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RUSH: All right, here’s the truth. Yesterday, including most of last night, was perhaps one of the worst, flattest, most embarrassing days for a political party at its convention in the history of conventions. And yet, the media and a lot of Democrats think the election’s over because of last night. They think last night’s convention was a home run, a grand-slam home run. I’m telling you, the truth is that in terms of average Americans watching what’s going on, yesterday and last night was an absolute disaster for the Democrats.

There must be a lot of fear on our side. ‘Cause I got people left and right that have been e-mailing me Clinton fact-check articles. “Rush, you gotta set the record straight on Clinton.” I didn’t even watch Clinton. I saw two or three segments and I got bored. I got bored. I don’t think he helped Obama at all last night. You know, Obama’s waiting backstage to come out and accept accolades and stand in the great light of Bill Clinton, and what did Clinton do? Make him wait ’til 11:30, when the football game is at its most exciting. Everybody’s watching the wrap-up of the Giants and the Cowboys. That convention last night on the broadcast networks, the early numbers didn’t even get a full rating point. It got a .9. The TV numbers are in.

Now, they’re quick and they’re subject to revision, but it’s fascinating for me to look at my e-mail of what people send me, because I can determine who’s frightened or who’s worried about what mighta happened last night. I want to dissect this and share with you my opinions of it, as always. We’ll have some audio sound bites of some of the things that happened. I want you to try to understand. I don’t know how many of you are panicked because you think Clinton did well last night, but you have to keep in mind, the Democrat Party and the media all wish they were sleeping with Clinton. There is a slavish, irrational love-like attachment to this guy that is irrational, and it’s not rooted in reality. And, of course, they think last night fixed whatever problems happened earlier in the day, or whatever mighta gone wrong earlier in the evening or whatever mighta gone wrong the last four years.

I’m telling you, they see Bill Clinton in a way that the vast majority of Americans do not. Tell me, do the candidates that Clinton endorses win? No! A sizeable percentage of the American people looked at this convention last night, and they hear contraception, abortion, women, victims, women this, women that, War on Women, and then who do they see? Bill Clinton. Any party that would bring Bill Clinton out and highlight him and Ted Kennedy, while at the same time claiming to have love and devotion, respect for women, is insane. In the real world, the connection doesn’t work. (laughing) For me, it is fascinating to watch what idolatry does to people’s ability to be reasonable and rational. I’ll show you what I mean when we get to the audio sound bites. There’s a couple other observations.

I don’t think Clinton intended to help Obama that much. I think Clinton’s out there for Clinton, he’s being loyal to the party first, loyal to himself second. I don’t know if it’s got a name for it, a device, but what he wanted to do was tell the audience that his four years smoked Obama’s. He couldn’t just come out and say it that way, but he wanted them to conclude that. So what he did, and I’m paraphrasing it, (imitating Clinton) “I just went through my record and all the job creation, bipartisan, I mean, I worked with the Republicans.” There were so many slams of Obama in that Clinton speech, I can’t begin to catalog ’em all. “I was bipartisan. I worked with the Republicans. I was able to do that. I was able to get it done. This guy can’t.” He didn’t say that, but that’s the implication.

And then he recounts his record. (imitating Clinton) “I took office in the worst economy in the last 50 years, and look what happened. I raised taxes, job creation, economic recovery. Now, I don’t want y’all thinking here that the last four years have been… I mean, my four years clearly outdid the last four, everybody knows that. But I don’t want you thinking that. That would be very unfair. I don’t want you making that kind of comparison.” But he wanted everybody to make the comparison. So he told the audience, (imitating Clinton) “I know what you’re thinking. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I know more about what I’m doing than this clown does. I don’t want you thinking that way. It would be wholly unfair. It would be very unfair for you to think I’m so much better at what I do than Obama is.” That’s exactly what he was doing.

