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RUSH: Tim in Salem, Oregon, as we go back to the phones. Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, I would like to know — or have a better understanding — of the Associated Press. I would like to know who controls the Associated Press, and do they have a bias?

RUSH: (mock coughing fit) Excuse me. I think the president of the Associated Press is a woman right now. I don’t know her name. But she runs it. They’re graduates from some of the most renowned journalism schools in the country. If you want to know who controls American journalism, I’d have to say Columbia University School of Journalism. I’m being dead serious. That’s who controls it, the Ivy League journalism schools. Maybe the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Throw them in there, too.

But that’s where the farm is. That’s where these little liberal reporters are produced. Now, bias? You know, it’s an interesting question. Are they biased? I don’t know that it’s bias. Clearly they are, but it’s more than that, Tim. They all think alike! They all think alike because they’ve all been trained the same way. They don’t look for “the news.” They look for “the narrative” to construct that will advance their agenda, which is that of the Democrat Party.

Tim, if I were you, I wouldn’t look at them as media anymore. They are “Democrats with bylines.” They are not journalists; they’re not reporters. Their job is no longer to go out and find out what happened and tell everybody about it. That, basically, is what journalism is: What happened that people didn’t see, and you tell ’em about. That’s not what’s going on here. (pause) Oh, it’s not a woman anymore.

In April 2012, Gary Pruitt took over as the CEO of the Associated Press. It’s a collective, Tim. Think of it as a commune. Think of it as the kids of the sixties have grown up, and they live and work in the same place. Look — a collective, a cooperative — there are any number of ways to describe it. Gary Pruitt also headed McClatchy news. Did you know that? Yeah. Gary Pruitt headed McClatchy news. I used to work for McClatchy.

Yeah, essentially they are the same guy. It’s like when I grew up. There was a newspaper, the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. It was actually the St. Louis Globe (chuckles) Republican because it was conservative. It needs to be the New York Times-Democrat, the Boston Globe-Democrat, the Washington Post-Democrat, LA Times-Democrat, USA Today-Democrat. They all need to add “Democrat” to their name.

Commune, collective, cookie cutters produced by J-schools. Columbia University J-School, that’s the biggie. You wouldn’t believe it. This guy that wrote the great, great book on me, Zev Chafets… I can’t remember if this is in the book. He went to either the dean or some high-ranking prof at the Columbia University J-School, and this guy — a journalism professor, now! This guy is launching on me to Zev, and ultimately admits he’s never even listened to me.

He’s a journalist.

He’s teaching journalism.

And his criticisms of me are every cliche that every other liberal has: racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, mean-spirited, extreme, whatever the list is. He just ran right through ’em. And Zev eventually asked: Have you ever listened the guy? “No, I don’t have to. I — I — I know what Limbaugh’s all about. All I have to do is read Media Matters. Media Matters will tell me everything I need to know about Limbaugh.”

By the way, Media Matters? Fox News is reporting this. I don’t know who uncovered this. Media Matters has been working with the Department of Justice. Now, they’re a nonprofit, tax-free organization, and they’re working with the Department of Justice to spin news coming out of DOJ.


RUSH: Going back to the news archives, Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites.

Oh, by the way, it’s The Daily Caller that uncovered the link between Media Matters for America and the Department of Justice. Daily Caller uncovered the Media Matters-DOJ connection. The Daily Caller has been on Media Matters’ case for some time. Now, Media Matters is George Soros funded, and that is where, by the way… Ah, you know this. That is where members of the media find out what happened on shows like mine.

They don’t listen to this show.

Well, they might turn on the first ten minutes on a day like this, but routinely during the day? Nope. They wait for Media Matters or other “liberal media watchdogs” to shape, misquote, and take out of context things that were said here — and then report that. The Daily Caller has found “internal Justice Department e-mails which show staffers helping Media Matters target news outlets that were reporting on DOJ scandals, including Operation Fast and Furious.”

So DOJ was going to Media Matters for help on getting news out about that and how to slant it and other things. So DOJ, Eric Holder at the Department of Justice, was basically trying to suppress news outlets. Of course, there’s no outrage over that because they’re all in it together. The truth is, DOJ doesn’t have to call Media Matters. They could call Bob Schieffer. They could call Brian Williams. They could call Scott Pelley. Just say, “How do we play this?”

Well, look at the New York Times op-ed babe. The former budget guy for Obama, Peter Orszag, is now occasionally a columnist for the New York Times. He wrote a piece and submitted it, and the op-ed babe sent it up to the White House for approval and correction before they printed it. So I don’t know why they need to use Media Matters. They’ve got direct pipelines to all these news cabals.

Just call the editor of the Washington Post and say, “Look, we’re DOJ and we got a problem with kooks out there trying to make something out of Fast and Furious. So we want to steer this a different direction. How would we do it? How should we publish it in a way that you would print what we say in favorable light?” And I’m sure the Washington Post would tell ’em. For crying out loud, folks, we’ve got Jan Crawford and some guy from NPR trying to create a narrative last week on how to make Romney look bad on his statement following the uprisings in the Middle East.

