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RUSH: The RNC, Republican National Committee, on the YouTube channel, has come out with a very good ad.

What this does is it demonstrates the emptiness of Obama’s words and how they get recycled. And what we have here (I have to explain this to you) is every statement that you’re going to hear, you’ll hear twice. The first time you hear the statement is from 2008. The next time you hear the statement will be from 2012, but basically it compares Obama campaigning in 2008 to campaigning this year. We’ve got about 51 seconds. It goes a little longer than that. We’ve tightened it up to make it a little punchier:

OBAMA 2008: These are the steps that we must take…

OBAMA 2012: There are plenty of steps we can take…

OBAMA 2008: …right now…

OBAMA 2012: …right now…

OBAMA 2008: …to start getting our economy back on track.

OBAMA 2012: …to help create jobs and grow this economy.

OBAMA 2008: I-i-if we are gonna to deal with our dependence on foreign oil.

OBAMA 2012: If we’re gonna end our dependence on foreign oil…

OBAMA 2008: We’ll recruit an army of new teachers!

OBAMA 2012: I wanna recruit an army of new teachers!

OBAMA 2008: …make college affordable.

OBAMA 2012: …make college more affordable.

OBAMA 2008: …and repair our crumbling roads and bridges.

OBAMA 2012: We’ve got crumbling roads and bridges!

OBAMA 2008: Tonight, more Americans are out of work.

OBAMA 2012: We still got friends out there and family who are looking for work.

OBAMA 2008: At a time when so many people are strugglin’ to keep up…

OBAMA 2012: A moment when so many people are still strugglin’…

OBAMA 2008: If you’re willin’ to work with me…

OBAMA 2012: If you’re willin’ to work harder in this election …

OBAMA 2008: …then I promise you…

OBAMA 2008: I promise you!

OBAMA 2012: I promise you change will come.

RUSH: “Same speeches. Same promises. Are you better off?”

That’s the graphic at the end of the ad: “Same speeches. Same promises. Are you better off?” It is remarkable. We’ve put together similar examples of Obama over the years and how elements of speeches are simply repeated, words almost verbatim. I don’t even know why he needs a teleprompter. He’s been saying the same exact thing for going on five years now, and yet he still needs the prompter.

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