I know this guy, folks. I can channel this guy. I know liberals. I know how they do stuff, and there’s Obama sitting back there waiting to come out. He doesn’t even want to have to bask in Clinton’s limelight, but that’s all he’s got. Obama is standing back there waiting to come out and bask in the glow, and Clinton goes on and on. I was going back and forth from Clinton to the football game, and I’m not kidding you, every time I went back to Clinton, that room looked flat. Now, I know there were periods of time where it wasn’t. I’m not lost in my own illusion. But I’m telling you, he mighta owned that room the first five or ten minutes, but after that, he got lost in “I, me, my,” and his time and his ego, and that convention hall last night was a microcosm, a small microcosm of the small percentage of thinking in this country that is categorized by liberal. They are nowhere near the majority of the population, majority of the thinking or what have you, and the media is in the same body.

So there’s a vast misunderstanding in that hall. For crying out loud, this is the bunch that got mad when they tried to put God back in their platform. They got mad! They booed God! They booed the process of putting God back, and they think they had a winning convention night last night. They think they won the election last night. We come to find out, the news came from on high. It was reported that when Obama found out that God had been taken out of the convention, he called somebody, “You put it back in.” Well, guess who was in charge of taking it out in the first place? Obama. Presidents are the platform. He knew that it wasn’t in there, and he knew this business about Israel and Jerusalem wasn’t in there. He wanted it that way. Then all hell broke loose and he had to put it back in.

I had to feel sorry for poor Villaraigosa going out there, ’cause look what this guy’s up against? And what does it say for the democrat process when the vote was ignored, the real vote was ignored, and the convention leaders just did what they wanted to do anyway. That convention doesn’t want God in their platform. That bunch of Democrats wants God nowhere near ’em. And there’s no other way of analyzing it. So Villaraigosa goes out there, calls for the vote, and you can see on his face, “Oh, my God. What do I do?” The teleprompter told him what to say, but the “no’s” clearly outnumbered the “yay’s”, in terms of putting God back in. He had to sit there and pretend that the “yay’s” won. He couldn’t do it the first time. Here, let’s just listen to it. I have to play this myself. I have to get it on the record on this program. The Democrat Party, as you will hear with sound bites, as we get into the rest of the program, they think they won the election last night. That may be one of the best results last night. They think it’s in the bag now, strictly because of Bill Clinton. They think it’s in the bag.

Oh, folks. You know, CNN has a stalker, Carol Costello. She’s the correspondent that follows me, and she was interviewing Alex Castellanos. And Kit, be on the lookout. Every time I mention Castellanos, he calls and filibusters and demands to come on the program to “correct” what I say about him. Or he sends you an e-mail. Whatever. He’s a Republican consultant, Alex Castellanos. He’s on CNN last night, and Carol Costello’s desperately worried that Obama’s not going to be able to outshine Bill Clinton.

Castellanos says (summarized), “Yeah, I’m gonna tell you: This election’s over. I got an e-mail from a woman who said she watched Clinton last night and she wanted to do two things: ‘I want to sleep with him; I want to vote for him.’ This is over, Carol.” Costello says, “Well, you know, Obama just does so much better outdoors than indoors. Is there any way, Alex, that Obama can…?” I have the sound bites. You will hear this. The Republican consultant on CNN last night said, “It’s over.”

Cokie Roberts thinks it’s over. Gloria Borger thinks it’s over. But Joe Trippi on Fox was so embarrassed. Joe Trippi, right before Warren. Right before they went to Warren there was a little time for a panel up there. And Joe Trippi (who ran Howard Dean’s campaign in ’04), when it was his turn to comment, he didn’t want to say anything. He was so depressed. (paraphared) “Yeah. Look, yeah. It’s a little flat tonight. Yeah it’s not what it was the night before. Yeah, it’s a little flat,” and then he started with the excuse making.

And Joe Trippi had it right.

Dick Morris was tweeting all throughout Clinton’s speech just thrashing Clinton on what a horrible speech Clinton was giving. The contrast is amazing. The people who think it’s over because Clinton gave a great speech are a testament to how in the tank the media and Democrats are for Clinton. They have no ability to relate to reality, particularly as it affects real people. Now, here’s Villaraigosa as they’re desperately trying to put God back in their convention. It’s one word: “God-given.” That’s the phrase: “God-given.” One little mention, and it’s torn the convention apart.

One mention of God, and it sent this place into a tizzy.

