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RUSH: Seriously what about all this Muslim outreach? We shut down manned space flight out of NASA, and we turn that into Muslim outreach. And what else did Mrs. Clinton do? Mrs. Clinton did some things that were designed to “reach out” to the Islamic community. This administration has gone out of its way. The Cairo speech?

You may be remembering things that I don’t mention here. But in the last 3-1/2 years this administration has made it plain that this is a new day for the United States and Islam. So what the hell is happening here? Don’t forget the Obama speech at the United Nations just a year ago. “We got rid of Mubarak, got rid of all these other bad guys, got rid of bin Laden. It’s a new day! We buried the past.” It’s all over now. “Peace is hard, but we’re there!”

It’s breathtaking to behold this. I mentioned this New York Times piece. This is great. This is just… (laughing) It’s obvious they think we’re the stupidest people on the planet. First audio sound bite. Let’s go back. Wednesday night on Telemundo, Noticiero Telemundo. The host is Jose Diaz-Balart. He’s interviewing Obama, and Jose says, “Would you consider the current Egyptian regime an ally of the United States?”

OBAMA: I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy. They are a new government that is trying to find its way. They were democratically elected. I think that, uh, we are gonna have to see how they respond to this incident. Uh, how they respond to, for example, maintaining the peace treaty with Israel. So far, at least, what we’ve seen is in some cases they’ve said the right things and taken the right steps. In others, how they’ve responded to various events may not be aligned with our interests.

RUSH: All right. That’s psychobabble, and everybody says so. It wasn’t just me. I remember going nuts here, having heard him say that Egypt isn’t an ally. And then everybody else caught up with this and heard it, too, and the White House does this real fast backtrack on it. “He didn’t say that! Of course he knows that Egypt is an ally.” Again, it’s just incompetence on parade. So yesterday at the State Department, they sent a spokesbabe out, Victoria Nuland at her daily press briefing, and she had this exchange with a reporter.

REPORTER: So forget about the president’s words. You’re saying that the administration — the State Department — still regards Egypt as a major non-NATO ally and it is still a recipient of all the privileges that that entails?


RUSH: “So forget what the president said,” forget what Obama said. You’re telling us Egypt ‘s still an ally? They still get the money, they get all the privileges, they get all the entrails, they get everything?

That’s right.

But Obama said they’re not an ally!

Doesn’t matter. We’re the State Department; he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You wouldn’t believe how often he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They are an ally.

So to the rescue… (laughing) I got this last night. This is one of those things where I couldn’t wait for the show to start, but I may be wrong. I sent this to a bunch of friends of mine after midnight, and not one of them reacted to it, so I could be wrong. I don’t want to artificially build you up. I sent this out. I sent this to my brother, no reaction. I sent it to five or six people, and did not get any reaction. I got reactions to other stuff for a half hour after that, inane stupid-joke stuff, but I didn’t get any reaction to this.

So I’m a man on an island with it, but here it is. New York Times: “Egypt, Hearing from Obama, Moves to Heal Rift from Protests — Following a blunt phone call from President Obama, Egyptian leaders scrambled Thursday to try to repair the countryÂ’s alliance with Washington…” So, while Obama’s campaigning — preparing to yuk it up and party it up with Jay-Z and Beyonce and the kid Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue or Downey, whatever it is — he found time, folks!

He called Egypt . He called Morsi, and he read ’em the riot act! He told them who he was! (I’m Barack Hussein Obama. What are you gonna do about this? You are gonna stop this! You are gonna fix this.) ” Egypt , Hearing from Obama, Moves to Heal Rift from Protests — Following a blunt phone call from President Obama…” Have you seen this reported anywhere else? “Following a blunt phone call from President Obama, Egyptian leaders scrambled Thursday to try to repair the countryÂ’s alliance with Washington …”

Has there been any cessation in the protests and fires?

Has there been any cessation?

There hasn’t, has there?

Okay. Obama is the one who said that they were not an ally. If anybody’s scrambling, it’s Obama. But the New York Times says Egypt is scrambling ’cause Obama called ’em. That’s right! “Egyptian leaders scrambled Thursday to try to repair the countryÂ’s alliance with Washington, tacitly acknowledging that they erred in their response to the attack on the United States Embassy by seeking to first appease anti-American domestic opinion without offering a robust condemnation of the violence.”

So, according to the New York Times, Egypt has admitted they blew it. They told Obama they blew it. They should have acted more strongly; they will in the future. “Please, we’re sorry.” I think it’s funny as hell. It’s ridiculous! This is a second grader whose dog ate the homework and the teacher is covering for him, or a Harvard professor where the guy hasn’t shown up for class in five months and still gets an A on the paper. It’s amazing how they circle the wagons.

That’s just the first paragraph of this gem. “Set off by anger at an American-made video ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad…” By the way, I did some research. Ten people have seen this. There was a screening of this movie in June, in Hollywood at The Vine theater. The Vine theater rents itself out for private screenings. The actors involved in this movie say they were duped. They had no idea movie was an attack on Mohammed; a bunch of stuff was dubbed in afterwards.

