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RUSH: So far, folks, the entire narrative of the reason for the mob activity in the Middle East has been false. It’s a false narrative. A so-called fundamentalist pastor who never even saw this YouTube video that nobody else has seen, that’s supposedly produced by an Israeli Jew who turns out to be a Coptic Christian. A film that, in fact, may not actually exist. But if it does, nobody has seen the entire thing, as best we can tell.

And we, nevertheless, are to believe that hundreds of thousands of Arabs in the Middle East are driven to march, riot, maim, and kill, based on this? Sorry, folks. I’m not buying this. I’m not joining this media bubble, this movie, whatever this is. If anything, it could even be a hoax. But it has nothing to do with this, other than being used to incite the rabble. But it is the reason this is happening. It just happens to occur on 9/11, by the way, and thereafter.

I guess that’s just a coincidence!

Meanwhile, 9/11 comes around, but our embassies and consulates are not fortified. Apparently there were no additional security measures. The Marines didn’t have bullets in Egypt. The president doesn’t bother with intel briefings since the 6th of September. That’s the last one he had. A British paper reports, citing senior American diplomats, that 48 hours prior to the attacks on our consulate and embassy, the government was aware of credible threats and didn’t do anything.

And we’re told by the media that Mitt Romney spoke too soon the other day. We’re told that Romney has no foreign policy experience. Yet it was Romney who issued the most responsible and presidential statement of anybody. We’re told that Obama now has foreign policy experience, while the Middle East is crumbling. The Red Chinese, the ChiComs, are on the move. The Russians are on the move. Iran is close to having nukes, Israel is on its own on what appears to be the eve of war.

And where is Obama?

He’s in Vegas, Colorado, fundraising, campaigning, cracking jokes at his rallies.

It’s just another day, as though nothing serious is going on.


RUSH: At the morning press briefing (we’ve got the audio now) a reporter said, “As you know, the unrest in the Middle East is spreading to other embassies. The president’s critics are saying it’s an indictment of his handling of the Arab Spring.”

That’s not what we’re saying. Ugh. Anyway, “And that this is given rise to further inflamed sentiment among Islamists. What’s his response to that, Jay?”

CARNEY: I would note that many observers, commentaries, foreign policy experts, as well as elected officials — both Democrats and Republicans — have…

RUSH: Oh, come on! Stop it. If I’d-a known he was gonna say that, I wouldn’t have bothered playing it ’cause it just ticks me off. Here you start out with a list of all of these straw men. Go ahead and recue it to the top. I know I’ve gotta play it. “Many observers, commentators, foreign policy experts, elected officials — both Democrats and Republicans — have pointed out that…”

Where have they pointed it out? Where have all of these experts, these straw men, done it? Where have they all agreed that it is the YouTube video? Everywhere I look, people are trying to denounce that. It’s secondary. This is much bigger than that, and here you have the regime not willing to face up to it. Okay, here’s the whole answer again. I promise to let it all go by.

CARNEY: I would note that many observers, commentators, foreign policy experts, as well as elected officials — both Democrats and Republicans — have, uh, pointed out that the criticism in particular from Governor Romney and his team in what seems to be an attempt to score a political point has been, uh, both factually wrong and poorly timed. Now is a time when Americans should be coming together.

RUSH: And then Jake Tapper, ABC News: “Wouldn’t it seem logical that the anniversary of 9/11 would be a time that you would want to have some extra security around diplomats and military posts?”

CARNEY: Let’s be clear. This… These protests were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region.

TAPPER: At Benghazi?

CARNEY: We certainly don’t know.

TAPPER: (unintelligible)

CARNEY: We don’t know otherwise. Uh, the — the, uh, you know, we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned, uhhhh, attack.

RUSH: Yes, we do!

CARNEY: Uh, the unrest we’ve seen around the region has been in reaction to a video that Muslims — many Muslims — find offensive.

RUSH: Nobody’s seen it! Ten people have seen it. In June. A snippet here, a snippet there on YouTube. These people haven’t seen it. This insults my intelligence. This the kind of stuff that makes you want these people to get smoked on Election Day. We’re so much better than this. “What about Benghazi?” “Well, certainly — certainly there’s no information to suggest it was preplanned.” What do you mean, “no information to suggest that it was preplanned”? It’s all over the place that it was preplanned!

Reaction to a video?

You know, these are children. They cannot accept responsibility for anything. They’re never gonna do the right thing. This is not about Obama. It’s about the United States’ national security. We’re a big nation at risk in a dangerous world. This is not about these guys, and they want to turn everything into being about these guys, about reelection, about his perception, about his image.

Here’s another bite. Let’s see. Dan Lothian of CNN said to Carney, “Well, you mentioned a number of times now that this is in response to a video or film. Would you not agree, Jay, that it’s moved beyond that now? I mean, some are stirring violence by focusing on US policy or targeting the US in general. It’s no longer just about the film.”

CARNEY: The reason why there is unrest, uh, is because of the film. This is in response to the film.

LOTHIAN: (unintelligible)

CARNEY: We obviously are not polling protesters to find out what their motivations are. This is not a film that the United States government had anything to do with. We reject its message and its contents. We find it both disgusting and reprehensible. America has a history of religious tolerance and respect for religious beliefs.

RUSH: No, but you guys don’t.

CARNEY: And that history goes back our nation’s founding.

RUSH: Try being the Catholic Church with you guys in office. Anyway, it’s obvious that Little Jay had been sent out there to say, “It’s the movie, it’s the movie, it’s the movie!” Whatever the question is, he says, “It’s the movie!” Whatever the question is, the answer is, “It’s the movie. It’s the film. This is in response to the film.” Whatever the question, that is the answer.


RUSH: And here’s Jay Carney out there saying, “Eh, it’s a movie. It’s not about American policy. That Benghazi attack? We don’t know that it was preplanned. It’s not a case of protest directed at the US.” If that’s right, how come they’re screaming, “Death to America! Death to America!” Why are they burning the American flag? I don’t see ’em burning videocassettes or DVDs. Why are they killing an American ambassador? Why are they attacking American interests?

Well, it’s not a coordinated attack. It’s just the movie, just the movie.

What could be more factually wrong than saying these protests were not aimed at the United States of America? Does this White House think we’re idiots? Listen to this, from the UK Independent. This cleared last night. “Senior officials are increasingly convinced, however, that the ferocious nature of the Benghazi attack, in which rocket-propelled grenades were used, indicated it was not the result of spontaneous anger due to the video, called Innocence of Muslims. Patrick Kennedy, Under-Secretary at the State Department, said he was convinced the assault was planned due to its extensive nature and the proliferation of weapons.”

There were 400 people, and yet here’s the president’s spokesperson saying it wasn’t planned.

So Carney’s contradicting the undersecretary of state. He’s contradicting the UK Independent and other sources quoted. “It wasn’t planned. It’s the movie.” Clearly this guy’s been told to go out there, “Jay, we don’t care how bad it tastes, you tell ’em it’s the movie. We don’t care what you have to swallow, Jay, it’s the film. That’s the answer to every question.” So he dutifully walks out there, and that’s his answer. This would be like blaming Abu Ghraib riots on Polaroid, or Kodak. It’s exactly what this is.

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