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RUSH: We go to Huntington, West Virginia. Brandon, I’m glad you waited, sir. It’s great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hey. Good to be a first-time caller. A little nervous. I wanted to get your take on something. I’m watching the cheerleading show for Obama on Monday night, Brian Williams and the Nightly News, and I’m watching this tape being played, and I’m thinking, man, they must be desperate. I see this as an act of desperation. I think the momentum must be going so much in the favor of Romney that they’re pulling this out now rather than just before the election.

RUSH: Well, I mentioned yesterday that I think that is a possibility. I don’t think they intended to use this in September. I think they intended to drop this in October. I think there are a number of things that, the way they’re looking at this, Obama ought to be way ahead. All the money he spent. They think they’ve destroyed Romney in ads, and they think Romney’s saying dumb stuff, and now Republican consultants are out trashing Romney. You got Kristol, you got Peggy Noonan, you have Michael Gerson, who else? Mark McKinnon, the No Labels guy. The entire Republican establishment told us that Romney is the only guy that could win are out beating him up from one end of the field to the next.

I think Obama, with all this going on, “How come Romney’s still ahead in the swing states and how come I’m only one point up?” So I think they did drop it, and I think also this Middle East thing, ambassador killed, they had to distract and they have to continue to distract attention from the economy as well. So I think you’re on to something. Just means that Jimmy Carter’s grandson is gonna have to stay in the basement and start hunting stuff down, because this was supposed to be his big get.

We have Jimmy Carter IV here, sound bites 22, 23. This is last night, Anderson Cooper 19, he interviewed Democrat activist James E. Carter IV. They’re talking about this video of Romney at the fundraiser. Anderson Cooper said, “How did you discover the video?”

CARTER: I do searches, you know, regular searches just to keep up with what’s being posted. Just with generic search terms, “Romney” and “Republican,” for instance, there’s a few more that I use, but it was just on one of those searches that it came up.

RUSH: How about that. Who knew. Just search “Romney” and “Republican” and you get this video. Just popped up. Our old buddy Brian Ross, the ABC investigative reporter who is convinced the Tea Party killed the people in the theater at the Dark Knight Rises or whatever, he said it’s illegal to record people in Florida if they don’t know they’re being recorded. But that doesn’t matter since it’s Romney. We’re not gonna make a big deal out of it. But just so you know, we know it’s against the law, but we’re not gonna pursue Jimmy Carter IV because he’s a Democrat and we’re Democrats and we’re all in this to destroy Romney and conservatives anyway so we’ll look the other way. I just want you to know that we do know it’s illegal, but who’s gonna do anything to us? Nobody. So screw you. Now back to Jimmy Carter IV. Anderson Cooper, “Did you tell your grandfather that this story was coming out? Did your grandfather, the ex-president, Jimmy Carter, give you any advice in any way? Did you only tell him afterwards?”

CARTER: I told him after. He knows what I’ve been doing.

COOPER: I understand he sent you an e-mail once you sent him this story. What did he say?

CARTER: Yes. He said, “James, that’s extraordinary. Congratulations.” Extraordinary. And that’s pretty — I was pretty proud of that. I put that in the top five of e-mail responses I’ve gotten.

RUSH: Okay. Jimmy Carter IV, the grandson, big achievement, top five e-mails, one from his grandfather congratulating him on the correct search terms on Google. No, it doesn’t. The peanut does not fall far from the plant.


RUSH: The Today Show, Ron, you’ll appreciate this. The Today Show today was running a banner all morning long. You know what the banner said? “‘Poetic Justice’; Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Helped Expose Romney Video.” I kid you not. “‘Poetic Justice’; Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Helped Expose Romney Video.” Now, what that’s all about is that Jimmy Carter IV said that what he really liked about this is he had a chance here to get even with all these people that have been blaming his grandfather for being such a rotten president. (laughing) At some point, I mean, you have to laugh about this, but, really, it’s not funny. NBC is… I don’t know how to put it. It’s not just NBC. But there’s not even any pretense of journalism there anymore. There’s not even any pretense of news gathering or news reporting.


RUSH: Jimmy Carter’s grandson getting even with me? What do you mean? No. Jimmy Carter’s grandson, NBC said poetic justice, got even with Romney.


Well, yes, I did. I said that Obama’s gonna be Jimmy Carter’s second term, but banner doesn’t say anything about me. It’s about Romney.


Well, I did the back-and-forth, the side-by-side comparison, and so forth. I don’t know. You may have a point about that. Has Romney ever really criticized Jimmy Carter? It may be me that they’re gunning for.


RUSH: Donna in Green Bay. It’s great to have you on the program. Welcome.

CALLER: Welcome. Thank you. I really appreciate your time.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: In fact, after work today I will be going down to my local Victory Center to be volunteering on the campaign.

RUSH: See? This is exactly what I’m talking about.

CALLER: I went in for a bumper sticker and became a volunteer. My kids said to me, “Why, mom? You’ve never been involved before.” I said, “I’ve never had a reason to until now.” I said, “Our Founding Fathers fought for something. We have to preserve it.” My question to you is: No one has mentioned that President Carter’s grandson is also one of the unemployed.

RUSH: Yeah. Most people are.

CALLER: He is unemployed, and so apparently he’s got a lot of time to sit and do this kind of work, but is he out there making a full-time job? Is he out there pounding pavement to find work? How is he feeling after four years of this?

RUSH: Well…

CALLER: It’s sad. (chuckles)

RUSH: I think if you ask Jimmy Carter IV, he’d probably tell you it’s hard work. He’s sitting down there in the basement or wherever he’s putting search terms into Google, and that’s hard work. You gotta come up with the right words. You have to come up with the right dividers. You gotta know whether you say “Romney and video” or “Romney’s video” or “video and Romney” or “Romney” and “no video.”

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: There’s any number of ways you could go wrong and not find this. It takes real talent. (laughing) Well, I’m sure he’s feeling a great sense of achievement and accomplishment here, and he’s helping to — What’s the word? — “avenge” his grandfather. So I don’t know that he would agree with you that he’s unemployed. He just isn’t being paid. But he’s working. He’s working very, very hard, and he’s very proud of himself, and he’ll probably be invited to the next Democrat convention, too.

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