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RUSH: (Clinton impression) “I really think it would be very unfair of you, if you’re sittin’ there and you’re thinkin’ that my four years — especially my first four — were much better than these four. That would be a totally unfair comparison for you to make. I can understand how you would think that, but I ask you tonight not to do that ’cause I want you to recall this. I want you to remember something. You are better off than you remember four years ago.”

Somebody told me that Clinton actually said that at some point in the speech last night. If he did, remember Carville and Greenberg had their warning for Obama back earlier in the summer: “Don’t try to pass this off as an economic recovery that’s going gangbusters, ’cause it isn’t, and people know it.” Oh, folks! I gotta warn you. I have to warn you about something. The August unemployment numbers are gonna be announced tomorrow. Obama will know them today. The government is in charge of the numbers.

I don’t want you to get all paranoid or worried if it happens. I won’t be surprised if it happens. I’m not predicting it per se, but I’m not gonna be surprised if Obama alludes to them. He won’t announce the numbers tonight but if he knows that they have been made to look good, the unemployment numbers for August, he will allude to “the good news that’s just starting to break” or some such thing in his speech tonight. Don’t be concerned. Already today there’s a spate of news that you might say is good.

“Well, looks like some good economic news today. Hmm.”

Yeah, I wonder why there might be stories that portray good economic news. Just be on the lookout. Keep a sharp eye out tonight for Obama making subtle references in the form of, “I got a feelin’ things are turnin’ around. It’s taken a long while, but our policies are finally taking root, and then, voila! We all wake up tomorrow and, “Why, looky here! Unemployment is 7.9%,” or some such thing. I’m not predicting it. I’m just telling you that I won’t be surprised if it happens.


RUSH: I heard about it. ABC Radio News, top of the hour, talking about the positive job outlook. Told you. The numbers are minuscule, something like — oh, I’ve got ’em here, 16,000 fewer applications or something. They’re gonna massage these numbers. The next two days, folks, they’re gonna wear you out, and I’m just telling you now, don’t get dispirited by this stuff. It isn’t gonna matter next week and the week after that. It’s just the media and the pro-Obama forces doing whatever they can here, because they’ve got a disaster of a convention going, quite the opposite of what they want you and everybody else to think.

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