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RUSH: Here’s Jay Carney. Such BS. This is this morning’s White House press briefing. Let’s just get started. This is — yep — responding to the Romney video.

CARNEY: (haltingly) When he made the decision, against the advice of many, to take action to save the auto industry, the president did not ask whether the 1.1 million Americans whose jobs would be saved had voted for him or against him. When he pressed for 18 small business tax cuts, he didn’t ask if —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Stop. I’m bored. I’m bored. I’ll fall asleep. Can’t afford it. Let’s move on to sound bite 28. This is the media now asking Carney about Obama’s bitter clingers comment. No, it’s bull. I’ve already addressed it. I’ve addressed it every day since Obama was elected. Everybody listening here knows that that’s flat-out bull… crap. It bored me. Little kid just rant and raving. There’s not even any energy in what he’s saying. I can’t afford people getting bored here. So now, an unidentified reporter says to Carney, “The president’s also had his fair share of this stuff, you know, the bitter clinger comment and so forth. How’s Romney comment any different from what the president said?”

CARNEY: I think that happened four years ago and was discussed in abundance at the time. What the president said four years ago, what he said eight years ago, what he says today, and what he said ever since he took office here is that he’s fighting for every American.

RUSH: That’s crap, too.

CARNEY: That he firmly believes as a nation we’re all in this together —

RUSH: Not fighting for. Fighting against every American.

CARNEY: — and what unites us is far stronger and greater than what divides us. We’re not —

RUSH: This is such pap.

CARNEY: — red America and blue America. We’re the United States of America.

RUSH: Right. Jay, you had a pap smear yet? You need one. Okay? They wouldn’t let the question go. “If the President can make a comment like he did in 2008, where he made a remark in direct relation to a large portion of the electorate, and Mitt Romney makes a similar remark also offending…”

CARNEY: Then-Senator Obama never said that he did not worry about or would not worry about 47% of the population. A lot of folks when we travel around the country ask why —

RUSH: That’s right. He was targeting ’em.

CARNEY: — the president is campaigning on a bus in towns and communities and counties that trend red or Republican.

RUSH: He hates the bitter clingers, Carney. You know it and I know it. He resents the bitter clingers. He wants to punish ’em.

CARNEY: Why is he there if he’s not likely to win the county?

RUSH: You see, isn’t it more interesting to hear me tell you what Carney’s saying than to listen to him say it himself?

CARNEY: Because he’s there to take his message about his economic vision and his agenda for the country to everybody, because he firmly believes that, you know, building this country up helps everybody.

RUSH: What a crock.

CARNEY: That’s the essence of his governing philosophy and it’s at the core of who he is

RUSH: Who’s he lifted up, outside of Jeffrey Immelt, the Solyndra guys, who’s he lifted up? Tell me. Give me a name. I want to meet the guy. Who’s Obama lifted up? Outside the regime. Give me a name. Okay, let’s see, one more of these. Darn it, I was hoping that was it. But there’s one more. Another reporter having an exchange here about Obama’s bitter clinger comment. I mean, the media, they’re kind of ragging Jay about this.

REPORTER: Is now the time to bring up your April 14 column from 2008 when you said the presidentÂ’s words were “poorly chosen,” on the “guns and bitter?”

CARNEY: Uh, I didnÂ’t – I donÂ’t remember that column but the… (laughter) I honestly donÂ’t.

REPORTER: I can read the whole thing for you if you want.

CARNEY: Look, I think the president, the then-candidate addressed this at the time.

RUSH: Stop the tape. I’m tired of propaganda. Here’s what the reporter’s talking about. April 15th, 2008, PMSNBC, Race for the White House, with David Gregory, there’s a discussion about Obama running against Hillary, and at the time Jay Carney was the Washington bureau chief of TIME Magazine and he’s on this show. David Gregory says, “Let me go ahead and move on. Finally from Reverend Wright to what’s called Bitter Gate. These two damaging controversies have raised direct questions about Barack Obama’s electability in the fall. The third question tonight, what will it take to convince super delegates that Obama’s problems are real? Jay, this is going to come up in the debate tomorrow night. This is the strategy now that Hillary Clinton is pursuing.” What about this bitter clinger stuff, Jay?

CARNEY: Well, it is. Look, he’s got problems, and he’s exposed a huge weakness in this past week with his comments about small town Pennsylvanians ’cause it reinforces a perception that he’s urban and urbane but not particularly well connected to small-town America, working-class Americans, and you can — you know, this is not a deal killer, and if Hillary Clinton does not win Pennsylvania going away, I think it’s put to rest for a while, but it will come back and it will come back fiercely in the fall election.

RUSH: So back in 2008 when he was a Democrat with a byline instead of the press secretary, he said that Obama’s bitter clinger comment was not good, he’s got a problem, and a reporter asked him about it. He said, “Is it time to bring up your April 14th column from 2008 when you said Obama’s words were poorly chosen?” And Carney said, “I don’t remember that column.” So, I mean, it’s just a revolving door. In 2008, he’s the bureau chief for TIME Magazine, supposedly a journalist to tell us what we don’t know is going on. He’s just a Democrat with a byline in 2008, and he got a promotion.

Once Obama won, he became Biden’s press secretary, and then they eventually figured out — two things happened. Gibbs got fed up, Robert Gibbs, and wanted to move on to the private sector and make some money while he had time. They needed a replacement for Gibbs. They figured Carney had really paid his dues, having worked for Biden a couple years, so they promoted him to be the press secretary for Obama. And when this is done, he’s gonna be back at TIME Magazine or some so-called journalism outfit ostensibly being an objective journalist or a bureau chief or whatever again. And they all do this with a straight face, thinking nobody notices. They’re just clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, purely objective, when it’s all a game, folks, it’s all a game.

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