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RUSH: So we’re waiting. We’re waiting to see what the new Egyptian government does, how they react to the incident. All you need to know is that the new president of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood guy (Morsi is his name), has demanded that our government prosecute the filmmakers. We’re learning more about the filmmaker. It’s some kook. It’s a freak. It’s a longtime troublemaker. He ought not be given the time of day, and the fact of the matter is that this is not about the movie.

I do believe that the masses in Egypt and in Benghazi are reacting. I think that’s how they’ve been whipped into a frenzy. I think they are reacting to this movie because they’re being told about it by the people that are agitating them. But the leadership of Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood don’t care a whit about that movie. It’s a convenient way to get their charges all riled up.

It was September 11th.

They had it planned anyway, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is going to keep happening, and the United States… I saw Mrs. Clinton this morning on television. I tuned into it in the middle and I was spellbound. I was stunned. I felt, “Who’s she speaking to?” I didn’t know at first. It was Morocco, as it turned out. She was speaking to them as though they were five years old. She was explaining our First Amendment and how it’s just unfortunate that there are so…

I’m paraphrasing; “It’s unfortunate there are so many kooks in our country, but we have to let them say what they want to say.” She wasn’t at all perturbed at the violence committed against our embassy and consulate and the eruption of protests elsewhere. She was hell-bent on explaining to the Moroccans — and anybody else in the Arab world or the Al-Qaeda world that was listening — that we don’t mean you any harm.

“We really love you. We really like you!”

It was breathtaking to watch. Because underlying it all, you could tell, was her belief that we’re responsible. “We’re at fault, and we know it, but you still shouldn’t have reacted with violence. No matter that we have a First Amendment and no matter that our people are allowed to say whatever they want. No matter how stupid, no matter how extreme, no matter how kooky, it still shouldn’t be responded to with violence.”

I’m sure that the people watching Mrs. Clinton in that part of the world are laughing themselves silly and falling off chairs. It was like Conflict Resolution 101. It really was. It was amateur hour. It’s stuff like that that makes me think we’ve lost the country, or that we’re losing the country: People in positions of power who hold this country to blame. We’re at fault, our Constitution’s the problem, and we beg murderers and terrorists all over the world to be patient with us and to understand!

“Unlike in your country where you can put your kooks in jail and torture them and throw ’em in dungeons, we have to put up with ours. We can’t do anything to ’em. You have to understand, we’re sort of handcuffed here. We can’t treat our dissidents the way we would like to — uh, uh, the way you do!” It was sophomoric. It was insulting of everybody’s intelligence. It was unprofessional. It was the way a teacher in the fifth grade talks to students. That’s our secretary of state talking to the terror community around the world, as though they’re the ones who are our friends.

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