It was originally called “The Innocence of bin Laden.” It was shown on June 23rd to an audience of less than ten people at The Vine theater on Hollywood Boulevard . So ten people have seen the whole thing. We’re being sold a bill of goods about the role this stupid video or movie is playing. It has nothing to do with it. In fact, what this is is a vehicle for further assaults on the First Amendment by the regime. You can hear it when Hillary talks about it.

The problem here is the movie. The problem here is the First Amendment. The problem here is that we don’t have anything we can do about what people say in this country! (Yet.) Back to the New York Times story: “During a late-night, 20-minute phone call, Mr. Obama warned Mr. Morsi that relations would be jeopardized if Egyptian authorities failed to protect American diplomats and stand more firmly against anti-American attacks.” So the narrative this sets up is the media is gonna say that the ally comment was on purpose to scare the Egyptians.

That’s what this is, folks. That’s why I’m laughing myself silly last night. That’s why I’m sending it to my friends. That’s why they’re ignoring it ’cause they don’t think it’s anything serious. I think it’s outrageous. He stepped in quicksand big time when he said Egypt isn’t an ally. So the New York Times, for today’s paper, posts last night on their website that Obama intended to do that to get their attention. “This guy’s so smart. This Obama guy is so crafty. He knows how to play people.

“He went out and he told that Telemundo guy on purpose that Egypt isn’t an ally to scare the hell out of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Brotherhood got scared, boy! They snapped to, and they promised Obama renewed security for our people in the Middle East !” Isn’t that our job? The Egyptians can do all they want but if Obama’s not gonna let the Marines have live ammo — if there aren’t any Marines, if we’re not gonna buck up security when we know and have heard that there might be increased protest activity — how is that the Egyptians’ fault anyway?

Isn’t our security our responsibility? Or have the liberals finally decided to farm that out, too? “The rising breach between the United States and Egypt comes at a critical time for the longtime allies.” Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! No, no, no! Obama said the day before that we’re not allies. So I haven’t seen this get picked up today. And if it hasn’t been picked up yet, I’m assuming it’s not going to be. I could be wrong. It could get picked up.

If it’s not picked up, it’s because this was a trial balloon to see what kind of reaction it got, to see if they could possibly pass this off as credible. And apparently it’s not credible enough for the rest of the media that follows the New York Times in setting the news agenda every day to use this. Because if it were, all we would be seeing on cable news today is how Obama tricked Morsi. He went on Telemundo and he said we’re not an ally, and that scared the Muslim Brotherhood.

I mean, this is a narrative Obama would love.

He scared the Muslim Brotherhood, really frightened ’em. The new president of Egypt , Morsi, calls Obama, begs forgiveness, says he’s sorry; promises renewed security. And therefore Obama’s saying that Egypt wasn’t an ally was just a sleight of hand. He intended to say that. He intended to say that to scare the Egyptians, and it worked. That’s what the purpose of the story was. But it hasn’t been picked up. Maybe one of the reasons it hasn’t been picked up is because none of the violence appears to have been quelled.

“Mr. Obama urged Mr. Morsi to publicly and strongly condemn the attacks. He had already signaled his displeasure earlier, saying in an interview on Telemundo that Egypt was not necessarily an ‘ally,’ although White House officials were playing down the remark on Thursday.” So this story even admits — tries to pass off, in fact — the idea that Obama purposely said Egypt isn’t an ally just to get their attention, because he knew they’d snap to.

Everybody loves Obama, see. Everybody wants to be an ally of Obama! You see, every nation wants to be best buddies with Obama. So Obama goes out there and says to Egypt, “They’re not our ally! To hell with them. I don’t need them. I got a campaign appearance today.” Morsi got so scared, he called Obama and promised to be nice! This is what the story says. It is the most blatant, flagrant attempt to cover up and recapture the absolute incompetence of a president, who is clueless, has no idea what to do in this situation.

RUSH: From the New York Times, reporting that Egypt got scared to death when Obama said they weren’t an ally, and then Obama gave ’em a real tough phone call. I haven’t seen that reported. Obama called up Morsi, read him the riot act, said, (imitating Obama) “You better straighten this out over here.” And Morsi said, “Okay, okay, we will and we’ll give you more security.”

This comes from the Washington Free Beacon: “White House press secretary Jay Carney said Friday the violent protests throughout the Middle East are not directed at the United States or US policy but are a response to a YouTube video.” It’s all it is.

“We need to understand,” said Carney, “that this is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to United States policy, and not to, obviously, the administration, or the American people, but it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting.” And then right on cue comes the AP saying, (satirizing) “Boy, this Romney guy is so out of his loop. He doesn’t know this is about a video. It’s not about foreign policy. He’s showing everybody how much he doesn’t know about foreign policy. Obama is winning this one hands down. Romney better get back to the economy if he wants to have any chance at all ’cause he’s really out of his depth on foreign policy.” That’s the narrative today. “It’s all the movie. It’s not about policy at all.” It’s from the White House. “We’re not worried, what, me worried? Nothing happening here, nothing even to see. Some kook with a camera caused this. That’s all it is.”

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