You remember Nina Burleigh?

Does that name ring a bell? Come on, Snerdley! I can’t believe that you have forgotten! Of all journalists, I can’t believe you would have forgotten Nina Burleigh. Nina Burleigh at TIME Magazine once publicly wrote that she would give Clinton a Lewinsky simply thanking him for keeping abortion legal. Anywhere, any time, she would give Clinton a Lewinsky. Well, she’s now a professor at the Columbia School of Journalism.

What did we see the other day? Just yesterday, the day before. There is a math teacher, I think here in Florida, who gave students a pledge form. Maybe it was a junior college or whatever. They had to promise for vote for Obama. A math teacher somewhere here in Florida gave students this pledge, and it was tied to getting a grade or whatever. They found her, and she’s in trouble (ostensibly).

You know, journalism and education, it’s all the Democrat Party. They really aren’t professions anymore. The school teachers in Chicago? Honestly, now, folks. What is the number, 80% do not have eighth grade reading proficiency in the Chicago public schools? And the teachers want a 16% raise or more, and they’re on strike. Whatever’s happening there, it isn’t teaching. Whatever is going on in the schools, it isn’t learning.

It’s not the expansion of the mind. It’s obviously propagandizing going on. How can that be? What is it, 50% of the graduates in Chicago don’t read? The dropout rate in the New York public school system is 50%. These aren’t teachers in these areas. This is not an indictment of all. I’m just telling you: Teaching, journalism, pop culture? These professions are… What’s the word I’m looking for? The word I’m thinking of is “shield.” That’s not what I mean.

They’re a distraction. They’re just Democrats. They’re party activists that hold these jobs. And they are disguised as teachers, they’re disguised as journalists, they’re disguised as entertainment reporters. They’re just Democrats or liberals (one and the same). Here it is: “Professor Sharon Sweet at Brevard Community College allegedly told students to sign a pledge that reads: ‘I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.'” Sharon Sweet, Brevard Community College.

What is that, Titusville? Is that Space Coast? (interruption) It’s Melbourne. Melbourne area. Melbourne, Fort Pierce. (interruption) Okay. Well, it’s close enough to the Space Coast. To heck with that! Don’t go getting that way on me. It’s still in Florida. What the hell does it matter? You know, I wish you people would hold Obama to the same standards of accuracy that you hold me. And that wasn’t even a mistake.

It’s just that I wasn’t quite sure. I don’t know the counties. I know Palm Beach and that’s it. Well, I know Miami-Dade and (pause) Broward. Yeah, I couldn’t think of it there for a minute. (chuckles) I’m so seldom there. Hee-hee-hee. (interruption) Port St. Lucie? Of course I do. Absolutely! Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie County and Martin County, I go there. (interruption) Well, yeah, because there are golf courses that I play in those counties.

Think of ’em as patronage jobs. A teacher job is a patronage job. A journalism job is a patronage job. By the way, all of these people (not the teachers, but the journalists) come from the Ivy League. They’re all farmed by the Ivy League. There’s a network. They all exist there. They go to school and it’s how they get to know each other. They network, they come out, and they all either go to government or to journalism.

They go to think tanks, too, but they’re all liberals, just in different locales. Some of them are career bureaucrats. Some of them are appointed judges. They’re infested out there. We are having an infestation. “‘Based on the allegations, Associate Professor Sweet has requested, and been granted, a leave of absence without pay effective immediately,’ reads a statement put out by John Glisch, Associate Vice President for Communications at BCC.” That’s a teacher. It’s a math class.

She’s a math teacher, and she’s making the students sign a piece of paper saying, “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.” So Ivy League equals networking. That’s all it is. And if you’re not part of that, you are a nerd, a weirdo, an outcast. You’re not in the big clique. It’s why they hated Palin. She crashed the party. It’s not supposed to happen. You’re not supposed to get anywhere near the levers of power from some stupid college in Iowa.

It’s just not supposed to happen, and so they had to destroy her.

It really is no more complicated than that.


RUSH: Okay. So I checked the e-mail. “Wait a minute, now, Rush! Bush had a Yale BS and a Harvard MBA. How come those people hated him?” He ran against ’em. He had the audacity to run against ’em as a Republican. “What about Romney, Rush? Romney’s got a Harvard BS, JD, and MBA. He’s Harvard.” Yeah, Romney is a Mormon. “Uncool.” Plus these guys have conservative moral beliefs. They’re pro-life nuts. That’s a deal killer. That’s a dealer killer in the Gang of 500. It ain’t gonna happen. That’s what the Harvard-Ivy League trail from school to government. It’s called is the Gang of 500.

It includes media. And if you’re not in the Gang of 500, you’re out.

They make the town go, pure and simple.
I have story here. I’ve had it for five days: “Unraveling America? Charles Murray’s latest book suggests that elite colleges are tearing apart the nation’s social fabric.”

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