We have two of these. Here’s the first of two sound bites, the LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

VILLARAIGOSA: (convention noise) All those delegates in favor, say, “Aye.”


VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates opposed, say, “No.”


VILLARAIGOSA: In the opinion of the… (pause) Let me do that again.

RUSH: Yeah, do it again.

VILLARAIGOSA: All of those delegates in favor, say, “Aye.”


VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates opposed, say, “No.”


VILLARAIGOSA: (4-second pause)

DELEGATES: (grumbling)

VILLARAIGOSA: I, um… (2-second pause)

DELEGATES: (grumbling)

VILLARAIGOSA: I guess… (3-second pause)

WOMAN: (to Villaraigosa) You’ve gotta rule, and then you’ve gotta let them do what they’re going to do.

VILLARAIGOSA: I’ll do that one more time.

RUSH: That was a woman standing next to him. She looked a little bit like Elizabeth Warren, but it wasn’t her. She said (summarized, “You gotta rule, Mayor. You gotta rule, and then you gotta let ’em do what they’re gonna do. You’ve gotta rule. You just gotta do it.” He kept looking off to the side, looking for guidance. He doesn’t want to sit there and act happy and proud that God is not requested to be present at the Democrat convention. So here’s how it ended.

VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates in favor, say, “Aye.”


VILLARAIGOSA: All those delegates opposed, say, “No.”


VILLARAIGOSA: In the opinion of that chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative.

DELEGATES: (grumbling and jeers)

VILLARAIGOSA: The motion is adopted —

DELEGATES: (booing)

VILLARAIGOSA: — and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.

DELEGATES: (grumbling and jeers)

VILLARAIGOSA: Thank you very much.

DELEGATES: (grumbling)

VILLARAIGOSA: Th-thank you.

RUSH: They’re booing a couple of things. They’re booing the process. We have to admit that, because there was no democratic process here. The votes didn’t matter. Delegates, it didn’t matter how they were gonna vote. This was a preordained decision. The Messiah called ’em and said, “God’s gonna be back in there tonight,” and they booed. They booed not only the process, but they booed the fact that they had to put God back in. In front of the whole country. Now, you might be saying, “Yeah, but, Rush, it happened like five or six at night.” Ah! No, no.

This has been replayed in more places than Bill Clinton’s speech.

This has been everywhere. This is on YouTube. Wherever anybody can watch video, this is, and has been, and will continue to be. And then, of course, we have the Huffing and Puffington Post accusing the Democrats of caving by putting God back in the convention. And they think they won last night. They think that the election’s over after last night. Let’s take a brief time-out my friends. We’ll come back. We’ll just start with Elizabeth Warren, because I have to tell you, she’s a persuasive speaker. She convinced me that things are so terrible in America right now that there’s no way we should reelect Obama.


RUSH: They have revised the weather forecast in Charlotte, North Carolina. The chance of rain tonight is zero. Literally zero! Not 5%. Not 10%. There is a 0% chance of rain tonight. This convention is in chaos, if you want to know the truth. Their platform is in chaos. Here is the sentence that sent this convention over the edge. The platform calls for a government that, quote, “gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.” That’s what it was all about.

It wasn’t even devotion to God. It wasn’t even acknowledging God or asking God for blessing. It was simply an acknowledgement that potential is God-given! And that sent this convention into a tizzy, and there is no speech that can recover from the pictures and the sounds of that convention when they tried to get God back in. They also booed recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and it is the capital. It’s where the Knesset meets. So the delegates were very hostile to Israel. The Republican Party is clearly the pro-Israel party now, without question.

But this convention is in chaos.

The president of the United States is responsible for it. The outdoor speech can’t be sold out, and a 0% chance of rain is blamed. God, booed on the convention floor. Israel, booed on the convention floor. The GOP is compared to Nazis now by four different Democrats in two days. I don’t know if you know this or not, but hundreds of credentialed delegates and media were locked out of the arena for hours last night. They couldn’t get in. They were at capacity. Fire regulations or whatever it was. And the debt finally reaches $16 trillion during this convention.

And they think they won it last night.

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