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RUSH: Folks, it’s undebatable. It’s inarguable. Barack Obama is engaging in a war on the rich. Barack Obama is the one who is engaging in class warfare. Barack Obama is the one who is trying to profit from dividing people. Barack Obama, as president and as a campaigner, is doing everything he can to create discord from the have-nots against the haves. Obama’s war on the so-called rich is really a war on success, a war on success that has nothing to do with government.

Barack Obama is trying to create this dependence that Romney was talking about. That’s a the definition of “success” for the modern Democrat Party. As many people dependent on government as possible is the objective. That cements their power: This creation of need and dependency on the part of as many Americans as possible for government, for Obama, as saviors. The Julia video says it all! That’s the model citizen: One totally dependent on government even for a trip to the park to pick flowers, for crying out loud!

It is Barack Obama who has divided people. It’s Barack Obama who has created that 47%, although I will point out that some of the people who are not paying income taxes in this country are not paying them because of Republican ideas, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. It’s one of these areas that Romney’s gonna have to be careful. You know, he’s a tax-cutter; so he can’t appear to be the enemy of low taxes. That’s not what he was doing here. What he was clearly doing…

I don’t think there’s any question, in fact. He was merely telling these donors… He’s there with some high-rollers in Boca, and he’s telling them that his message of low taxes and cutting taxes might not connect with people who aren’t paying any. And that’s certainly the truth. He’s running a campaign as a tax-cutter, and he was merely saying his message of low taxes does not connect with people that don’t pay any taxes. Now, the Mother Jones article (I have it here, the David Corn piece) very conveniently and carefully left that part out.

This is the same media that always harps on trying to tell us that Obama is being taken out of context. Romney is being taken out of context here a little bit himself. Now, I’m telling you, my friends: This is a golden opportunity. It’s an opportunity for Romney and the entire conservative establishment, including the conservative media for once — including inside-the-Beltway conservative media! It is a time to stop pretending that this is the same old, standard election.

Something’s on the line here.

It’s time to start getting with the program. This is not just the next election. The future of the country and a financial collapse being averted is what is on the agenda this election. As such, the objective has always been stopping Obama. The 2010 midterms, what were they about? Stopping Barack Obama. There wasn’t a Republican candidate that people were rallying around. There wasn’t even a set of Republican philosophical ideas to rally around. There was just, “We gotta stop this. The 2010 midterms, Tea Party. We’ve got to stop this.” And look at the landslide turnout that there was for that. Now, nothing’s changed. It’s only gotten worse since 2010. Same circumstances, same economic circumstances have gotten worse, except now Obamacare is a full-fledged reality that has been sworn into law by the Supreme Court and there’s only one chance of getting rid of it, and it’s this election. There’s no reason for the energy, the enthusiasm, the anti-Obama mentality of 2010 to have lessened. It’s heightened.

Now there’s an added benefit. We have an opportunity to add what wasn’t there in 2010, and that is a Republican candidate with the right philosophical message, which would be conservatism. This could be a slam dunk and it’s just sitting there on a silver platter. We have to stop over-thinking it. We have to stop think-tanking this, getting into the metadata, if you will, and just realize what the objective is, and that is stopping Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. And, as a side benefit, you stop the media, temporarily. In the real world, from the Associated Press: “Coal producer Alpha Natural Resources to cut 1,200 jobs, close mines in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.”

In the real world our ambassador to Libya is dead. In the real world there are protests against this country all over the Middle East. In the real world Japan and China… I don’t even want to think about what could happen there. In the real world we have an administration that is incompetent and incapable of dealing with circumstances this nation faces as the world’s lone superpower. We have an administration that doesn’t want that to be the case. We have an administration that does not want this country to be that big. This country doesn’t deserve to be number one, shouldn’t be number one, been number one for too long. It’s been number one as a result of things that are immoral and unjust. We’ve stolen, colonialized, taken, whatever, all the resources from around the world that we like. We’ve impoverished people.

This is the Obama view. It’s time we found out what this country has made other people live like. It is Barack Obama who has cemented this division of haves and have-nots, with the haves getting smaller and smaller and smaller and the have-nots growing more and more and more, and they become more and more dependent; and, as such, that 47% righteously indignant, very offended, are paying attention. They are now listening. The media is making sure, the media is making sure that they’re paying attention. The media is telling them, Romney doesn’t care about you. Here’s Romney’s chance to not say he cares about them. Romney’s chance to tell ’em how much he loves them and how much he wants for them and for this country. It’s sitting there waiting to be grabbed.


RUSH: Do not forget my 2010 analogy. What happened in 2010? By the way, Obama is still on the defensive. Everything Romney accuses him of, he reacts to. Guess who’s having intel briefings every day now? Barack Obama! Guess who’s upset about the ChiComs cheating with us on trade? Barack Obama! He’s in a total reactive mood. I’m sure he’s a little discombobulated by what’s going on in the Middle East.

It’s Obama who could be made to be reeling here. Don’t believe what the media’s telling you, folks. Do not. We have a president here who’s reeling. They know they’re vulnerable. They’re looking at things like this video of Romney at Boca as salvation. They can’t do anything but try to disqualify Romney. They’ve got no way to build Obama up. They can’t do it. The magic’s gone. It’s over, 2008. It’s long gone.

They have to take Romney out.

Romney cannot allow himself to be taken out.

This is a golden opportunity here to connect with people who we’ve always called “low-information voters,” people who they say are not paying attention right now. Well, they now are. In 2010, what happened? Don’t forget this. This is so important: 2010 was a landslide defeat for Democrats all the way down the ballot to local levels. There wasn’t a Republican in sight, other than on local ballots. There wasn’t a Republican philosophy anywhere in sight or a conservative philosophy.

What was there?

“We’ve got to stop Obama!”

The Tea Party came into existence on the whole premise of stopping Obama. That’s not changed. In fact, what has happened now is that we have a candidate and we have a philosophy that that candidate can espouse to go along with, “We want to stop Obama.” I’m telling you: All of these mainstream media, folks, are misdirecting your attention. They are not accurately reflecting party registration and percentages in any way, shape, manner or form. These polls right now are nowhere close to accurate.

They’re designed to spirit you.

So is this thing today. They’ve been holding this. Jimmy Carter’s grandkid came up with this. Do you know that? Jimmy Carter’s grandson supposedly found this Romney video. Jimmy Carter’s grandkid, the story goes, is supposedly angry over what conservatives have said about his grandfather, Jimmy Carter. He’s so angry that he wants to get even, and he’s loaded for bear. So he found this video somewhere, Jimmy Carter’s grandson.

How hard could this have been to “find”? Anyway, fine and dandy. I’m just telling you: Don’t forget 2010. What is this about? Stopping Barack Obama. What 2010 proved is we don’t even need a perfect candidate to do it, folks. That is my point. (Hint, hint, wink, wink.) If Obama had been on the ballot in 2010, he’d be gone. That was landslide. Something else Romney told those donors in Boca: Palestinians have no interest in peace. “Oh, no! You can’t tell that kind of truth, either! Oh, gee. Oh, no. Panic City.”

They don’t!

The Palestinians are not interested in peace, and the people that support the Palestinians, whoever they are in the Middle East, are not interested in peace. They’re interested in victory. And that, for them, is no Israel and no Jews! That’s what “peace” means to them: No Israel. That’s all they care about. Romney’s right, meaning there’s no way to have a negotiated peace. How many thousands of years have people been trying for that, by the way?

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