we have Stephanie Cutter here. She was on Erin Burnett OutFront last night on CNN, and they asked her, “Stephanie, it wasn’t the video. It was preplanned. The US was warned of an attack on the Egyptian embassy. They were warned of the attack on Benghazi two days before it happened, Stephanie. It wasn’t the video. Didn’t the administration drop the ball?” This is Obama’s chief campaign babe. Listen.

CUTTER: They are conducting an investigation to get to the bottom of why those attacks occurred and what could have been done to better protect the ambassador and the embassy’s security. In terms of how the president and Mitt Romney handled that crisis, I think that the American people have drawn a conclusion, that the president handled it like a commander-in-chief, like a leader, and Mitt Romney shot from the hip. As the president said, shot and aimed later. Americans believe that the president handled that crisis better than Mitt Romney.

RUSH: So Cutter basically said, who cares that Obama lied. The problem here is Mitt Romney. So it doesn’t matter. That’s the answer by the way. Working for Obama’s gotta be the easiest job in the world. (imitating report) “So Stephanie Cutter, hi, I’m Erin Burnett here at CNN, we’ve got irrefutable proof now that the attack in Benghazi and Egypt was not the video. It was preplanned. It was terrorism to happen on the anniversary of 9/11. The administration continues to cite the video, the president was just on Letterman the other night lying about this, did you guys drop the ball?”

“Erin, look, the real thing here is that Romney didn’t look like a president, did he? Romney came out and dealt with this. Romney doesn’t know what he’s doing. Romney’s clueless. Romney’s an absolute idiot. Romney doesn’t care about people. He’s a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, probably passes out cigarettes to kids in the neighborhood when nobody’s looking. You’re asking me about Obama? For crying out loud, Erin, it’s Romney! Don’t you understand, Romney is the absolute worst guy on the planet. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. He handled it horribly. President Obama handled this brilliantly.” That’s the answer. It’s all you have to do when you work for Obama. Doesn’t matter what the question is. Obama’s a leader, he’s presidential, Romney doesn’t know what he’s doing. Because you know that the media is not gonna follow up. They’re gonna nod their heads, they’re gonna agree with you, and say, “Job well done.”

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