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RUSH: So why, all of a sudden, are media lowering expectations? Well, I thought last night it ended! You listen to some in the media and this election’s over because of Clinton’s speech last night. Yet The Politico (I just told you about the story) say he hasn’t given a good speech, Obama hasn’t, in four years — and in his life he’s given two. That’s what they say: Two good speeches. And New York Times says he’s bloodless on the campaign trail. There’s a simple reason why this is happening.

It was months ago that I first advanced the theory, and it’s quite simply this: If they think — en masse, collectively on the left, the Democrat Party. If they think Obama’s gonna lose, then it’s time to throw him overboard and not liberalism. Obama will be the reason they lose. Not liberalism. Not policy. Not ideology. The media is getting bored. There is no excitement commensurate with what happened in 2008 in Denver. Moving this convention indoors? This is a huge deal, folks. This is a huge deal.

All of these lofty, gigantic, great expectations brought down to a shattering reality. The guy can’t fill the stadium anymore. So, “We can’t blame liberalism for that and be we can’t blame his policies. We can’t let that stand!” So it’s gotta be his fault. And that’s what they’ll do if this continues. If they start becoming seriously concerned that he’s in big, big trouble, then you’re gonna see more of this: “Obama’s bloodless. Not a great communicator anymore. Doesn’t give good speeches.”

Now, one week ago, in Tampa, before Mitt Romney got out there and made his speech, we had all of these testimonials from people who he had helped. People that nobody knew about. All the charitable acts, just the good-neighbor acts that Mitt Romney had done for people. You had the parents of the 14-year-old with cancer, any number of examples. I’m just wondering: Are we gonna have any of that tonight with Obama? Are we gonna get to see people come out and tell us about all the good deeds Obama has done for them?

I don’t think so.

In fact, James Rosen, Fox News. (shuffling paper) I have his story right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. Headline: “Obama Campaign: ‘Tonight is Not About Magic.'” (Gasp!) They’re already lowering expectations on Obama’s speech. James Rosen writes, “President Obama will trade the ‘magic’ of his 2008 campaign rhetoric for a ‘pragmatic’ pitch for how he plans to restore economic security to America in his nomination address Thursday night, campaign officials said.

“‘Tonight is not about magic. It’s about being pragmatic. It’s about the future,’ an Obama official told Fox News, hours before the president was to deliver his speech…” That’s what they’re telling everybody in the media. It’s not about magic. It’s not about the magic. It’s about pragmatism. Another broken promise. UK Daily Mail, headline: “Heartbreak After Teenaged Obama Volunteers Rewarded with Golden Ticket to His Speech are Now UNINVITED Due to Space.”
This is an aspect of this that you’re not going to see covered by local or national American media. They had a lot of people that were rewarded for doing good works for Obama. They were given a golden ticket to the speech. Now there’s not room. Do you know there are 15,000 media, 5,000 delegates, and they have an arena with a capacity of 14,000? There isn’t room for all of these invited guests. I doubt very seriously that the American media will find all these people who were promised seats to watch Obama’s speech and are now being told they can’t go.

That would ruin things.

Can you imagine the US media interviewing people who are sad, disappointed, or angry that they can’t get in after they were invited? They’re waving their golden ticket, and then told they can’t go. So, once again: All of these lofty, bigger-than-life expectations have been shrunken down to a hard, cold reality. They don’t have the people to put in the stadium.

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