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RUSH: I watched a little bit of this last night, folks, it’s the job. This I couldn’t farm out to anybody. And I was stunned. I was stunned. There were two conventions. The two hours before the big network cameras started showing things it was the Democrat Party we know. It was pedal to the metal abortion. Auto bailout. It was Republicans are Nazis, all that stuff. Starting about 9 p.m., they started lying, and nothing that was said after 9 p.m., I don’t think anybody believed. I don’t care who the speaker was. I don’t think they believed a word of what was said from 9 p.m. on.

Now, before 9 p.m., late yesterday afternoon it was discovered, a DNC video, the government is the only thing we all belong to. That’s the Democrat Party we know. What I want to know is where was the testimony for the 99 weeks of unemployment that they’re responsible for? Where was the promise for 99 more weeks? Where was the promise of additional entitlements? Where was the promise that the government’s going to take care of you even more regardless the shape of the economy? Where was the pride? Where was the attempt to take credit for all the people on food stamps? The things the Democrats are truly proud of they hid last night when the cameras were on, when everybody was paying attention. I don’t know what the numbers were. I don’t know what the ratings are.

You know, those Castro brothers. I thought when this guy, Julian Castro, started talking about Democrats lifting themselves up by the bootstraps I thought somebody might grab a hook and yank that guy off the stage. What in the world is he talking about? Self-reliance? Then he tried to pass it off, “Well, we in Texas are about the only ones that have bootstraps anymore.” So he tried to cover it. But there were a number of instances like that that had me scratching my head. But they’ve learned. Everybody talks about the most often used word last night was “Barack.” Maybe it was. But the second-most often used word, after ‘I” and “me,” was “values.” They kept talking about their values and everybody else’s values and American values and so forth. Things they never talk about.

They took God out of the platform. Dick Durbin went on Fox, the Bret Baier show, the one from six to seven, and Bret Baier, we’ve got the audio coming up. Bret Baier said, “Why did you take God out –” (imitating Durbin) “Don’t you dare. Look, both parties believe in God. We’re God fearing.” “I just said, why did you take it out?” “Why are you asking me? Who do you think you are?” Didn’t want to go anywhere near it. Then Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz openly lying about what the Israeli ambassador said about the Republicans, caught red-handed in a lie about it. But then 9 p.m. came and I swear there were elements of this convention that were more conservative than ours. I know they didn’t believe a word of it. They don’t believe a word of it, but they’ve obviously made a marketing decision.

Here are the early DNC ratings for night one, NBC: 5.3 million; CBS: 3.2 million; ABC: 2.5 million. I don’t have the cable numbers yet. I don’t know if that’s equal to, less than or greater than the numbers for the Republican convention. But it doesn’t matter, because whatever the media thought the highlights last night were, they’re replaying over and over and over again. So the numbers last night really don’t matter all that much because they’re spreading the word. I watched this last night and I had to keep reminding myself, we’ve got 47 million Americans on food stamps, and these people are shouting four more years. Rahm Emanuel came out, how many murders in Chicago last night when Rahm was speaking, anybody calculate that? Then the tribute to The Swimmer, Ted Kennedy. That was before all the big cameras showed up, too.

Forty-seven million on food stamps and Rahm Emanuel actually said it, “Four more years,” and they started chanting that in the convention. And I said: “Right on, that’s what we want to hear.” Four more years of this? Forty-three consecutive months of unemployment over 8%, four more years? Sixteen trillion, national debt. Obama responsible for more than a third of that. Four more years. Twenty-three million Americans unemployed/underemployed. Four more years. Taxpayers pay for late-term abortions. That happened before you started watching. Four more years. A trillion dollars for a stimulus. Unemployment never gets under 8%, four more years. Not one Democrat ever voted for any Obama budget. Four more years.

Take God out of the Democrat Party platform? Four more years. We didn’t hear any of this. We didn’t hear any credit-taking. We didn’t. In fact, we didn’t hear last night any plans for the future. All we heard was that Barack Obama is still the Messiah. The theme of that convention last night? “Barack Obama is still the Messiah!” You know what I found interesting about Michelle’s speech? Her man has been president for four years and she felt it necessary to tell everybody who he is.

