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RUSH: Here, ladies and gentlemen. Howard Dean this morning, CBS This Morning. He was on with Charlie Rose who said, “This is a close election. So what is it that worries you the most, Howard?”

DEAN: I — I — I’m not that worried.

ROSE: You think it’s over?

DEAN: Well, no! I don’t think it’s over. You always should worry, otherwise you’re not any good at your job, if you’re a politician.

ROSE: So what is it you worry about?

DEAN: But, uh… uh… some unexpected thing.

RUSH: Pff! Hey, Howard? You don’t need to wait for something unexpected. There’s a lot of stuff staring you in the face that ought to make you worried. Gloria Borger last night, CNN’s coverage, the Democrat National Convention…

BORGER: Here’s the thing about Bill Clinton and what he does so well, which hardly anybody does anymore, is he tells a story. He turned the last four years into a compelling story. To put it all in the context of the big story, he said about President Obama… He said, “He had it worse than I did. When I came in, we had economic troubles, but he had it worse, and you can’t expect him to turn this around as quickly as I did. You gotta have some patience.”

RUSH: See? That is exactly what I was talking about. She doesn’t get it. Bill Clinton said (impression), “Obama had it worse than I did. When I came in, we had economic trouble, but Obama’s had it worse. You can’t expect him to turn it around like I did.” Everybody knows Clinton turned it around; everybody knows Obama hasn’t. So Clinton says, “Hey, he had it a little worse than I did (chuckles), but I turned it around, and this guy hasn’t. That’d be unfair for you to think that.

“It’d be unfair for you to think that, and it’d be unfair to say it. I know you’re thinking it. I wish you weren’t thinking it. We all know it’s true. I don’t care how bad he’s had it. I had it bad, too. He may have had it a little bit worse than I did, but I turned it around, and he didn’t. You all wish I was president not him, right?” That’s the message. I know this guy, folks. Don’t dispute me and don’t doubt me on this. That’s what he was saying. He knows that’s what those people are thinking.

Here’s Cokie Roberts on ABC’s coverage of the Democrat National Convention. This was after Sandra Fluke’s speech…

ROBERTS: I have never seen a Democratic convention like this. These people — I am looking at them all — they are just sitting in their chairs listening to the speakers. They are rapt. They are clapping for people you’ve absolutely never heard of and getting very excited. Right now Sandra Fluke, the young woman who got in trouble with talking about contraception at Georgetown Law School, she’s now talking, and listen to them. They are just incredibly fired up. When the president, the former president comes out, they — it is going to be a moment like no moment you’ve seen.

RUSH: Let me tell you what really happened. When that speech was finished, that’s when they went up to the roundtable at Fox and that’s when Joe Trippi really wished he wasn’t there, to have to comment. Joe Trippi, (imitating Trippi) “Yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, it’s a little flat tonight compared to last night, but you can’t win every night, Bret. Granted, it’s a little flat.” Cokie, people were sitting there rapt? They were bored. And a lot of ’em are saying, “How the hell does this happen at ten o’clock? I thought this was supposed to happen at nine o’clock. What happened here? This wasn’t supposed to be on primetime TV.” That’s what a lot of the Democrats were saying, don’t doubt me.

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