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RUSH: It looks like the Obama apology has not worked. Gateway Pundit is reporting that protests have broken out in Sudan, Kuwait, and Morocco. A website Called Now Lebanon is reporting: “Hundreds of Muslims protested on Wednesday outside the US consulate in Morocco’s largest city Casablanca to decry a film deemed insulting to Islam that already sparked deadly violence in Libya. The protesters, numbering between 300 and 400 mostly young activists, gathered around 200 yards from the consulate amid a heavy police presence. Some shouted anti-US slogans, including ‘Death to Obama!’, but without resorting to violence.”

So there’s an outbreak of protests in Sudan, Kuwait, and Morocco now, and they’re using the excuse of this movie on Mohammed as their reasoning. And, again, we have this, too, from Reuters: “Tunisian police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a protest over this film near the US embassy in Tunisia.” From the French News Agency: “Tunis police dispersed protesters outside the US embassy. They fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of demonstrators outside the embassy in Tunis gathered to condemn a film deemed offensive.” This is just an excuse. This movie — just as the Dutch cartoons were — is an excuse. It’s just a convenient excuse. It’s 9/11, and now 9/12 when all of this is happening, and again, we just had a caller from New Mexico with a really brilliant point. If the Islamists with upset at anything, it’s the fact that we’re spiking the ball killing Osama. The Democrat convention was devoted to that.

The two reasons this country was given to reelect Barack Obama: bailing out GM, keeping it alive, and killing Osama. And the protesters outside the embassy in Egypt are all shouting, “We’re all Osamas, Obama,” or something of that nature. The Danish cartoons, same excuse given to justify. And, of course, our embassy’s apology acknowledges that, “Well, I guess that’s a justified reason for these people to protest.” Because they apologized for our free speech.


RUSH: Apparently the Muslim Brotherhood has issued some kind of a statement. McCarthy is an expert on these people. It’s more like a veiled threat. I’ll dig it out. Plus, I’m trying to keep up with what Apple is doing today. You wouldn’t believe what I got going on here. I got static like you can’t believe in my audio feed. You just don’t know, folks. You just have no idea what trying to do a show on a day like this is all about.


I know I was right. The iPhone is everything everybody thought it was gonna be. All the leaks about the iPhone are true. What it looks like. What it’s got in it. Everything about it was true. There was no shock or surprise. In fact, the new operating system — which of course I’m already running, ahem — will be released to the plebes on the 19th, a week from today. In fact, if you had been watching the Dittocam and you’ve seen me checking my iPhone and after I check it and I mutter an obscenity, it’s because they haven’t updated it. It’s been a month since they updated the beta. I’ve been waiting for one. I promise when I get to the break I’ll find out what this Muslim Brotherhood guy, supposedly a semi-apology or an acknowledgement that something bad happened, but it has a veiled threat in it, ostensibly. Which doesn’t surprise me.

“Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas.” That’s what they were shouting. “Obama, Obama, there are still a billion Osamas.” That’s what the protesters were shouting as they went over the wall of our embassy in Egypt yesterday, in Cairo. I could shoot myself figuratively for not putting this together myself, for not making this connection. I’m like everybody else, I got so amazed at our embassy’s apology for us again, that I got fixated on that. And what was staring all of us right in the face. Here we’re apologize for a preacher. Remember, there are people in this country who want to blame Terry Jones for this, or this guy making the movie about Mohammed. And the protesters aren’t shouting Terry Jones, his name, or the movie producer’s name. They’re shouting Obama’s name. And it’s 9/11. Totally coordinated.

Libya is a different thing. I don’t know if there’s coordination between those two. I have no idea if there’s any coordination there, but again, in Libya, of us not true that Mrs. Clinton was mocking, or laughing at one point about us getting rid of Khadafy? Maybe not laughing, but was she being flippant about how easy it was and what a rotgut he was. Remember, Khadafy had his supporters in Libya. He had a bunch of ’em. And spiking the football again. I just don’t believe it’s this movie. And now the outbreak in Sudan, Kuwait, and Morocco.

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