See, four years ago, I guess, nobody cared. He was the Messiah and it didn’t matter. People were able to make of Barack Obama whatever they wanted. He was the old empty canvas; you paint on it whatever you want him to be. And last night I learned that he doesn’t care whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat. (Last night I learned all kinds of things.) You tell that to Paul Ryan, or tell that to… Hell, tell it to any Republican! I didn’t know that Barack Obama actually found his coffee table in a Dumpster.

Did you know that, Dawn? Did you know? I did not know that Barack Obama… When he took Michelle on their first date, the car was so rusted out she could see the street through the floor. Do you know that? I take it back. I think the most-often-used word last night was “struggle.” And I don’t know about you but I’ve about had it with all the “struggling” from everybody. This apparent necessity to tell everybody how hard you had it (even when you didn’t), and the never-ending struggles that were recounted?

But what was really amazing to me was the last two hours of that convention. I don’t think they believed a thing they said. Did you know these people, the Democrats, love the military? I’m sitting there watching this. They bring that military mom out to introduce Michelle. I looked over at Kathryn and I was dumbfounded. “These people do not like the military! They don’t like the military being victorious. They resent the military. What is this?”

What last night showed, if I may be bold, is that they know they’ve been governing against the will of the people. What last night proved beyond a shadow of a doubt is they know that this country doesn’t want what they really want. The people of this country have no interest in what they really intend. There was no credit taken for any of the so-called achievements, except Sebelius and Rahm both went out to resell Obamacare. They tried to resell it with the same lies that they told before the vote.

“You get to keep your doctor! You get to keep your plan!”

Not true.

Sebelius said being a woman is “no longer a pre-existing condition.” That gave me hope that this convention was going to be truthful when Sebelius went out there and said being a woman “is no longer a pre-existing condition,” as though it’s a disease. But this convention last night proved that they know that the people of this country don’t want what they believe in. There was no credit taken… Other than reselling Obamacare, there was no credit taken for anything that’s happened.

They didn’t tout the stimulus. The auto bailout was about it. They didn’t talk about 99 weeks of unemployment. They didn’t talk about all the great work done to create jobs. They didn’t talk about any of that. They took credit for nothing. All they did was try to convince people that they are not who they really are, because they know they can’t win doing that. If I was a devout liberal, the last two hours of that convention would have ticked me off ’cause I would have thought that they were selling out, that they don’t have the guts.

The only thing that would have mollified me, if I was a liberal last night, is if I thought that doing that was really going to stick it to the Republicans and the conservatives. Because that’s what they really care about more than anything else is sticking it to us. But if you need any evidence whatsoever that these people know that they are not what this country wants, the last two hours of that convention were the proof, where they tried to pass themselves off as the same average Americans that they know live in this country.

They wanted to make you think that they believe in pretty much everything the Republicans were talking about last week: self-reliance, starting from nothing and making something of yourself. In the last two hours of the convention, they had to throw a couple of bones to the fact that government unites us. Everybody was doing this. But when is the last time you heard a Democrat talk about lifting yourself up by your own bootstraps? It hadn’t happened in my lifetime, until last night.

Well, that may be a bit broad to say. There may be some in there. “In my lifetime,” I said. Harry Truman. I wasn’t alive when Harry Truman was around. But JFK might have said it in some of his economic speeches. And I’ll tell you: The media is orgasming over all of it. Not just Michelle speaking. They’re orgasming over everything. And the reason is that David “Rodham” Gergen said, essentially: “If the next two nights are like last night, why, we can break this thing open.”

Meaning: If they can do two more nights of convincing people that they aren’t who they are, they can break this open. But what does it mean to break it open? It means it’s not in the bag. It means Gergen knows they’re in trouble. It means Gergen knows that they are losing. Now, I’m hoping… I don’t know. I’m hoping some woman at the convention — next speech, whoever — talks about lifting herself up by her bra straps. Folks, there may be a seminal change taking place here in the Democrat Party!


RUSH: Folks, I don’t know about you. Let me share something with you. Michelle Obama last night went on and on about how she loves her husband. She loves him more now than ever. She loves him more now than yesterday, than when she met him and four years ago and all that. I wonder: How did that play with the feminazis? That’s not in the playbook. Loving your husband is not in the playbook. (interruption) Well, it’s not. (interruption) Look, you can get mad at me all you want but it was a big disconnect.

That’s just going to make people envious and jealous, and a lot of people are not going to believe that.

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