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RUSH: Carmen in Dallas. Carmen, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: Thank you for everything that you do. I wanted to say that, you know, what’s interesting is that Obama sets himself up as the benevolent president. He hands out all these things that we need, but really, the truth is that these come from the taxpayers, and the taxpayers are getting squeezed by Obama, and so all these benefits, these sinkhole government benefits, are from the taxpayers. Obama can set himself up as being the benevolent giver, but he’s not the benevolent giver —

RUSH: See, now, theoretically, you’re right. The government doesn’t have a dime until it takes it from somebody. But Obama wants the credit for having all the compassion. You know, he’s not giving his money away.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: He’s not redistributing his own money. He’s redistributing yours. Now, when I said “technically,” we’re so much in debt that some of the dollars are the ChiComs,’ and some dollars are borrowed from other people. But theoretically you’re right on the money. Government wouldn’t have a dime without taking it from somebody, and then you’re exactly right, it’s Obama and the Democrats who want credit for all the compassion. You know what the Obama slogan is? I’ve got the power to take what you’ve got. I’ve got the power to take what you’ve got. Vote for me. Of course, he doesn’t say that to the people he’s gonna be taking it from. He says a variation of that to the people he’s going to be giving it to.

By the way, ladies and gentlemen, latest news, Iran has deployed a Russian-made submarine in the Gulf. These are Drudge headlines: “Iran Deploys Russian-made Submarine in the Gulf.” “Chinese General: Prepare for Combat with Japan.” “Libya is Warning of More Violence.” Obama is heading to Letterman. And after Letterman, which tapes around five or 5:30, he’s then off to a fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce and [Green] Ivy, the kid. So that’s what it looks like out there today, Iran deploying Russian-made subs in the Gulf, Chinese general says to prepare for combat with Japan, Libya warns of more violence, and there’s Obama on Letterman.

By the way, a piece Breitbart, who writes about the Gallup numbers that are out today, which we reported to you in the first hour. Gallup has it Obama 47-46. That’s up one. Obama was up three in the previous Gallup number. “This afternoon, Gallup reported its latest presidential tracking poll, finding Obama’s lead had slipped again. … More importantly though, it represents a 6 week swing in Obama’s support in one week. Last week he led by 7 points. Clearly, the media will tell us this is trouble for Romney.”

He’s only down one point. He used to be down seven, definitely a problem for Romney. Here’s a pull quote from the piece. “The entire political universe began convincing themselves–and broadcasting to viewers and readers–that Romney was fading away. And yet, Romney gained ground as Obama lost ground. Obama’s approval rating slipped today under 50% to 49% and his disapproval rose. Expect the media to get very nervous now. … In the political word, we have a term for a campaign that loses 6 points in just one week; trouble. Unfortunately for the media. This applies now to the Obama campaign, not the Romney campaign.” I’m telling the truth here. Obama’s down a total of seven since last week. Romney is up and Obama’s approval number’s under 50.

Folks, is it perhaps now a little bit more clear why the Mitt tape was released to the media last night? It kind of makes sense now. Obama is in trouble. Obama’s plummeting. And, by the way, there’s another story. I’ve gotta find this before the program ends. It’s a great analysis of all kinds of polls that conclude that Obama is in deep trouble and that the mainstream media knows it and that their polls are not showing it, and all it is is an analysis of current polls and their samples, the party breakdown for each poll and how distorted and unrealistic their samples are.

And then, this is interesting, too. May of 2004. May 2004. May 2004. F. Chuck Todd, who at that time was the editor-in-chief of The Hotline, National Journal. He wasn’t at NBC yet. And the headline of F. Chuck Todd’s piece in May of 2004 was based on polling data: “A Kerry Landslide?” And it’s a page and a half here. Oh, it’s longer than that. Two pages, maybe more, on how John Kerry, in May of 2004, was headed to a landslide win over George W. Bush.

Now, what this means is the media is perfectly willing to lie, not only to us, but to themselves. And the funny thing is, the great thing is, they believe the lies they tell themselves. It’s pathological. I’m sure F. Chuck thought in May of 2004 that Kerry was gonna win in a landslide. They thought that when the exit polls came in on election night in 2004. I’m sure they think Obama’s gonna win in a landslide. They can’t fathom anything else. But they look at these Gallup numbers today, and they’re going to recognize it as trouble. I think they saw it yesterday, and that’s why the Romney tape was released.


RUSH: The polling data that I have is from a blog called DaTechGuy. He’s analyzed all of these polls and the party identifications that they use, and they don’t match up with reality. The results from all these polls are so skewed, and this guy has gone to great lengths to illustrate it. He concludes that the truth of the matter is that the people in the mainstream media are the ones that are demoralized. They’re the ones that know they’re using trumped-up data.

They’re the ones that know that they have manufactured a false narrative or reality that they are trying to make you believe, and every day they’re going through the pressure of wondering whether or not you’re believing it. And even as they doctor the polls, the Gallup thing comes out today (and even with the skewed sample there) Obama has lost seven points in the last week — and his approval has dipped under 50%. That’s why the Romney tape came out last night. Do you know what the real sampling should be?

The latest Rasmussen party ID poll released on August 13th found that people identify themselves 37.6% Republican, 33% Democrat, 29.2% independent. These polls should be oversampling Republicans by 4%, and they’re not. Like, the CBS poll on Friday had a Democrat-plus-13 sample. So that’s the kind of stuff that’s happening. They know they can dispirit you, they know they can depress you, and they’re trying.

What they want you doing is giving up, thinking it’s over, and sitting home. That’s their only hope, ’cause they can’t tout Obama. They can’t go, “Yeah! Yeah! We want Barack,” ’cause nobody would buy that.


RUSH: By the way, Rasmussen Reports also found that more voters now identify as Republican than at any other time in history, which includes November 2010. So despite what the media tries to convince you, you are not alone. You are in the majority.

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