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RUSH: Is this an anniversary of Occupy Wall Street? This is the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. I want to take you back, ladies and gentlemen, to October 6th of last year on this program. Said I, your host…

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think, folks, the regime wants to run against Mitt Romney. That’s what I think. Here’s what I’m thinking. When do you think these Astroturf protests were first talked about, this Occupy Wall Street thing? How long have they been in the works, do you think? I have been asking myself this, ’cause this is not spontaneous eruption here. This is a well-thought-out plan.

RUSH: Yes, I recall this now. Occupy Wall Street. I thought the administration wanted to run against Romney from the get-go, and we went through the reasons: Big, evil Wall Street fat cat; Bain Capital; Romneycare. All during the Republican primaries I made this point. Interesting to go back and relive this. Now, here we are. We have a montage of Obama media people.

Again, this CNN guy actually tweeted out an Obama donation form! Hamby is his name, Peter Hamby. He tweeted out an Obama fundraising form in advance of an Obama visit to Wisconsin on September 22nd, Saturday (the day after the iPhone was released). People are just yawning about it. “Ho-hum, no biggie.” ‘Cause people know. Here is a media montage. The media is celebrating one year of Occupy Wall Street.

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN: Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

ROBIN MEADE: Occupy Wall Street protestors plan to march on the New York Stock Exchange this hour. They’re marking their one-year anniversary.

DIANE MACEDO: The Occupy Wall Street movement. It’s marking its first anniversary.

JOE KERNEN: Occupy Wall Street movement marking its one-year anniversary.

GRETCHEN CARLSON: The Occupy Wall Street movement marking its one-year anniversary.

ANDREW SORKIN: Today marks the one-year anniversary since the Occupy Wall Street movement began.

GRETA BRAWNER: The Occupy Wall Street movement is one year old today.

RUSH: Yeah, well, what’s going on with it? Is it something big out there? Is the Occupy Wall Street movement overwhelmingly in size? Let’s go to CNBC’s Squawk Box show this morning. Joe Kernen, the host, was speaking with correspondent Kayla Tausche about the Occupy Wall Street protest. Kernen says, “We saw a lot of police, a lot of photographers and a lot of reporters. And they’ve got a few more protesters, Kayla, at this point?”

TAUSCHE: Joe, I think the ratio of, uh, media and police to the protesters is probably about one to one. Of course, the NYPD [was] ready for this. They knew what to expect. I guess that’s the problem when you lay out where you’re going, is that the police can be there before you. But we’re hearing these familiar chants, we’re seeing some familiar faces, and it definitely feels like — even if it’s just for one more day — there’s a little bit of momentum here in lower Manhattan.

RUSH: Oh, are they hoping! Oh, are they hoping they’ve got something spontaneous and real. They don’t. It’s a rent-a-mob. And if the ratio of media and cops and security people to protesters is one to one, then the number of protesters is tiny. But remember, it’s a rent-a-mob. There’s nothing genuine or spontaneous, just like there wasn’t a year ago when the whole thing kicked off.

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