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RUSH: President Obama is heading Las Vegas this afternoon. He’s moved his departure back an hour because of what happened. He had to speak outside the Oval Office. He had to address what happened at our embassy and our consulate in the Middle East. He’s going to Vegas because he’s got a campaign event. Now, the campaign event was originally scheduled for an outside arena. I think the capacity of this place is 19,000 or 20,000.

Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz sent out a flash e-mail to people in Vegas yesterday saying (summarized), “Sorry, we’re having to move it inside because of weather.” So I said, “Oh, weather in Vegas?” So I went to Weather Underground and I looked, and sure enough there was a 60% chance of rain last night with a flash-flood warning. There’s no chance of rain today or tonight in Las Vegas.

So they’re moving another event indoors because of inclement weather that isn’t inclement, with the usually apology for all the thousands and thousands disappointed that they won’t get to see the president now. Look, I might have the numbers wrong. It might be 1,200 people the arena holds or 1,900. I don’t know what the numbers are, but they’re moving it from outdoors to in because of increment weather.

I also heard that the president’s going on Letterman. He’s appearing on Letterman tonight or tomorrow. I don’t know when. I’m not sure the date.

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